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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Wistrel, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Well went in last night and braved the still awful control system. Despite the fustrations I had relatively pleasant bit of "timepass". I finally managed to get the shard thing I needed for the Karona (yes Karona not Corona [because everything is about Corona these days donchaknow]) chain on the first Argo this time so this took me back to PA for... more Argo mission XD. But hey it's ok, me and the Argo's go way back.

    I think the mission mentioned corinth might be a location so headed there thinking I'd see what goes on with robots. While there I finally got round to having a look at those weird token trader things they have lying about there. So I've now traded a "mission token" for 10 "combat tokens" that if I get significantly more of... I can get an amp. OKaaay... might consider that down the line but well amped already for now.

    The other thing I did that I hadn't done before was explore the daily mission thing. I'd heard people say they were alright and it looks like there might be some handy guns on the trader NPC so tried that. I checked out the crafting mission which was to "try" and make 50 screws... turned out I had that one and the resources were dead simple (just iron) so I popped to the auction, got 23ped of iron and then had probably my most successful crafting session of all time. Helped even more by the fact that I got my ill gotten gains insta-nabbed as soon as I put them on the auction (orders).


    After that I checked out this codex thing. Interesting idea. I quite like that you "collect" mobs by encountering them and get a nice large area to look at the model. Seems I was close to getting a reward for doing Argos so finished that off with the small lvl 3 argos south of corinth. Found a cave with low level maffoids in too.. I went in, which was nice (always appreciate a cave) but it didn't seem to have "a point" to it that I could tell. Maybe there is a mission I don't know about that would add to this but for me it was just a short cave with maffoids in. I quite liked the giant skeletons in there, but had to ponder, with such a small entrance... how did they come to be there....?

    Other nice things, I found a shop selling force nexus so I can now do something with the copious piles of sweat I have lying round thanks to a generous friend and quite enjoyed playing with the spider bombers who came over to talk to me when I left Corinth. Pleased to report too that someone finally fixed the floor round the teleporter at corinth. I wonder how long that took...

    Weirdly... I seem to be back repeating the "check out the CDF bases" mission. I'm guessing they re did it or something. Still, no problem. I quite liked that mission the first time round. Always up for an explore, especially round Corinth. I got a mid level hunting daily mission too... not sure if I can actually do that one. It involved hunting Tards. I might have a shot as I have some electric armour that might just be enough to keep me alive. I suspect I may struggle on the damage dealing though as my weapons don't hit that hard.

    Oh another cool thing is that they updated the bristlehog model again. Marco Behrman is dead cute now and can even sit up properly... daww!
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