chopping down trees

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  1. can you chop any tree with the right tool?

    which skill do you need to chop down trees?

    and which location should i start chopping down trees for beginners?
  2. Tt has the tools. Go north of p.a. mall pr around icarus
  3. can i chop any tree?

    which skills do u need to chop trees?
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  5. Wistrel

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    It works like this... because Entropia uses the same engine/editor... only it doesn't... because MA...

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  6. Tass

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    And Crysis was 2007.
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  7. can't find a tree to chop please send coordinates
  8. SE27 1200 0000 0138 6020 9779
  9. Lots of Trees east of fort argus
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  10. thanks for the unhelpful reply (dan59) but really can anyone give me coordinates along with the name of (teleporter) town it's near would be helpful

    thanks advance.
  11. how many locations do you need? there were 3 suggestions already:
    north of port atlantis mall
    around camp icarus
    east of fort argus

    ps: you need the tool equipped to be able to see them. happy chopping!
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  12. New player experience feels great, it SEEms... ;D
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  13. Wistrel

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    Must be great retention having all these new players show up, not being able to figure out the controls, only to find that people who've been here 15 years can't figure them out either!
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  14. My coordinates are right.
    Its MA bank account so you can donate directly and much faster than using a tool.
    Trust me i harvested a lot and is info from first hand.
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