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  1. Hello I wanted to write a brief guide on basic enhancer use. I envision this guide growing over time if I have time to gather all related info. Help from others to gather more advanced info will be appreciated. For now in this opening post I will just provide brief overview of what I know (or is known) about enhancers. There might be some blank spots, but that’s the fun part of making a guide people can add info so all our knowledge increases.


    Weapon Accuracy Enhancer- As the name suggests it should increase your hit rate with a weapon. The accepted average hit rate has been 92% on maxed weapons (10 hit ability and 10 crit hit). I haven’t personally test these and haven’t seen data showing they can improve hit rate past the expected 92%. Help on clarifying this would be appreciated.

    Weapon Damage Enhancer- Probably the most widely used enhancer at this moment. More damage on a weapon allows more damage per second (shot). This can lead to less armor and fap decay due to killing creatures faster. Generally could be considered a time saver too if you dropping more creatures faster and a way to get more kills in a day. Lastly it’s a way to “cheat” your way into a higher level gun without buying the gun if you compare the average damage per second of one gun, lets say hl8, to another such as hl11. With a damage enhancer on hl8 it will equal around hl11’s damage per second.

    Weapon Economy Enhancer – I am unclear if this enhancer effects decay on the weapon and ammo use or one or the other. Surely on melee tools it affects the decay, however I have read some info stating it does so on other weapons. As far as I know this hasn’t been completely verified. If these enhancers do reduce decay one use could be to tier up Limited tools with high tier numbers more effectively. Basically end up with more TT value on a tiered up limited tool vs less TT.

    Weapon Range Enhancer – Increases range as the name suggest. Useful for tagging weapons and pvp. Not much else to say.

    Weapon Skill Modification – This one is an enigma to me. I don’t know if it works similar to how scopes and laser sites are perceived to work. I am looking for clarification. My best observation is that it would allow you to use a non 10/10 weapon with more accuracy.


    Armor Defense Enhancer – Increases armor defense points. Good way to upgrade armor without actually buying a new set.

    Armor Durability Enhancer – Decrease in armor decay. I am not clear on this yet.


    Mining Finder Depth Enhancer – Controversial amongst miners for as long as I been mining is does depth matter. I have spent some time using these enhancers. I would say depends on where you’re mining and what you’re looking to find. Best thing I can say at different depths you find different things.

    Mining Finder Range Enhancer – These have been debated for their usefulness. The expected result is better rate of finds (the accepted average is somewhere around 25%). I haven’t seen proof of them helping anything but the only practical use I can see is using these with high end amps that have high markup. If you could grab slightly more claims over a given time it would make an amp more useful possibly. I am looking for more info on these.

    Mining Finder Skill Modification Enhancer – I feel these work similar to weapon skill mod enhancers. Not clear will update in the future.

    Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer I – Increases drill speed with each use. As the saying goes time is money. Other than saving time these are useful in panic situations (lootable pvp).

    Medical (Healing):

    Medical Tool Enhancer – Decreases tool decay.

    Medical Heal Enhancer – Increase of heal amount.

    Medical Tool Skill Modification Enhancer – Looking for clarification.

    Hope this is a helpful guide. I look forward to input so I can revise this. I am also looking for pictures showing the increase of range, depth, etc of enhancers on tools.

    Thanks for reading.

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  7. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    Looks ok! :)
    I want to add the following;
    On weapons I have noticed that, when you equip an enhancer, other stats go down.
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Looks like we have to get the enhancer in the wiki asap
  9. khaos do you have a picture of what your describing? I have some edits to add later. I am have this same guide on ef too and will try to keep both as updated as possible. thanks

  10. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    I have no screens, but I could make you you some later this day.
  11. a 1:1 copy of post from EF about the eco enhancers, mebbe you can use some of it

    i thought i test the enhancer myself, first because i like to take figures myself, second because i like to test that stuff here and there :P
    i apologize if there was something like this already, but i also want to share an opinion with it (thanks to lif3 as well btw, for getting more figures outta it and some relation)

    anyway, here we go
    for the test i used an adjusted r150 L
    first of, my ammo burn went from 1200 to 1187:
    Click to enlarge

    Click to enlarge

    so the ammo difference is around 1.1%

    then i tested the decay, with sweat this time, cause the auction method was a bit too, err, inaccurate [​IMG]
    the decay without enhancer was 4,522
    the decay with enhancer was 4,473
    thats a difference of 0,049
    which is also around 1.1%
    (guess exact its 1.08%, but lets count with 1.1% for a bit)

    so i guess the eco enhancer I takes 1.1% from your total tt cost per use away

    now if you go a bit further, that means that on a 1000 ped rotated hunt, you save ~11 ped
    now the enhancer costs like 2000-2500% atm, which means you need to rotate at least 2000 ped to make it worth it

    now, lets say the average enhancer breaks after 1000 uses (dunno if there are enough useful figures for eco enhancers average breaking points out, but it will do for this calc)

    so say it breaks after 1000 uses and you need 2000 ped rotation to make it worth it

    that means your weapon has to use 2 ped per shot/use of ammo and decay, to make an enhancer at the current prices worth it (given current price and breaking point after 1k uses that is)

    you may calc the markup of L weapons into it, but its still fairly tough to get at 2 ped per use :P

    so, time to wait for some tests on how long the eco enhancer lasts on average, but if its just 1000 uses and below, its way too useless at the current prices
    even at 2000 uses its pretty much useless atm :P

    anyway, hf and thanks for reading
  12. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  13. What I can blurb out it that the armour durability increases the durability number. Like if an armour was 1800 it would by 1810 (Just a rough number shown for meaning)

    Skill modifier increases you skills a bit like a scope or laser sight.
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