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  1. Chi Unit

    About us:

    Chi Unit is a friendship society and has been around since 2005.
    Most of our members have a lot of RL, some have families with kids. We are dedicated players, but we are no hardcore gamers (well, some of us are at times). That means skills and money are not required for joining Chi Unit or having fun. We manage to have opalo hunters as well as 150k total-skills hunters (who also love the odd opalo hunt, lol) and miners working and playing together. We are able to craft hunting and mining gear for mid-lvl-players.

    Our members come from all around the world mostly European though, English is the soc language. We got a forum and a skype group where we organise hunts and chat regularly. (More info on that when joining.)


    Chi Unit is here to help newbies as well as experienced players in their EU-life. Respect, fairness, friendliness and a huge dose of humor is what drives us. We know each other by name, not by rank. Together we try to reach our personal goals ingame, and have a good giggle doing so.

    Membership Guidlines:

    Be nice and friendly, always try to help.
    Be careful and thoughtful, don't get scammed! Respect others, no matter where they come from, or if they have language issues. Trust the seniors, they are here for quite some time and know what they say. The seniors are there to help out new players and guide and guard newbies!
    The most important of all: HAVE FUN!

    Spread around the chi-spirit!!!

    So, who are we looking for?

    We are open to anyone who is friendly and relaxed, may it be a recreational gamer or a next-gen-uber.
    Depositors and non-depositors, all welcome!
    Feel free to contact any of our members ingame or on the forum or simply apply at the soc terminal!

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