Blue Shamrock - taking form

Discussion in 'Other media' started by Phunkygeeza, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Those keen eyed visitors who are watching the silence for signs of new smells will have noted that the forum's owner has been absent of late.

    It's not a lack of love or care, but I have been absorbed in trying to complete another project; our (hopefully) forthcoming album Blue Shamrock.

    Some fairly recent demos are available at our usual listening page:

    Phillistine versus Scattamah

    Hopefully we'll soon have some cover art, and a demo website up and going.

    For now any feedback is much appreciated - as we edge toward release we're trying to iron out all the wrinkles and make sure everything is something that real people would willingly (i.e. minus restraints or implements of torture listen to ;)
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  2. I finally got around to listening to this whilst finishing the first part of the Hiryuu challenge. I throughly enjoyed it, the music that is not the challenge, that sucked! Nice work Phunksta, I look forward to hearing more.
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  3. aww thanks cee, it helps to get such good vibes back when we're this close and worrying that we're wasting our time and money.
    We're just finishing off the design for the cd cover and hope to have some available soon!
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  4. Very welcome. You have a customer waiting, no need to hurry I have a sleeping bag to survive in outside of the store!
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