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  1. The Technical Papoo now has Next Island Limited Blueprint books, but no blueprints.

    Blueprint Time Travel Crystal (L) has been discovered by Jellyfish. Gratz on first bp discovery :clap:
    This is a level 1 limited bp and requires the following ingredients: 2 Chimera Eye, 10 Refined Obsidian Crystal, 5 Refined Muscovite Crystal, 5 Skeleton Spine, 1 Chimera Blood, 1 Shark Blood, 1 Skeleton Hand, 1 Skeleton Soul, 1 Drake Soul, 1 Drake Heart and 1 Shark Eye.
  2. what was he crafting

    cant be just for crafters - i can see profit to be made on these crystals no noob will be able to afford them i guess
  3. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    So Jelly tell us the ingredients for it ;)
  4. some different refined crystals, shark soul, couple of skeleton parts.. and so on :)
    i was missing an ingredient or two so threw it in auc at a high mark up, hoping some rich kid sees it and wants to try it out ;)
  5. i got it from a quest
  6. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Only missing one very important ingredient... a Drake Heart. That has yet to be found ;)
  7. i got all the ingredients which quest was it

    I got the drake hearts all the time before
    (i think it was the heart) lol
  8. jelly fish ignored me when i asked which quest saved me time going to all tps finding it i guess he wants his 200ped - tightass lol
  9. so does anyone have a drake heart or obsidian they can spare :)
  10. BTW... I think the quest is repeatable.. I finished it and got it again
  11. That would be nice, but did not work for me.
  12. Im not impressed with it being a L blueprint. This is something that is essential to the island, and at the rate the economy ingame is going market manipulators will drive the cost for time travel components and these blueprints well above the cost it would normally be to just pay the teleporter and go to FOMA, Rocktropia, Calypso, or points beyond.
  13. I'd prefer them to be (L) and easy to get, than have just a few UL BP's in the hands of market manipulators.

    Plus, if the quest is repeatable and village boars are accepted, it could be a nice source of income for the new players, since most of the rest won't bother to kill small boars over and over just for the BP after a while
  14. so is the quest repeateable? and if yes... where do i get it?
  15. Drake heart isn't dropping so no time travel this vu!

    Killed all the drakes and nothing, if it was in the lootpool it would have dropped!
  16. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    I asked around and it is the monkey Sebastian at Crystal Resort who gives the mission to get the bp, if anyone still doesn't know. The MV on it is already sky high, as the first one Jellyfish got from the quest appears to have gone for the 200ped he put as it's buy out :(
  17. So if the blueprint comes from a mission it would be cheaper to do the mission for it

    why buy it from some one thats money going into their pocket

    now it would be better to hunt the creature for the bluprint you get skills too and the bp at the end of the mission

    if it comes from mission and you buy it from some one selling at a very stupid price 200 ped then you need your head checked and crazy why give that player your peds for nothing when you could get skills doing it the cheaper way grow up and figure this out

    correct me if im wrong it comes from the mission right ?

    so my point is it would be cheaper to do the mission if you already have the basic gear for the mission i know one thing i rather get the bp myself to hell with giving that guy a lot of money
  18. Lol, sebastian doesn't want to talk to me :( no BP fpr me I guess. Guess that means time to try to find a drake heart.
  19. I will have to see if Sebastian talks to me! I sure hope so!!
  20. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Just a FYI, the L time travel crystal bps can and do fail (multiple times) just like any other crafting bp. I gave it a go on several, in hopes that once the first one is 'discovered' (crafted) it might kick start drops in crafting and or the 'other ways' Enzo mentioned to get them, just like the drake hearts are now dropping after the first one was found. I failed, sorry guys, but someone else can now click these expensive (either in ammo and decay needed or mu to get all the ingredients to successfully craft the needed 3 crystals for one trip) and imo rather cruel jokes on the islanders. Good luck out there, enjoy.
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