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  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    I found this guide to coloring on EU Chronicle... I think I got the ability to use Pink before I got Violet Cream, but I may have just happened across Pink paint before I tried Violet Cream.

    Anything more experience players would add to this? Any tips?
  2. The info you have is outdated. And your saying you can color using Pink Paint???

    I have a newer version of this list for Paint and Texture off of my society forum that I will post in the correct section of the forum :)
  3. [​IMG]

    I can use all the way up to Mauve XD
  4. Color skilling. Sib is nice but the tt value of a single field of paint is the critical part of color skilling. At my level I need to put in 40 ped of paint in one field per click to gain 1 skill point per gain.

    Use the (L) colorer and bleachers they are WAAAAY cheaper than the old school ones. I did plenty of decay testing when they first came out and my mentor edition bleacher and coloring tool from the old TT will never again come off display in my apartment.
  5. Hey Kitten,

    Can you PM me more details on this? Ive been meaning to take up coloring, but I found it expensive and found that items I attempted to color often ended up completely destroyed during the process.


  6. Kitten has me beat, I can do up to violet cream. With enough enhancers I could do the higher levels.

    Which is why I asked Meg if she can do Pink, unless I misread what she wrote. *Confused*

    It took me years to get to that point, I don't see how someone can be past that level in a couple months.

    Maygar, probably the reason you can't do the color efficiently is cause you don't have the skills. Anyone can put in the paint and color something, but for it to come out with that color your skills need to be on the level required for the paint. Usually you get an error if its not. And yes expensive! Although I don't think its as bad as it was with you getting a portion of the paint value back now.
  7. It wasnt an efficiency issue. I wasnt worried bout it coming out right. The items were being 100% destroyed!

    Id have a 7 ped pair of pants, try to color it, and then end up with nothing. After about 10 of these failures I decided I had better wait on coloring until I found out more about it.
  8. hmm never heard of that. Maybe a bug? Try sending a support ticket?
  9. hmm odd do break an item coloring as 90% of the tt of the paint is added to the item. you were putting in a proper amount of paint right? you need 323 can of paint per field for 100% success rate when your maxed on a color
  10. red


    I've been at it for years, as well. I can do green. however, I'm kind of a slacker.

    I've never heard of this. items which are being painted are never destroyed. of course, the paint is consumed. but as it's been pointed out, you get 90% of the terminal value of the paint back in ped, you must be experiencing a bug or something similarly weird.
  11. Should be on a PP payroll, seems you can get skills for free and not spend years skilling to get there. :palm:
  12. red


    HA! sure. I could be like conner - and even give away a couple of free hats to stir up the peasants.
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