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  1. ComPet :
    -2013 Compet mentioned in financial report (
    7 months later
    -July 2014 Annoucement
    1 month later
    -Aug. 2014 "MindArk is proud to announce that the auction of ComPet deeds is going very well..."
    7 months later
    -March 2015 "Start earning from compet activity is about to start..."
    WebInterface to be announced ready in week 2 of march. (with more infos)

    -2005 1st stage of taming
    Approx. 4 years later
    -2009 Taming got removed, we never got Stage 2
    3 years later
    -2011 Taming will return in 2012
    2 years later
    -2013 "State of the universe 2013"
    "Many of our more patient participants will be happy to hear that a completely redesigned taming system will be developed in 2013."
    1 year later
    -Fall 2014 Taming re-introduced + Stables Auctioned.
    6 months later
    -Feb. 2015 "some emotes and buffs added"

    Fishing System :
    -2008 Trigger Targa Blade looted the 1st Fishing Rod
    4 years later
    -2012 Timkrans Jr. said "Fishing system ready and it will be diffrent then anything else"
    1 year later
    -2013 Timkrans Jr. said "Fishing system only exists on more ETA"

    2 years later
    -2015 nothing

    Beverage - Food System :
    -Beverages / Food are in the texture folders since the year 2001. The bartenders always told us that they expect a shipment soon.
    14 years later
    -2015 no beverages
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    The devil would say there are drugs and nanobots now which serve one potential path the food/booze idea could have gone down.
  3. That hurt... O_O
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  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yup I think they never really knew what to do with food. Buffs were mentioned at some point as a use for food as was that a requirement for food wouldn't go down well. TBH I think if they added beer that unlocked "stagger about in increasing levels of hilarity" emote for half an hour I'm sure some people would buy it. It wouldn't even be much code as they already told us that adding emotes (gangnam styles) was about half an hour's work.

    As for compets, I feel for the investors...
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  6. When they introduced gangnam, MA had some employees left. Explains the 0,5 hours.

    Probably fishing and drinking wont make MA enough income, thats why its not there.

    I post this since 2004. 1 beverage 1 PED. 1 funny/usefull effect. Thats like 6000 PED daily, MA.

    Make fishing rods decay on fishing, introduce different bait that only works on choosen fishys...introduce Hall of Fishing...just dont mess with the game (anymore) ;p
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I prefer to consume my drink rather than spray it everywhere... ;)
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  8. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    What are you using as a basis for the Amount of Effort you are estimaing for these changes?

    I personally think the cosmetic changes to Icarus and Moon Bay alone would have expanded your estimate by a factor of 4000%.. I wouldn't even want to venture a guess on the background code and SQL tuning needed to get these things running correctly and the business logic rules needed to decide when to land a newbie in Icarus or Moon Bay..

    But, of course, this is MA and they very well may have thrown this together in 30 mins with one person and it could crash as we are speaking..
  9. Hey, I Iike pets, since 2005.
    Twin Peaks flooded with rabbits ? I love it ! It really adds the final touch to Calypso ! Fix space ? Fix pvp ? Contact CLD owners ? Political & Housing system ? Hangars ? Fishing ? Beverages ? Maybe at least fix the wrong emotes of current tamed pets 1st ?! Hell, what for ?

    We defenitly needed a revamp of Icarus and HalfMoonBay 1st, before turning all the towns, that are now shopcontainers only, into towns again.

    We all bothered MA for like 5 years about that is back, they add super cute rabbits and new "funtions" on top of it, before fixing old stuff.
    It has always been this way and ya, Im aware fixing 2 old things may bug 5 other (unbugged) things.

    The problem is, suddenly MA wants Entropia to be everything but Entropia. Suddenly they want it all packed into one single MMO, no matter the cost/bugs.
    They are doing this since 2000. Since 14 years. Add half ready things...introduce even more stuff, to abandon it as well...just to announce even more stuff that wil lnever be complete. Be it buildings, areas or storyline.

    My basis for the amount of effort ? Look at all the love and small details that went missing. All these empty buildings. All the towns that turned into shopcontainers only.
    Stuff like Space or PVP that should be on higher priority then...rabbits...

    Or what about the updated Athene/Zephyrus areas ? Months of annoucements.
    It looked awesome ! And 1 year later they said it got canceled 2 months after the initial announcement.

    Or what about the gigantic golf course ?

    You think it took months to change terrain height and add a windwheel and or landing platform to HalfMoon Bay ?
    And if it indeed took there more serious stuff that needs to be taken care of 1st ?

    Ya, this is MA. Most of us oldies still around, idle, more or less, but New Arrivals arent aware of MAs business conduct. Most dont even go to a forum. Everyone turned into ego monsters that want to pull the arm of the bandit. What about a true community ? Mass skilling / farming on hogglos...that is when we all get sad...
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well I'm looking at the client launcher.... and yes, I'm confused. Why did they revamp an already revamped area? Why did they revamp an already, ALREADY revamped area? (2nd revamp of Icarus since the er... revamp/creation?) Did it really take all this time? Do they only have a few people now or something?

    I appreciate it is the newbie areas and they need to look best but why not concentrate on "finishing" Thule first (edit: apparently Thule HAS BEEN optimised - whatever that means... I didn't have any lag/framerate issues there anyhow) if that is a priority? It's a great little area. Jam it with more stuff away from the mountains and it could be epic!

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  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

  12. Well, if this is what everbody was waiting for, please enjoy.

    I was expecting to ride pets and use them in combat or as walking storage. *poof*
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    well you can use them in combat because of the HP buff but it bugs me you need to level the pet THEN pay for a time limited buff. Is it worth it? Probably not...

    The car thing was a common error I know... I've seen a lot of that in rookie chat.

    Oh turns out they didn't touch Half moon bay, they just moved the TP to a new area and renamed the old TP position Cove. The new are is just another area with some punys walking round. They want it as an overflow for Icarus I think... Icarus has been altered a bit too. It is better I think now but it wasn't bad to begin with.... Lag seemed better though.

    There are bunnies and gremlins everywhere now.
  14. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    KILL THE WABBIT!! Kill the Wabbiit!! (I can't get that cartoon out of my head now)
  15. narfi

    narfi Lost

    You take freshly tamed pets to the stable and put them through the grinder to extract essence and if lucky rare essence. (the pet is no more)
  16. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

  17. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

  18. The most awesome thing about Pets and Combat is, that mobs already did attack each other in 2004.
    It was very, very(!) rare though.

    Ive watched a Daikiba young fighting an Atrax Old. It was a fierce fight. I forgot about sweating and ingored the teamchat for like 50 seconds.
    The Daikiba died and the Atrax went on as if nothing had happened.

    That was way cooler then any taming, buff, animal essence, compet stuff we have today...
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  19. Puck

    Puck Puck

    Damned Atrax Kill-Stealers!!! :screaming:
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