BBC Arabic interview/report on Planet Toulan

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Airboy, Feb 16, 2014.

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  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Maybe someone from Toulan could do a quick translation?! :thumbsup:
    Thanks for the information! :beerchug:
  3. Well, we all know what they are's a new's a fun game..we are working on anyone else would say.. :clap:the great news here is that it was posted on YouTube 16 or so hours ago and if you watch closely you can see what the new planet will look like along with the new weapons and all. But yes, I guess it would be kind of cool to understand what it was they said..but still..just to see something from them and to see a team at work on the planet is just great to see.
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  4. Tass

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  5. Need to try and set up an interview with them?
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    No need to try. That'll happen ;-)
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  7. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    looks interesting some of the landscapes look quite nice and promising. Weapons look good too. All in all, I'm looking forward to more information forthcoming....especially about the taming aspect...
  8. LOL! The main item I was looking for when watching the see if there was any hint of taming at all in the demo videos shown in the background on the screens :)
  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Sankalony wasn't online for long ... but I will catch him if I can to do the job ;)
    For what I saw: a nice blade and a nice bedouin rifle. I don't like the armor. It's kinda Rascal with some engravings. Not really an arabian armor.

    Beside this, it's good to get a life sign from beladcom. Although the website still says:
    "The Arabian Nights Are Comming 2013"
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  10. I like what i see Toulan seems a nice planet and maybe might be the planet that brings me back to playing Entropia.The weapons look nice
  11. Yeah I liked that too, nice rifle and sword.
  12. Quick translation :

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  13. 26 October 2011 - MA and beladcom sign the deal

    1 year later

    4 November 2012 - Eventually development started (?)
    (according to Beladcom they were working on it since 2010)

    30 December 2012 - Making Magic !
    “We are totally self funded,” Hujeij said. “We took a risk and followed our passion.”

    “It is only after the launch of the game that we plan to break even and eventually start generating profit,” Hujeij explained.

    Another problem the founders suffered from was the lack of expertise. There are no full-fledged game developers in the country – everyone here has varied backgrounds in computer science and graphics, but not a background in game making. There are no “game design” graduates.

    I respect these guys and what they are trying to achieve, but SEEing what can happen, when choosing MindArk as a partner, adding various comments from their own Jordanian people, for example from facebook, makes this whole thing have the look&feel of a fail already. (to me)
    Sorry if you dont SEE that and think my post is full of bitterness right now...while its not. But you cant SEE anything else in my posts, other then hate, grumpiness and negativity. While for Toulan, you only SEE the positive "stuff". 1 rifle, some swords, 1 building and your imagination starts working, SEEing the complete world in front of you already, just because an avatar ran past the screen, wearing an standard armor with symbols...while you completely ignored the Hadesheim trees from 2004 in the background.

    Dont get me wrong, Id really like to SEE another planet that joins our universe, a planet that will really show what is possible. A planet, that might bring taming back, as many of you imagined. I grant success to Beladcom. My best wishes to this small team. But its not only them, activating the brakes, its also MindArk and you know that.

    2 years later.

    30 December 2013 - Still making Magic, it seems...

    So, will Toulan be next in line with partnerships like "SEE Virtual Worlds, Theryon Wars, Next Island, GNN Brazil, Massive Ads, Vexed Generations etc." ?
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  14. The ever continuing marathon run must have been testing how an AV would interact with the terrain
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It is awesome that I saw this first before the real one. Mr McCormick you just made another difference to my life. I laughed my head off.

    Super thumbs up!



    OK wait. I just watched the real one. I like McCormick's one better, it has more content! Have to say I don't feel very enthused about Toulate at all having seen this. As McCormick says probably very same old same old. What particularly disturbs me is the seeming lack of passion in the video. OK I admit this may be a culture thing. I wasn't expecting Neverdie to be there doing his thing but jeese everyone looked so pissed off cooped up in a room with no windows.

    Sad times. I don't feel any more inspired that MA are still on the scene and that things are safe... still have that niggling feeling the sky is about to fal
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  16. Ok this made my day, it seemed to make a lot more sense then the actual real interview.
    In no better terms, history repeating itself again :)
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