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  1. little disclaimer at the start, i basically copy and pasted it from my main guide, see here
    which makes it easier for me to update it, hence it as also the outline and shape of it, for example that my sub headlines start with "x.x" figure
    i kept those to help a bit with orientation, although they won't follow the guide of course, as they are supposed to change accordingly in the guide as i add new stuff, so from the ones i post they likely start all with 1.1 or so :D

    i will try to keep it updated as things go along as well, can't promise it though

    1.1Turning around and camera angles

    The first thing many newcomers notice is a little troublesome movement.
    In this part I will explain the movement and related things, based on a qwerty keyboard mostly though, so you may use other keys, press G to see your keyboard map and hover the mouse over the keys to see the actions assigned to them in case you can’t find the keys I describe here.

    First of all: to turn around you can press space bar to get to aim mode, if it is disabled, you can enable it in the option menu, press O for the menu.
    Once in aim mode, you can move your mouse to look around.
    Alternatively, you can hold the right mouse button pressed and move your mouse, which will allow you to look and turn around as well.

    When you log in you are in “walk mode”. The movement keys are “W”, “A”, “S”, “D” and will move you forward, to the sides or backwards. When you press “R” for “Auto-Move”, you will be moving forward without the need to hold a key.
    Alternatively, you can use your mouse, a double click on the ground will make your avatar move to the position, and a double click on the sky will have the same effect as “Auto Move” in the clicked direction.
    In case you are mainly using the mouse to move, you may be interested in changing to “Navigate with single click” in the option menu.

    A combination of aim mode moving forward with your mouse you can activate when you press the right and the left mouse button. I suggest you first press the right and then the left mouse button though, will prevent you from using your tool/weapon accidentally.
    Once both keys are pressed at the same time, you will start moving forward and can change your direction by moving your mouse. To stay in this mode, you just have to keep the left mouse button pressed, not both at the same time; the right mouse button alone however doesn’t work.

    To toggle to run mode, press “Q”. The same keys will apply, but will make you run instead of walk now, except moving backwards, which stays walking.
    One of the easiest methods to get where you want to go is to look into the direction and press R for auto run or double click on the sky in the direction you want to go to.

    You can zoom in and out with your mouse wheel.
    By holding the middle mouse button you can also look around in first person view and change your camera angle in third person view.
    When you click the middle mouse button in third person view, it will centre the view behind or in front of you again.

    1.2The (hot-) keys and useful actions

    These are the most useful hotkeys in my opinion. Of course you can change the keys. There also was already a version update which changed several, so some may not work anymore, but used to do in the past.

    w”for moving forward
    q” to toggle walk/run mode
    s” for walking back
    d” sidestep right
    a” sidestep left
    r” auto walk/run
    t” you can teleport to the next revival terminal (if you aren’t dead you have to wait 60s)
    e” jump
    h” help window
    i” opens the inventory
    j” for Friends List
    k” for avatar information
    o” for option menu
    h” keyboard map
    g” mouse help
    f” the hall of fame
    p” your position is written in the all chat (just you can read it)
    u” the Mindark time and your session time is written in the all chat (just you can read it)
    y” or “z” (depends on your keyboard)
    opens the action library. Everything you can do is in there (private trade, dance etc.) “m” for map, when you move the mouse cursor over it you see its coordinates
    l” for edit panel, to change your keys
    g” opens the keyboard map, needed for changes too
    space” for switching between aim and cursor mode
    The F-keys switch between the key sets
    Return-Enter” is used for the chat. The writing display will roll out of the chat window and you can type.

    Keeping right mouse button pressed and moving your mouse will work like a temporary aim mode.

    Useful actions I want to mention here are
    “Unequip tool”, which will holster your weapon/tool, so you won’t shoot accidentally.

    “Toggle Auto-Use Tool”, which will use the tool/weapon again automatically once it is reloaded.

    [FONT=&quot] This comes in handy when you need to do the same action over and over, for example you want to extract a bigger claim, or you know you will have to shot a lot of times at the mob, or while using the sweating tool.[/FONT]
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    May I just extend a word of thanks to you, Alice, for taking the time and effort to post here. Your input has always been a goldmine for new and veteran players alike, and I'm very happy to see the information available on this forum.
  3. updated this for with the new options to move

    well i hope at least i did, i never used that click to move in the past, so i had to test around a bit, maybe didnt find everything :D
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    Thanks Alice. Feel free to merge whatever is in our tutorial but not yours, and we can then substitute ours with yours (if you want).
  5. except the chat commands i have it i think but those i have in another part of my main guide, about the chat window and hud

    that is a bit more complicated to post though :D
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