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  1. 2020-12-24 13:57:11 [Globals] [] Team "(Shared Loot)" killed a creature (Pulsar The Purveyor) with a value of 19747 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!

    2020-12-24 13:59:34 [Local] [MindArkOfficial LiveSupport Zeus] Again we do not control loot.

    Entropia 2020-12-24 15-00-00-85_M.jpg

    Entropia 2020-12-25 10-28-32-82_M.jpg
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    They totally *can* control loot. The ATH LeeLoo hit while Canal+ was filming was NOT an accident. Maybe they do not control WHO will get the loot (which I doubt *cough*skalman and Linzey *cough*), but they can definitely determine WHEN a big loot drops.
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  3. I wonder why Swedish Lotterieinspektionen said they werent allowed to "dig deeper"...but everything was "ok" anyway... x'D

    Linzman and Skalzey !!!1

    Digital Money Laundering ftw ! :)
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  4. Mindark is claiming we get 97% back

    But since 3 good months or more, i heard tons of player complain about getting 50% back (me inside i noticed it).

    I did those screenshots today during the robot event where some mindark official avatars were spawning big vanguards.

    2021-03-14 13:10:29 [Local] [MindArkOfficial LiveSupport Zeus] I told you I do not control the loot.

    For the question do mindark control the loot, this is 100% clear for me they control the loot, and who loots.
    And a good majority of the players with who i've been talking about it think the same.
    Anyway, I would be very pleased to be blessed again ! Thank you mindark.

    Now for those events, i noticed something and same on several other events before but yet i will say nothing.

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    I think it makes sense for a support person not to be able to control loot. But the ability to do so absolutely exists, and has been used for advertising purposes (LeeLoo).
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