Selling Augmented EP-38 Night Special Tier 2

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Norian Norian Xx, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Very rare weapon, only 3 ingame that I know of

    Efficiency = 76.8%
    DPP = 3.122

    Comparison to imk2 and MM:

    Ready to go to Tier 3 for a HoF
    TT cost is ~2100 ped - entropiawiki has been updated for T1 and T2 costs

    BO = 18k ped

    Auction ends 48 hours after SB is received.
    No trades unless low tiered imk2 or some other high eff ranged weapon (laser preferred).
    Could also include a H204 in the trade if it makes sense.

    Own a tool that can get you ~98.5% TT return in a month - with MU, you are 100%++


    For Specific TT Tier Cost = T1 cost * #
    For Total TT Tier Costs = T1 cost * ((# * (# + 1)) / 2)

    Link to DPP test:

    Norian Norian Xx
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  2. Bump this up
    Selling once again
  3. Great to kill exarosaurs indeed, but those are too hard for me, sorry. <<< Uber n00b.
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