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  1. Fresh from AW techforum just to keep you informend

    Hello dear players!

    It has been quiet these last few months, but we are still here with you.

    We are entering the phase of closed testing of the Alpha 9.9 patch.

    This is a major rewrite of the whole inventory and storage system, more than 70% of the whole game code/logic has been re-done, and we're running a new database on new powerful servers. This is why it took so long. But it's worth it.

    Another reason of development "slowdown" (hey, it's only looking like slowdown!) is because most of our team is working on AfterWorld Survival, and only selected developers are still with Alpha 9.9.

    The new inventory routine brings a lot of benefits to us (easier management of the database and game itself) and to you (more functionality with greater performance). No more slowdowns while opening storage and crafting. This new inventory is developed in a such way that it is compatible with Alpha and Survival at the same time.

    The first time you open the storage you will still need to wait for some time (still goes quicker than with the previous version), but next time you access the storage (via storage or craft terminal) it will open within a few seconds.

    And of course, Alpha 9.9 will include a lot of bugfixes and useful additions here and there.

    Here are some screenshots of Alpha 9.9:

    [​IMG] Reduced: 62% of original size [ 1024 x 768 ] - Click to view full image

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As you may have noticed on the screenshots, we have implemented support for exporting data from inventories and storages.

    Here are examples of exported XML files for those of you who plan to use this feature:

    [​IMG] Private_inventory_Inventory_20100531.xml ( 12.58K ) Number of downloads: 57

    [​IMG] Private_storage_Sar_UG_20100531.xml ( 7.29K ) Number of downloads: 37

    Weight implementation is coming together with this update, but the actual limitation will be enabled further down the road so everyone will have a chance to clean up inventory.

    Due to the major rework of the game we need to do heavy and detailed testing.

    Over the next two weeks selected players will receive an email from support with instructions on how to join testing of Alpha 9.9.

    P.S. News on the AfterWorld Survival is coming later as soon as our design team decides to share their work with everyone.
  2. Aw 9.9 shucks

    this game looks like 1986 year...:biggrin:
    i once tried it and i think it really sucks bulls a**; sorry guys, you worked hard maybe, but to my taste, aw is cheap s**t
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    yep tried it to and didn't really like it, but the new graphics engine that is coming makes it look pretty nice, so I might give it another go.
  4. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    Aw 9.9 shucks

    harsh. but fair.

    i will probably revist once the new engine is deployed. as a tip, there needs to be somthing to bootstap new players without having to craft their own ammo. though i also recall not being able to find mobs, so it wasnt too big a problem...
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Do keep in mind that AW is still alpha. That means the game is not actively generating income or revenue yet, which will explain the seemingly outdated graphics.

    Personally, I think the crafting system in AW is far superior over the EU one, where the TT basically supplies better stuff than newbie crafters can make, which essentially means that as a newbie crafter, you're pretty fucked. All the stuff you craft basically will have little to no use, and is pure TT food. This basically means that not only will you have to accept losing bucketloads of money during your crafting run due to low success rates, but because you have to TT your products as well, there's also no way to get back the money you lost.

    If the great majority of level 1-10 crafted stuff was food for higher-up level stuff, newbie crafters could always be ensured of at least getting a bit of markup back, thus allowing them to more easily cover their costs.

    AW has no TT's, and all crafted components can be reused, thus ensuring the crafting profession there is a lot better than it is in EU at the moment.

    Just my 2 pec.
  6. i agree with the last point; i hope AW develops into a significant game over years; if the developers and moreimportant their Russian Mobster investors don't become too greedy "generating revenue" instead of developing balanced gameplay, like in case with MindArk; (MA took away sweaters entry level job by introducing TT synthetic essence and diluted sweat in hunt loot) - i didn't see that coming...
  7. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    i think more likly the explaination is a lack of some experienced/skilled artist. maybe bacause they cant pay, but you'd have thought they could get a student onboard to raise the game a bit.

    im not sure it makes any difference. the problem with low end beginer stuff is all the low end beginners can make it, so theres never going to be a market for it there. there might be improvements here with feeding higher levels, but only if higher levels are unable to do craft the components themselves.
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