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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by BruuD, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. I'm curious... who is this guy (Bori Redsky Keystone) and where did he suddenly came from?
    He just pops up 2 weeks ago, killing The Eviscerator and Mulciber by the thousands.
    Doesn't seem to have killed anything before that...


    Let's ignore the fact that in these 2 weeks he has hit 2x 20K evis and 1x 40K explosive and only ask the question how someone can start his (seemingly) first weeks in EU by killing one of the toughest mobs available?

    Is it another avatar that got MA to change its name?
    Otherwise it would have to be a fresh avatar that is chipped up far enough to be able to take #1 hunting spot out of nothing?
  2. *LOL*

    Looks like one of those shared-MA-rush-avatars. Depositing thousands and hunt 24/7 to gain attention through the global-chat.
    Or maybe just a rich guy, totally bored with reallife...hes buying skills on the forum and has 1 post.

    Boris Redsky keystone.png

    Maybe its the new alt of "Kunrad Solo Reez", spending the millions of PEDs you guys "lent" to him ?
    (please ask "the Rock")

    He has 1 post on the forum (buying skills in "Girts Smilgs Niedra" thread) and named himself "keystone6611". Probably english is not his 1st language.

    Boris Redsky keystone2.jpg

    Why not contact him ingame, building up a nice relationship, having some coffee at *cough* Linzeys *cough* Bar or talk to his friend "Rufus Deathouse" ?
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  3. He's at least the second soaring star this year btw.

    Isfin Failivrin Meleth is still active however. (edit: he also has five-digit EL id, so he's in fact fairly old; edit2: seems to be someone returning after 10 years of absence)

    It's not necessarily a conspiracy. Consider that, after a decade of ZIRP, money isn't what it used to be. Lots of people have made lots of easy money in the crypto sc... er, bubble - and what comes easy goes easy.
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    This is interesting. I wondered what you were on about initially but now I get it. We can monitor all globals through that website so indeed if someone suddenly starts hammering it big on the tough mobs with no previous globals... that indeed does seem.. well almost impossible...

    But as you say... one could come in and just buy good armour and a big gun and even a bunch of skills to use it. Such is the (at least intended) nature of entropia.

    I should look myself up. I might be on there now we get tiny globals... even then probably not many for me. I walk around a lot
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  6. San


    Theoretically, you can just buy all the skills and there is nothing wrong with it. Practically, there is a big incentive to circumvent the ESI markup naturally priced in, so much so that one actually might question the sanity of anyone going about it the honest way. Hence it raises eyebrows in any case.
  7. Isfin Failivrin Meleth arrived in the game just after Linzey was suddenly not playing anymore after some mindark insider info that I heard from some top players from top societies.
    I scanned him just few days after he went online as I must say i immediately had the same feeling about this player to be a Linzey Alt, and he was 9 in stamina = old avatar, and strangely an existing/active avatar un-buried from a big stack of dirt....
    F avatar, swedish player, uber gear... that's so many coincidences that leads to high suspicions...
    The funny part is the cat1 player who won the halloween contest but who was banned by* MA because he used the supremacy armor lent from Isfin Failivrin Meleth, and then MA gave her back the 1st rank... again funny suspicions of alt accounts and big money behind all this...

    "mind" ark = "WeLoveMoneyWhereverItComesFrom - Ark" (and we close the eyes when that's swedish rich friends)...
    (and we forget to respect our own rules). But we have no problem to insult players and lock their accounts for fake reasons.

    Now for Mr Redsky, people can at least scan him and check his stamina, if it is at 9 could be another old ava recalled from death (I find this funny as MA seem to want to kill alt avatars but some are magically reviving), if he is a brand new player he should have a low stamina 1 2 3...

    he is very active today at zychion :

    Bori Redsky.jpg

    I left calypso some months ago, so i let you check who is your new friend :).
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  8. Wistrel

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    could you chip stamina?
  9. how long are you playing ?
  10. Wistrel

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    Since 2004 very (very) casually with one 3 year break and some smaller ones. Chipping is not something I ever bothered to find out about since I never did it.

    From what I remember too,... stamina never went up... ever - except when there was a mission that gave you 1 extra stamina as a reward and the NPC made some comic remark about how rare gaining stamina was.

    I understand that new players don't get 9 like we used to.
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  11. Thanks Haruto ! Would be nice to know the exact player name...but it is just too obvious anyway...

    So, rich non-family members are fighting the rich-family members again...Entropia never fails to dissapoint, in terms of upper class scamming... epic x'D

    rich jack imposter 2018.jpg
  12. Someone posted more then allowed, regarding the PCF rules (Real-world Controversial Discussion) and it got deleted.

    Yes, its him, Bori Redsky Keystone.
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  13. NotAdmin

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    What was removed? Did you happen to be quick enough to see it?
  14. Sorry, too late. And as only the truth gets deleted on the other forum, I guess it was "realworld" infos about this rich guy from korea...

    Be sure that more then 1 player knows the truth about Bori Redsky Keystone...I dont...for now.

    But Ill be back.

    A signed piece of paper and some dollars, while visting the MA HQ, are the solution to change your avatars name.
    It happened before.
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