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  1. Alice i love you :grouphug:

  2. already one proof guides have been there, thank you :)

    and the extended guides were pretty much other players, just with a more official attidude and a general higher sense of commitment to spent their time at the NAZ, who got asked to do what they did since years, standing around NAZ helping new ppl since years, in a more professional manner
  3. Magyar you still ingame .. but you said it sucked so much... did you forgot about me lol. Aandar is a better newbie helper then you every be and def worthy of mine attention.
  4. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    It is a pleasure and if feel honoured and humbled to meet you Alice. Gratz once again and enjoy. Perhaps a good time to take a break and enjoy the other aspects of EU? Because you have worked so hard. In reflection you may perhaps also long to return to the job. I support you in whatever you do decide to do. Its a worthy endeaviour, you have succesfully completed.

    Just that I feel Lykke shouldve been honoured in the same way. It is just a personal oppinion I endorse,and does not negetivelly reflect upon you or any other Guide.

    Your nomination in writting towards FPC would also carry a lot of weight in Lykkes favor.:thumbup:

    Also thanx for clarrification on many things.
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    lol cute :) and thanks - but I already got a chest (Lykke Wooden Chest)and I don't need more - I still live on that lol :naughty:

    Anyway, I would love if what Tass mentioned could be a reality because that is really something that would give us an opportunity to grow more and help out fellow entropians the way we wanted :) Also, I would love it to happen so the people who helped us out and are a part of this forum, also get 'known' by other players and get the appriciation they so much deserve! Heck, I might be a fellow owner, but who's REALLY doing the great job here?
  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, if you put it that way, standing ready with dinner, a nice cognac and my slippers when I come home WOULD be really nice, yes...

  7. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    You REALLY think that helps????
  8. You gotta tell me that story once because i see the name on the chest but dont know the story behind it
  9. Not to point fingers or say anyones looking for proof of anything, but there was a point there --- the point being it seems to be a little hard to tell who is a guide and who is not. Hard enough that in all honesty virtually anyone could claim to be a guide, and undermine the system in that way.

    Call me old fashioned, but I once played a game called Ultima Online. They had an unpaid volunteer program called the Counselor program. Every counselor while on duty had an avatar that was clearly recognizable as a counselor. Now in EU you cant have more than one avatar, but you can have an on duty/off duty toggle, and a uniform of some sort that must be donned prior to assuming an on duty status giving both recognizability to the program and legitimacy to those who claim to be part of it.

    In UO they even went so far as to require any member of the counselor program to log a certain amount of hours per month on their counselor avatar. There were perks to the program, mostly in the form of no subscription fees, and sometimes an item or two. EU seems to do this --- and it may result in far less upset players if this were done in a more organized, and official capacity where players were aware of the program, and aware of what those in the program had to do in order to remain part of it. The root of the problem here may be a public image issue: The Guide Program seems a bit casual.

    I was one of the counselors in UO. Feel free to ask any questions about the program and how something similar might work in EU.
  10. MistressArwen

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    HUH? Dont you perhaps think this might already be in effect, seeing Clearly vizible FPC Company Officials Logged on at Twin Peaks, now and then? Cant verify any kind of scedules or times, just by chance have noticed it. I frequent Twins often between long mining runs to sell my wares. Cant help but notice. Suspecting this might perhaps just be the case, seen from a legal perspective and where the client might not entirelly be fully aware of it.
  11. we used to have a darkish blue jacket and beret, which we took on during guiding (sometimes just the beret/jacket tho, not necessarily both at once)
    that was mentioned on the website and maybe the client loader too i think

    the clothes we had to give back on thursday when we got the armor

    we didn't get special guide avatars either, although i don't necessarily think that had helped much
    not even the clothes for that matter, cause who seriously reads the newbie part of the website :D
    and especially what newbies

    most ppl don't care much about the manual, especially not the "how to move around" one (at least for the games I play, i mostly ignore the control pages in manuals and see how i get along :P)

    possibly should have worn my hermes more often, to be more of a sight :D
  12. A FPC official is an employee of the company. As I understand it a guide is a volunteer who is not affiliated with FPC in any way other than willingness to help out. In any game its always been easy to tell who the "Game Masters" or in this case "FPC officials" are. Who their helpers are, in this case, is a little bit harder... I see some photographs in the Newbie Entry Zone of guides, and a web URL, but ingame theres really nothing more.

    Actually I just ran into Alice at another location. She just looks like a normal player. I wouldnt have known it was her except that I know what guild shes in.
  13. MistressArwen

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    Aight, I get ya ;)
    Not quite what I expected but I feel ya.

    Not feeling very well latelly, Bronchitus. Thats why i pushed myself yesterday doin a miles long mountainbike ride. On antibiotics for a week now. Havent logged in for a few days and wont untill such time i depo again and I always come back with a vengeance. Close to Unlocking Mineral sense, Serendipity and Martial Arts. Already at 1k each with extraction and Ground assesment. Love skilling.

    its cosy to have such a forum. Entertaining.
  14. I hear what youre saying Alice. Im honestly no expert on EU, just leding a few PEC worth of thought and experience with other MMOs. Sometimes a crazy unique costume is necessary. In UO counselor avatars sported blue robes. No player character could wear a robe other than a GM/Counselor, so it was easy to spot who is who. We also had Counselor in our name, like "Counselor Magyar" (although there was no such avatar, my name changed in 1998 to Magyar -- before then I had a couple others I used.)
  15. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    huh?? Why on Calypso couldn't you have kept those clothes as a part of the deal and as a memory of the work, you have been doing? (Yes I know the armour can be too ... but seriously)! That's just lame ... sorry
  16. CLearly you havnt seen Simon running down the place ..he loks more like aandar then anykind of FPC OFfficial :-)

    The clothes where already on loan they told us that. They dont want them get sold etc etc. Tho i do miss my jacket it gets cold in the evening
  17. MistressArwen

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    Awww! A calypso breeze, especially ove the plains, can get a bit nippy at sunset.:mad:
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  19. Burgerman

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    Old news from June that I had missed posting previously.
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  20. This is so true. On the second day I played EU, Joshua Jot Avaris took me and 6 other players on a tour. He showed us how to auto follow and we set out.
    It was a great experience and a great adventure. The trip took several hours, During the trip Joshua took the time to explain a lot of details about the game to us, even the game lore. I felt very protected as he and his fellow guide killed mobs along the way.
    At the end of the trip he offered to become friends with any of us that wanted to. I accepted his offer. I have been playing for almost a month, and whenever he is on, he always makes time to answer any questions I might have.
    Thanks Joshua. You deserved what ever recognition you got.
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