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    Welcome to the new cK shadows recruiting thread, after some turbulent yet very interesting times in which cK, cK’s and UU have all gone a transition leading to the current situation. In which we are the cadet soc of cK whom is in a alliance with UU.

    Its true that we have given up a lot of high skilled cK players to reinforce the position of UU, and that we are not as highly ranked as that we where a few weeks ago. But keep in mind our strength has not withered only increased due to a formal alliance with UU and m2s.

    We have consolidated our position and cK and cK’s both have a new general respectively Tekkie and myself. We are standing at the dawn of a new day with 27 active cKs’rs ready to once again start growing and rise to greater heights.

    The base requirements have not changed a dime, we are still looking for players with a 150k skill minimum which is 30k below the soc average. The players in cK’s have levels varying from 160-215k at the moment.

    As of now the pvp requirements have been lowered, maintaining a full set off pvp gear is no longer a requirement throughout the year but when an LG takes place u will have to make sure you are ready pvp gear wise.

    The goals of the society are still WORLD DOMINATION but not just with pvp, participating and winning MindArk events has become one of our priorities with success in recent LG and multiple winners in MM including winning cat3 last year we will try and continue to rank high in these events.

    We do appreciate players that are active and open minded towards using voice communication programs and participate in team hunting. There is a place in our midst for most and we all have our good and bad days!

    We judge all applications on a case-by-case basis. This means that if you don’t meet all minimum requirements we will still consider your application fairly.

    If you would like to learn some more about us, you can visit

    You may post any queries you have in the visitors section on the site, within this thread, or drop one of us a PM for further info.

    Entry to cK Shadows should not be thought of as an endgoal, but as a beginning. If you feel that you would make a valuable contribution to a strong and developing society, pm Me on EF with some info about yourself, highest professions/skills, equipment (normal hunt and pk), hp etc or go to our forum and post a direct application.

    If you have any further question you can also add me on skype A.C. Metzelaar
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