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Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Well I went through all the trouble also to find it through all the EF stuff and brownnosing posts and this is it:


    Green is the right colour cos a lot of peops may be green with envy just seeing it I suppose. I call it Barf-green, cos a lot of things happening recently made me wanna throw up lol. And I havent been bothered logging into the game since the last fiasco, just not in the mood. It may be some time before I actually do go in again.
  2. ok, it ain't pink, it's green painted boar (it's a bit better than boar). Marco said something about this not being the only time they will give out the armor, my only suggestion to those who complain is to stop it and start self-proclaimming their usefulness cause fpc&ma might be a bit narrow-minded about value and usefulness.

    Complaining achieves nothing (well except in the case of whiners who just get less respect)
  3. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Damn! Come to think of it, I am sounding extremelly negitive huh?

    Mabe I should say...i am happy for all those who have scored free sweet stuff from FPC, great job on obtaining the impossible that is comparable to a ATH hit. Gratz to all of you! Iam happy for all of the winners and wish i could be that lucky :) realize the impossibility and rarity of it and cherrish it and enjoy it:)

    I wonder how FPC will ever know how I helped other and socmates with tutorial mining advice? Whos gonna nominate me? No-one thus I will have to resign myself to never scoring anything that sweet I suppose. All I can do is depo my money and push forwards mining the planets. rest assured, if anyone needs guidance from me ingame, I shall never hessitate to help out :) without expecting anything in return.
  4. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Mabe I sound like a bitchin whiner, but our brahdah from down undah sums it up perfectly. Suggestion FPC, send all your swedish office employees to the UK for some serious and propper English Classes and how to express intent correctly. Better yet, get a eloquent english employee to do the honors on your behalf. Review anouncements properly for misleading words etc, before posting them. It might help.

    And FPC, no hard feelings okay, Love the game it rocks!:thumbup:
  5. I personally just think it's a bit sad that Lykke and Dalas that has been working on the ANF project didn't seem to have got one. Then again I might have some "personal interest" in it, indirectly being Luke's girlfriend and seeing first hand how much work is being done with the ANF. I know that they don't do it to get anything and they both enjoy it. (Just to make it clear that this is MY OPINION about it, and no one complained to me about not having got anything).
    I just have to agree completely with what Deathifier said in his post about this reward :)

    I do see how they have to limit this gift for certain groups that're easy for people to see. Because if they were to give out to indviduals that did something for the community, there would be a lot more posts filled with envy and jealousy. It's clearly made to be something special so no one can expect FPC to just hand over something like this, what would that do to the marketvalue of other armours already existing ingame then?

    Grats to those who got them, well deserved. I know what time you put into this :)
  6. I somewhat expected Lykke and Dalas to get a set. Not that Im trying to breed jealousy here, but these folks have a dedicated community site for the general betterment of EU. Its rather obvious that the staff here helps the game out on a fundamental level by facilitating improved communication to those who desire it.

    Also something Wizz said struck me as true. He said "I dont know any of these guides and they havnt done anything for my society" or something to that effect. I also havnt seen a guide, and I spend most of my time at Sweat Camp and Port Atlantis looking for new players to help out. In fact, I was under the impression the guide program was not active right now.
  7. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    I have to agree with you completelly. Never have I seen a guide ingame exept when Emma & Simon handing out cars in a virtual riot with peops swearing at em out loud.

    I have a theory tho. Simon and Emma were so traumatized by the scuttlef**K the other day that the new armor was some kinda consilation thingy to calm them down. Or perhaps the other unknown "guides" spoken of, complained at FPC for missing out on the cars and got compensated in this way albeit not realy having done much on the part of actually helping and guiding peops ingame. I honestly never seen one single extended guide program avatar ingame either on Calypso or RT. Perhaps they were invizible? Have we missed something?

    Lykke and Peter deserve the armor absolutelly and I am sad they did not get it. Not to mention all the other contributing gamers who assited Lykke and Peter with this fantastic forum.

    Actually read the original announcement carefully again and seems to be meant for FPC staff only. Or at least it can be interpreted that way. Now that begs the question why should the community be informed about a internal memmo?:dunno: dont get it.
  8. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    So you guys are saying you've never seen one of the Guides? I think that's pretty well done actually. They are pretty obvious if you know who they are. Only that they don't have the yellowy orange speaking text that Emma and Simon have, they are still dressed in their smart blue uniform (not so obvious sometimes since they're often in a group of people).

    Ever noticed Faye's Noob events on the Clientloader? Ever met the famous Alice who wrote "the" Guide? Ever heard of the ETA (Entropia Tour Agency)? The Guides are often running newbies on those runs. These are just to name the couple of examples of where they can be found that instantly spring to mind. So as far as never seeing a Guide goes, congratulations! :D

    Oh, and it is made pretty clear that this is one of several handouts to come, so those who are favourites to get this armour set might indeed get one, but later.
  9. Yes, that is exactly what i was saying - and i guess if you don't hang out in the dedicated noob places, like i.e. PA and Twin, it's very likely that you don't ever meet them.

    Alice is a guide now? I doubt it... and i doubt Alice likes being called "famous".

    Does the phrase "yield to public pressure" mean anything to you? Good ol' MA practice.
  10. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Well that's the point? They're meant to be helping noobs?

    Ummm, when was the last time you checked? Alice has been a Guide for a long while now. No wonder you haven't seen a Guide if you don't know who they are? :D Also I am friends with her and have been since she was a newbie herself so I don't think she minds what I call her. Fame is what you get when you write a Guide like that.
  11. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    I find it rather strange that an exlusive few know about these unknown "guides", and not the entire community. Many times I came across clueless nubs in PA asking questions and assistance from passersby, and not one single " guide" in sight to help them. i log alot of hours dayly gaming and being over the whole place especially Neas, PA and twins cos I am a miner and need to cover a lot of ground.

    The entropia tour agency?? I thought and was under the impression thats simply another nub soc. I have seen little promotions and activities ingame from them assisting new arrivals. heck I was realy lucky to have a Mom to assist me cos there were no guides around for me.

    To be honest this forums Newbie fund seems to have a lot more credibillity than anything you have mentioned here. Who the F**K is alice??!!<--From a song btw :)

    Writting something with a limited readerbase without much ingame activity doesnt realy make you a helpfull guide ingame. All I ever see in twins is traders spamming to buy, Neas... nubs spamming for swunt teams and PA newcommers aimlessly wandering and trying to figure game out for themselves with the ocasional shout for help in chat. No guides there , and i will testify in court as a witness to this as facts. actually the passersby who help the nubs in PA when asked, are more deserving of the armors than any of the names mentioned here.

    At times even my Mother, Evey, takes it upon herself, where Ben and myself help to take teams of nubs on TP runs from sweat camp, protecting them from mobs, no official guide in sight.

    I gratz you for scamming FPC into scorring a set of ubah armor. The community knows damn well whether you deserve it or not. Lets just say, you will be looked at differently from now on.
  12. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    MistressArwen, I can assure you that the Guides have worked very hard in their roles in Entropia. I have been with them during hours of their duties and I really appreciate their efforts. It's not easy at all for them. First of all newbies who just joined often simply ignore them and run off, thinking they are NPCs or something. Then there are people who try to discredit them for "not doing anything", when they spend literally hours each day standing around at the New Arrival Zone(s) trying to help fresh newbies take their first steps. Then there are people who are jealous and want to ruin their reputation as Guides, who publically attack them. I've witnessed these attacks (which are sometimes even literal, in PvP) and it's just annoying to see such decent, hardworking people being bitched at for jealousy.

    Alice in fact made a post just today about the Guide Program II here:

    CRA armor, Guide Program II and my thanks

    There is also more easily accessed information here:

    Planet Calypso - Guides

    A News Article was published by Lykke here on EP, an interview with the Guides:

    Also the Entropia Tour Agency's founder Stave was interviewed not long ago by Lykke, also frontpage news here on EP:

    Have a nice read, and I hope you learn something and begin to appreciate the effort these people have made :)
  13. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    I appreciate any efford made in that direction no matter how small it may be. Nothing against Stave btw.

    I should mention I do see the FPC officials sometimes at twins just standing there to answer questions, a male ava in suit and Skam, yet their time there is very minimal to say the least and also sporadic.

    You are showing me forum posts yet nothing conclusive about ingame activities that I or anyone else have noticed or verified inside. You know what, I can also doctor together some nice articles to post on a forum, yet it doesnt automatically translate into ingame active help and nub-assistance. And newcommers running away....cmon thats just a lame excuse and revealing as to how you view them. When Evey, Ben and I took them on runs from swamp-camp, none ran away from us or left the team.

    Curiously what the hell are the "guides" doing in PVP when they should be helping newcommers to the game??????? you must be one evil guide to take nubs on tours into any PVP zone.
  14. Dalas

    Dalas ANF Master & "Death Limited" Healer

    Do you? Stave works together with the Guides. I've been on multiple ETA TP runs with them all. It sounds like you are being biased against the Extended Guides here.

    Yes because that's not their job, they just do it as an extra-bonus activity.

    You seriously didn't even have time to read the posts between when I linked you to them and you posting this reply. Please, go ahead and read them, and I guarantee you that what is said about these people in these threads is true, having known at least two of them for years. I don't really get what you mean by "doctor together" since I just linked you to them, no doctoring involved. If you don't believe what they have to say for themselves and what others have to say for them, then I believe you have something against them, whatever that may be.

    The difference is you aren't dealing with thousands of newbies. The Guides do, and they encounter all kinds of newbies, not only ones that appreciate the help they get, like yours obviously did (which is great by the way). When you deal with so many, you're bound to get bad seeds. Also, I never said anything about newbies running away on TP runs. It is at the NAZ that newbies sometimes don't understand that the Guides are there to help, or don't want help and simply ignore the Guides.

    The ETA TP runs sometimes lead through PvP zones, and some go by the Oil Rig. Usually they have a fun, unobstructed time, but other times they are ambushed and have to dispose of their attackers or risk newbie casualties. This I believe adds to the excitement of the newbie experience through ETA, gives them a feeling of safety to have such strong and helpful people accompanying them, and educates them about PvP zones, which they might discover in far more painful way later on.
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  15. It's

    Community Recognition Award

    and not

    Noob Recognition Award

    Your point?

    OMG, you know Alice? Pretty much everyone knows Alice... Your point?

    But, seeing you're such big friends with Alice, i really wonder why you don't find it unfair that Alice never got rewarded for all the stuff done OUTSIDE of the "guides program"??!!

    You have a rough idea HOW MANY blessings Lykke handed out ingame throughout all the years? That alone should qualify her for being "Recognized by the community" - yet you think it's ok to mark some avatars as "special" for something they did for ... 90 days? (correct me if i am wrong here) I bet Jdegre spent more than 90*2hrs to maintain the Skill Scanner... or Witte, to enhance the functionality of

    You're clearly confusing "cause" for "effect" here - i don't know them because i haven't seen them - painfully obvious, don't you think?

    Actually, i am not even sure why you started this - you don't seem to have a point at all, it seems more like you dispute what i said for "personal reasons" - it is, obviously, very easy to not meet the guides at all when you are out in the fields, dropping bombs&probes or shooting mobs, instead of hanging out in the newb places just using EU as a big chatroom...

    And please... I would prefer that we keep your personal dislikes out of this debate - you've shown lack of impulse control in the other thread already, please do not derail this topic over your inability to handle constructive criticism. Thank you. :)
  16. narfi

    narfi Lost

    It seems like you are being very harsh on the guides while not really understanding what they have done.

    For clarification, the guides awarded were not the emma and simon type guides paid by fpc. The guides awarded were individual players who had dedicated as much time to helping new players in the game as some people do with full time jobs.

    Just because you or your friends didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't there. (is three negatives a negative or a positive?)

    There are lots of "deserving" people in the game. The guides have defiantly put in their time and it is nice to see them credited for it. It is unfortunate that ma/fpc didn't word their announcement better which created a lot of speculation, jealousy and "why not me or so and so" thoughts.

    I haven't seen them a lot personally (because I haven't frequented the NAZ or swamp camp much, I do my "mentoring" in the field after dalas has recruited them into the anf program,) but I know people who have including my wife, so I know they really were there doing their "job" as well as on ef posting their different events on what has seemed like a daily bases.

    I really dont understand why you attack Dalas for pointing you in the direction to see for yourself what the guides have done and learn more about them.

    Lets just have fun :) That's why we play a game right?


  17. Oh, i never said the guides do not deserve a set of armor for their work - heck, i am sure they spent quite some time on this, so let them have their gifts, i am sure they have earned it!

    WHAT i said was merely that there are people who spent MORE time and will NOT receive an official "thank you" from MA - this is unfair, to say the least.

    But, as i've already posted, it probably comes all down to a very bad choice of words from MA, so let's see what the future brings...

    Apparently it was Dalas' post that gave you the wrong impression that i am against a reward for the guides, whereas i never said they shouldn't be rewarded...
  18. Meh. Folks mention swamp camp and PA alot as places where these guides are. Theyre really not there that much. To illustrate:

    Laudanum is a newbie focused guild. I run it, and I do most of the recruiting for it. Ive recruited over 70 individuals into this guild in the past 2 months (and cleaned out a few who obviously stopped playing but am still at 50), 99% of them by personal chats while spending time in Swamp Camp and at the PA teleporter guiding folks to Swamp Camp and teaching them how to do the missions.

    Ive never met Alice ingame, or even seen her in passing by. The closest Ive gotten is seeing her get a few globals. I have met Emma, 4 days ago in Minopolis during the "Swarm a Guide" event. Not that we exchanged words --- she was rather busy after all. But thats the first time Ive seen her. Ive had more involved discussions with Skam at Sweat camp and she only spent 2 days there.

    I dunno. I log about 8 hours a day into EU. Aside from guild hunts, I spend most of my time at Sweat Camp. Its one of my favorite places to hang out. Not seeing a guide there once, and having spent an inordinate amount of time there over the past 6 months Ive been in EU... well it doesnt mean much unless folks are saying that Swamp Camp is where guides are supposed to be.

    Theyre not.

    Im not saying I want a suit of armor, or even deserve one. Im just saying the facts being presented here are incorrect.... or at the very least not completely accurate. I guess I agree with MistressArawn's comments, minus the bitter twinge that I may be reading into the post.
  19. KiriHime

    KiriHime Natural Born Killers

    Joshua Jot Avaris has to be the most dedicated guide I have met. If you say you haven't heard of him then you have not been to the NAZ in the last 3+ years.

    Since the day I rejoined EU he has stood in the NAZ doing nothing but helping new arrivals. He then joined the guide program with the release of vu10 and continued the same work he was doing before.

    I don't know all the guides, but a few of them definitely deserve this gift.

  20. ----------->
    I Suggest you take your end-advise there. This wasn't started by Dalas at all you know. I suggest you read back a bit. People had been debating the guides before he said anything about it.

    Look at my post earlier in this thread for example. That was also about the guides. The only point about it is that they are easy for people to understand as group. People can understand why they get an award, because they're working as helpers of the community. Yes there is a lot of other people that makes enormous efforts for the community. There will also be handed out more of these kind of awards in the future.

    The point I think is that when people see the guides getting it, I would think be something like :

    --> Oh right, it is just that group of people.

    Instead of ---> :(:(:( Why didn't I get one????! I did this and this and this and this!

    As I read what Dalas says about it, he is keeping to the discussion about the guides, that was already started by someone saying they never see them. I see them too, around places where there are newcommers. Today's newcommers are after all tomorrow's Ubers, which has a very familiar similarity to the physical world we all live in.

    - Freja
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