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  1. Hello folks ,

    CHAP I : Atrox extermination

    Time for the peace between Atrox and entropians is revolute. The nasty beasts are now expanding rapidly inside 2 particular lands , located near TP point. This situation must come to a end and the war is now inevitable.


    High rewards will be given to the ones who show their skills and ability during the battle.

    Two strategical lands are aimed :

    LA-40 and its medium Atrox spawn - location NW from Akmuul (ferti station 23300 28000)
    LA-2 with baby Atrox spawn -location NW from Nate Valley (ferti station 35700 35100)

    Unfortunately, both fertilizer stations are full of fertilizer and this will be quite long to dominate and vanish mobs from the lands

    DURATION : Considering the Atrox strength , 3 months of war are necessary .

    Event starts the 1st of February and ends the 1st May 2013.

    Tracker event (

    REWARDS : 10 k Peds + 6 k Bonus + 63 Oleg's and Rag's 1h30 LA-2 events to maintain pressure.


    -10000 peds divided to top 10 hunters with most globals on the tracker, the price is given proportionally with the number of globals you have at the end of the event comparing to other top 10 winners.

    -6000peds, 2000 peds for the 3 first hunters who hof 2k peds or more and are registered to the event

    You can participe for both 10k main event and 6k bonus event. Globals and hofs during Oleg's little event count for both main 10k event and 6k bonus event

    links to participate:

    10k main event

    6k bonus event

    if at the end of the competition total global on tracker are under 1000 for main event, only top 5 will be paid

    Rewards are guaranteed!


    During this Periode Oleg and Rag will promote and organize 63 events at LA 2 21 MA time ! represents 22k additional prize !!
    Days : Mo,We,Fr,Sa,Su

    Have fun and be carefull, they never walk alone !!


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