Armor vs Mobs

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Softhart, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Can someone make a list of what mob does what damage so I can figure out what is the best armor to use? And have the info in one convenient place? :)
  2. The drakes do the damage they are named after, the death drakes do acid damage.
    Sharks do impact damage and either cut/stab or both, so impact/stab/cut by the best of my tests.
  3. So Storm drakes do storm damage, ice drakes do ice damage. and fire drake do fire damage????? lol
  4. Storm drakes do electric damage, ice drakes do cold damage

    didn't you read the info i've put on entropedia? ;p
  5. I couldn't find it :(
  6. tried death drake old with gremlin, got hit for 60, 40, dead! With everything else this week I am just beyond frustrated!

    Next Island, caters to the newer players my ass!

    Fuck this shit, I need a drink and go calm down!
  7. So you've got 100 health? ;p

    You'll need plates for those, as with the other drakes...
  8. I tried storm, ice, fire drakes all high maturities... all doable for me (jaguar+5B, Imp2870, UR125, 181 HP, 4400 evade)
  9. thanks for the info on the sharks greyfox, i tried it and it worked great :) shogun +5b plates and up to leader does constant 1 damage (regular sharks and island sharks, didnt try any higher maturities)
  10. LOL no I have a bit more :)

    Sorry for the language a tad frustrated :)
  11. Did a very short test today on Storm Drake Dominant.

    No armor - damage ranged from 47.9 - 91.7
    Thunderbird - no plates - damage ranged from 33.2 - 66.4.
    Gremlin + 5B - damage ranged from 1.0 - 28.6.
    Martial, no plates - damage ranged from 10.5 - 37.1.

    Thunderbird offers 50 electric protection, so it appears the Storm Drake does not do significant electric damage.

    Could someone test the Storm Drake for acid and cold damage?
  12. Island Shark
    Young to Provider: Germlin No Plate - 1dmg
    Prowler: Germlin no plate - 75dmg

    Drake dragon:
    young: Germlin + 5b - 1 dmg to 37 dmg
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