BAM @ OLA #11

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    After completion of the AIM (Argonaut Iron Challenge), given by Sandor Bauer @ (76816, 79117) you probably realized that you don't have a spot to complete your Bronze Argonaut Mission. Either too low maturities or too high, or mixed with other mobs.

    Now you have a place where you get the Argos you want, and just that. At OLA #11, one minor tp chip jump (level II) NE from Silver Ridge.


    Maturities set to 38%: Scout, Gatherer and Guardian (note: an occasional Adult or Scavenger might appear, but > 95% are usually of the above said maturity)
    Numbers: 100%

    Taxes are 3,99% for both hunting and mining.


    Argonauts roam all over the LA, only DNA available. To the southeast part of the LA you will find a nice natural spawn of Allophyls with low maturity (young to provider) which also have a mission given by Morgan Drell in Shinook Jungle (27558, 50996).

    Get your gear ready.

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  2. Any suggestions/requests are welcome.
  3. Following public (and private) requests numbers have been increased to 80%.

    Will check maturity later, cause I've seen an unusual number of adults as I drove off.

  4. Numbers increased to 90% and Maturity tweaked to 38% trying to get rid of the adults.
  5. :thumbup: for public awareness
  6. Bronze Argonauts are waiting for your HoF :boxer:
  7. Bronze Argonaut Mission Best Spot :thumbup:
  8. Argonauts are your best friends (when they loot good:smile:)
  9. I thought of organizing an event and all I managed to come up with was this.
  10. Get them Bronze Argos while they're there. Next week they'll probably start fading away.
  11. Argonaut reduction postponed another week.
  12. [​IMG] for the weekend
  13. Saturday [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG] 'ing
  15. Bronze Argos ftw :cheer:
  16. No more CLD from MA, so why not get your Argonaut Mission done ? :boxer:
  17. OLA #11 has been configured to provide the best spot for the Bronze Argonaut Mission since the last quarter of 2011.

    The stock of fertilizer will stop being renewed and from next Monday on - April, 16th 2012 - the argonauts will have nothinhg to eat.

    * From Bronze Argonaut Mission to Dead Argonauts Society *

    They will not be extinct, but will be reduced to a few specimens and all young in a bit more than a month.

    Mining for Narcanisum and Dunkel (if you manage that) will be the next highlight. Miners are invited to drop by from the middle of May on and try out this LA.
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