Big problem for NI economy

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Yquem, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. I think it is a big problem for the economy that NI need crafters.

    Why is this a promblem you might ask?

    Most ppl that comes to NI is Hunters and Miners. They travel to NI with all equiptment they need and some peds on the card and then they hunt or mine until the ped card is empty.

    It is not possible to sell any loot on NI due to the lag of crafter. So when the ped card is empty and you dont deposit or tt your loot - only thing to do is to go back to Calypso where it is possible to sell your loot for a decent MU.

    There is no supplier for amps, weapon or faps on NI.

    What need to be solved?
    - First Technichians dont work - fix it.
    - Need to start dropping new BP to pull crafters to NI (and not wait as long as The Rock)

    If this is not fixed very soon - NI will just be for visitors that will come more and more rare like on The Rock.


    To me im not emptying my inventory on Calypso and go to NI just to craft without the chance to get new BP's (and yes I have crafted a lot allready on NI and no new BP is dropping).
  2. totally agree :)
  3. Simple...

    If you want more people on NI, and crafters from Calypso as well, there is a simple solution...
    Guess what :-)
  4. Guys, NI is still in Beta, just out of a soft launch, with most of the island still not working...

    Maybe it's a bit too early for this kind of discussion?
  5. .... or maybe the owner of NI should just take this as a warning and not do the same epic fail as on The Rock.
  6. or maybe you should get your head out of your ass and realise these things take time.

    the planets not even a week old ffs.
  7. As soon as I can get a shop and sell tools and weapons I will craft there XD
  8. What size amps for mining and weapons are most people looking for at the moment?
  9. If you look through the number of new base materials in the resources section you will see many new blueprints will drop in time - be patient, NI is only in a trial phase.
  10. You speak like a very experince one.

    Maybe you should read my post as a Shout Out to the owner of the planet and MA not to make the same mistake as on The Rock which is almost dead. To keep ppl on this planet you need a way they can sell there loot so they can continue hunt or mine - and the only one (except mr. TT) is crafters that will buy your loot. But as long as there isnt possible to buy a shop or craft and discover new BP there will be no crafters on the planet and if no crafter miners and hunters will only be very rare visitors.

    And i dont care if the planet has been opend for less than a week. Why should it only be for hunters and miners????
  11. I totally agree,Crafting on Next Island is needed. I craft Armor,tools and weapons I have just opened a new society based on the time travel destination Ancient Greece. I think most of the problems Rocktropia has had are all economy based ones,lack of shops,apartments and planet specific blueprints has kept Rocktropia from prospering the coding for shops,apartments and new planet specific blue prints should be first priority.

    That being the case you can look at Rocktropia and what happened once shops opened and blueprints started dropping,you saw a massive influx of crafters and buyers.So waiting around to institute stuff for months is a waste of time tell MA code in my apartments place some more shops get the economy rolling,drop my blueprints and let my planet grow.
  12. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    It does pretty much seem like that is what the owner of RT has been saying, and had no control over how long it took to finally get some of that implemented by MA. That was something of a special case I think since ND wanted to help get the ball rolling on the new planet system and was willing to take the (rather large) risk with his planet being the first to roll out. NI is the second, and already has planet specific items in loot, so I am hopeful that MA will not take so long here to implement the necessary things for allowing any planet to not only survive but develop and grow. The later planets to come online will directly benefit from the crap frankly that the first one or two planets had to put up with to allow MA time and practise to get the platform system in gear.
  13. I have now left NI in lag of crafting and selling options. Dont know if ill go back again in the near future.
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