Atrax & Chomps on OLA55

Discussion in 'BIG Industries events' started by Meculus, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. BIG Industries Presents:

    Most Loot Hunting Events on Atrax Stalkers and Chomper Young


    Taxes: 3.99%

    1 Atrax DNA at Max Maturity and Density
    Natural Chomper Young Spawn

    Thursday: 19:30-20:30
    Saturday: 19:30-20:30

    150 PED each day!!

    Register through the global event system in game (right click, system, events, then select name of event to register for) Remember, registration in all of these atrox events is free!! Open event info window from global event list to teleport directly to the event any time during the event or 15 minutes before.​
  2. Reserved...
  3. Congratulations to the winners of todays event!!

    1st place: Kristoffer Larethania Strom
    2nd place: Girts Smilgs Niedra
    3rd place: Oberon Oberon de Monmur
  4. Congratulations to this Friday's Winners!!

    1st place: Henke Floppy Deluxe
    2nd place: Kristoffer Larethania Strom
    3rd place: Oberon Oberon de Monmur
  5. Congratulations to this Thursday's AOL #07 Atrax event winners!

    1st place: Tarjan Armin Arrakis
    2nd place: Henrik Bengha Bengtsson
    3rd place: Eon Sky Meair​
  6. The event "*FREE* Atrax Most Loot" is now over.
    1st place: Stian Zues Labrador
    2nd place: Geo Gr Balkouras
    3rd place: Mitchy Sir Moo
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