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    As a result of providing maximum exposure for all events under my management, I have built a team of colonists that work very hard to get a specific message out to the community directly in game. These individuals I refer to as "Town Crier's", and are a valuable tool for spreading information of any sort. My team is comprised of veteran colonists who manage newer participants to provide both an opportunity for employment for beginners, and ensure that the messages that are broadcast are done so in an efficient and professional manner.

    Be it an event of your own, website, shop, or other service that you wish to have broadcast to the community, my reliable team of town criers can get the job done for you.

    Better than a sign or banner, BIG Industries town criers can answer questions and help direct individuals that hear your advertisement.Rest assured that your message is being managed and delivered by one of the most diverse and professional service providers in the Entropia Universe.

    Simply contact me here on EP via a personal message to arrange a custom promotional plan that caters to your needs and your budget.

    Interested in Employment?

    Contact me via PM here to be added to my list of perspective promoters
  2. In an effort to provide the absolute best promotion to my valued customers, I have expanded the promotion team to ensure any message that is meant to be broadcast through my promotion team, will be in trade chat a minimum of 500 hours each month!!!
  3. Lerp

    Lerp blind combantant

    This sounds fun.
    I think it would be cool to have an all out campaign on some idea.
    I like the part about "efficient and professional manner".
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