Change of the AG weapons BPs - more than desirable

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Lucky_A, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. The recent loot change - in terms of number of parts/crystals drop per mob - is indeed an improvement in this regard, but seems to be far from what is really needed.
    The way I see it only a change in the number of ingredients of those BPs can make the items really usable and part of the economy. I hunted extensively and also bought what I could for 3-4 days, at the end had mats for only 6 clicks on Sword of Fortitude (that requires for example 50 cyclop wrist guards per click) ending up with only 3 swords after crafting :(
    Now, these swords have low TT but also low number of uses (~300) and therefore are not appealing if u have to pay 10 times the TT just to kill 3-4 big cyclops :( The way I see it these should sell for an average 120% - higher than that and ppl will prefer the Ice Daggers (much higher TT and number of uses).
    For that to work, only solution I can see is reducing by 10 times (or more) the qty of ingredients required (like from 50 to 5 cyclop wrists per click) and fill the remaining TT gap with something easy to find on NI - like lysterium or muscle oil.
    In the current situation is not working ... see Auction, not many (if any) of these swords listed there, people not rushing to buy those at 500-1k% (current listings), crafters not rushing to make those given the parts high MU or the hunt time needed to collect the ingredients.
    120% for the Sword of Fortitude for example means 8,20 PEDs difference in MU - for any crafter to make and sell these, the MU of the required ingredients + Auction fee + residue MU needs to be lower than that, but at the moment, the MU of any of the 8 required ingredients alone is higher than this :) so mass production of these ain't gonna happen till something is changed - and again, have to say, that should be the BP itself.

    Otherwise, "thank you for the fish" :) - the nice (L) Greek swords - but slowly those will become TT food (the BPs I mean) and the swords will join a long list of rare & useless EU items :)

    That's my view, as a crafter ... if others wanna share please feel free to express your point of view in this thread ...
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  2. Whoever did the 'balancing' of the blueprints has absolutely no idea about ingame mechanics and economy.

    The looting crystal stuff is still totally messed up too.... where are selenite, cerrusite .. etc???

    Next Island cannot continue this way!
  3. Couldn't agree more. The sad part is that supposedly balancing is checked by MA before anything gets released, so that it won't disrupt the economy in our Universe. :what:
  4. Took those 3 swords of Fortitude I made today against the Brontes ... on a slow one u use ~12 ped TT of the sword, thus one sword will serve u for 3 Brontes Slow. Totally not worth it imho - if I'd be hard-time hunter in Greece for the big cyclops I wouldn't touch these swords a second time :( ... maybe if I can get them for close to TT ... maybe, but anythin above 120% is simply peds thrown away imho, considering what they provide and the loot you get :(
    In order to make anythin close to a decent hunting run u'd need 30+ swords :) ... now show me one guy who has the mats for 30 clicks even, not 30 swords :D
    It's a big FAIL dear devs :( ... sorry to say .... I'd recommend re-working the entire concept of the (L) swords, make them craftable easily and increase their TT to hold at least 1,000 uses - that's if u wish ppl to use them, if not they are a welcome addition to the NI museum ;)
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  5. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    We don't have any plans to change the existing weapons and weapon BPs. However, we have a lot of plans to add more unlimited and limited weapons through new blueprints -- I hope you will find the new ones more to your liking!
  6. I see you keep the same statement ... is ur right to do so, I only tried to bring this issue to the dev team attention and as you can see from posts all over this forum I'm not the only one that thinks so :(

    What can I say ... the (L) swords BPs u released so far - under these circumstances - are useless :( ... I do hope I'm wrong (as I hold quite many of them :sick: ) but only time will tell ...

    Can only ask you then to consider the above posts - and others like it - as a warning for future, so the new items u release won't follow the same path ;)

    Also, I'd like if possible that new BPs are craftable right after they're discovered and not have to wait for new items to be added to the loot pool weeks later (see new UL swords and the cyclop heads example)
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  7. A weapon might be more than just a weapon.
    (Example: Demra Slicer)
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  8. Do you play this game? Honestly, Please spend 500USD and play this game on Calypso as a normal player and learn about how to craft!!!

    The variety of ingredients requirement is totally non-sense. Require more than 8 different types of resources to for a single click is really nonsense. Please play and learn how the game work before developing it. There is no point in adding new BP if no1 can craft them and sell them.
  9. Don't play too much on Calypso. I would like something totally different on Next Island.
  10. :roflmao: true

    for economic lessons go to Arkadia, there's something to learn from there :) ...

    I'd say we make too much fuss about it - they developed something, userbase provided it's feedback, if devs choose to ignore it NI will be a less & less popular destination - not to speak about permanent residents :) - till a point planet will be sold and a full face-lift made including prolly dev team changed and so on (they'll learn a lesson, go to WoW and try to apply EU approach :roflmao:) ... simple rules of life - that's why customer is always "boss" for any business :D

    But now seriously, the fact that people comment so much about this or that aspect should tell you devs u made an at least interesting product that, with minor adjustments, could turn into a great one ;) ... so ball is yours now
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