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  2. And another 2 years later. Wow, I should really get another hobby, instead of bumping all of their broken promises. ;D

    -3 years of Compet Deeds, with no payout
    -12 years of taming, never entering phase 2
    -5 years of no fishing
  3. San


    Well, my policy is simply to not buy stuff which is not there. When it's there and found to work, I'll consider if I want it. I might forgo the margin early adoptersgamblers get in their lucky moments, but the opportunity cost of funds tied down for too long or the loss if it never happens or gets screwed somehow can easily outweigh that. I just don't listen.
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    and this is why I never bought compet deeds
  5. Try 8 years no fishing...
  6. Yes, it's a small company and they make mistakes and can't live their promises.
  7. Dab


    It's not a mistake when you do it intentionally. It's known as telling lies.
  8. And I thought the Vixens....whatever...such a cute ? :S

  9. Wistrel

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    They have vamp girl pets too now
  10. Ok. So they lied.
    What now?
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  12. lol
  13. OooOOoooOOoooOOoooOooO...

    ComPet :

    -2013 Compet mentioned in financial report (
    7 months later
    -July 2014 Annoucement
    1 month later
    -Aug. 2014 "MindArk is proud to announce that the auction of ComPet deeds is going very well..."
    7 months later
    -March 2015 "Start earning from compet activity is about to start..."
    WebInterface to be announced ready in week 2 of march. (with more infos)

    -nothing ever happened
    -late 2018...shut down

    -2005 1st stage of taming
    Approx. 4 years later
    -2009 Taming got removed, we never got Stage 2
    3 years later
    -2011 Taming will return in 2012
    2 years later
    -2013 "State of the universe 2013"
    "Many of our more patient participants will be happy to hear that a completely redesigned taming system will be developed in 2013."
    1 year later
    -Fall 2014 Taming re-introduced + Stables Auctioned.
    6 months later
    -Feb. 2015 "some emotes and buffs added"
    -nothing ever happened


    Fishing System :
    -2008 Trigger Targa Blade looted the 1st Fishing Rod
    4 years later
    -2012 Timkrans Jr. said "Fishing system ready and it will be diffrent then anything else"
    1 year later
    -2013 Timkrans Jr. said "Fishing system only exists on more ETA"

    2 years later
    -nothing ever happened

    Beverage - Food System :
    -Beverages / Food are in the texture folders since the year 2001. The bartenders always told us that they expect a shipment soon.
    14 years later
    -2015 no beverages
    -nothing ever happened
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    Marco mentioned, if bev's were introduced they would be a sort of buff rather than something someone has to do to feed their avatar. I think it might have been in the Entropian? I rather like the idea that they could introduce beverages that can only be bought at the belk bar and give some sorta buff. Additionally make them untradable and some control over the supply. Would mean lots of people have to go the bar and it becomes populated like a pub should be.

    Ah well I can dream
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  15. I’d rather see alcoholic beverages affect avatars in random, entertaining ways.

    For example after a couple of drinks you might suddenly start singing and do a silly dance.

    Another couple of beers you fire your gun in the air and chat becomes slightly distorted from what you typed and more and more incoherent the more you drink.

    Carry on boozing and you start insulting other drinkers, pick fights and throw chairs around.

    Final stage could be involuntarily giving peds or items to complete strangers then collapse and wake up sober at the revive terminal.
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  16. With the new camera system, there is no need for alcoholic beverages anymore. x'D
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  17. Wistrel

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    Will remain drunk until they fix it

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  18. 16 years since the so called "1st stage of taming". 16 years of lies, people still dumping their money into Entropia, hoping for a return. :D

    CLD, gardening and political system anyone ? x'D
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