Crafting and blueprints. Do's and Don'ts

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  1. Since the tech papoo is temporarily out of order, it might be a good time to clear some things up before new players start crafting on the island. Blueprints and their markup is a very tricky subject, since it's very easy for people to get scammed.

    First of all, to craft anything we need to have the relevant blueprint, and the book it goes in. Each blueprint will tell you in it's info screen what book it needs.

    Blueprints are broadly split into two categories. UL and L.

    UL blueprints start at 0.01 Ped, and go up to 1 ped each. The TT cost of a blueprint corresponds to its quality rating. So a blueprint that costs 7 pec has a quality rating of 7/100 and so on. Quality rating goes up as the blueprint is used, needing a few K clicks to go from 1 to 100 - and that usually means a significant cost.
    Since the quality rating of a blueprint has an immediate influence on your success rate, markup goes up the higher the quality rating (and TT value). In UL blueprints, markup is of the +?? ped type.

    View attachment 715 View attachment 718
    Simple I blueprint at 56% quality rating, TT value of 56 pec and (L) Bodyguard feet blueprint, 58 tries left, TT value 58 pec

    Limited Blueprints work differently. The TT value denotes how many uses (clicks) are left in the blueprint before it "breaks" and is unusable. Markup on L blueprints, like markup on all (L) items is of the % type.

    With this in mind, simply checking the blueprints markup is not enough to determine the actual price. Always ask someone in your soc, or a friend with more knowledge in crafting before buying a blueprint, most of the times what seems like a huge bargain is simply a way to lose money.

    Things to keep in mind:

    :read: Blueprints, like weapons and tools are broadly spread into two categories. Sib and Non-Sib. Crafting with Sib blueprints before you are close to maxing, let alone before Sib them is a very bad idea, because your success rate will be minimal.

    :read: Your skill level in combination with the blueprint's quality rating give you the success rate in crafting the item you want. You can view the success rate bar in the blueprint's info screen. Needless to say the fuller the bar, the bigger your success chances.

    View attachment 716 View attachment 717
    Notice how the success bar lowers as we move the slider to the right

    :read: When you operate the crafting machine and select the blueprint, you'll see a screen with the ingredients you need for each click, the window where you put in the said ingredients and another little screen to the right that gives you the materials left for crafting attempts. Under that there is the quantity-quality slider. you'll note that as you move it to the right towards quality, your success rate will lower significantly.
    When we are crafting (L) items, we want them to go out as full as possible. That can be done either by adding in residue (animal, enmatter or metal depending on the materials we are using), or by moving the slider to the right. Since that will lower our success chances, it's only advisable when the blueprint has a high quality rating, or we decide we want to gamble. If you prefer a more steady outcome, try to keep the success bar to the green.

    P.S. Even though it turned out way bigger than i expected, this is only meant to be a quick and not comprehensive guide into crafting, touching some subjects but not explaining them to full detail. Feel free to fill in other things you might feel are necessary to explain the art of crafting in EU, or ask any questions you might have.

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  2. i came to next island with out blue print books but i bought some blue prints from auction to name one cobuster bp so i went to the crafting terminal with no book to put it in their is a box at the crafting terminal operate it first get the menu up drag the bp into that little box at the top left hand corner you have to get it in the box with a perfect fit cover the box completely with the bp trust me it works the only reson for a book is to keep them in order to dave room why waste 1 ped for a book when you only have a few blueprints like combuster , maybe 1 armour bp and 1 gun bp makes sense

    whats your thoughts on this and try it out if you want

    look at the picture op gave us see the blue print i nthat little tiny box in the left top corner thats where you put it no need for books then drag youre stuff into the material box split or stacks up to you
  3. Nice tip Boost!

    Didn't know it could work this way, i'm sure you just made a lot of new players happy :)
  4. they've disabled bp books?!?!?! now they tell me!!! need to check
    edit: it works!!!!
    reedit:f*** it fits tehre but it still says bp needs to be in bp book
  5. I never had materials to craft my item so i couldent clik

    Its a good start tho i was close so do we need a book for the blueprints to work with my tip:cool:
  6. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Unless something has changed drastically you can't craft unless the bp is in the proper book, even if you can stick it on the interface, it won't do anything. At least that is how it has been for years as far as I know, will have to try it myself ofc if I can ever get support to help me log back in (moan bitch moan bitch etc)
  7. It's tried, tested and 100% not working Lee.

    You can get the blueprint in, see the success bar and the ingredients, also put them in on your leisure. But as you press the key, you get the "Blueprint needs to be in a book" message, in that hateful yellow color.
  8. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    ty Manny, I guess I can't log in because I did something the game didn't like, changed graphics settings while flying a vtol to see more detail. Instant ctd, and that is all I can get now ever since, right after the loading screen. Worried I have lost the vtol and no response yet from support :( (sorry for the off topic all, carry on, just have to play something else :)
  9. Tried starting up in safe mode? there's a checkbox under tools in the loader, hope it might help
  10. Good info Manny, I would put this particular quote in bold type, I learned to my cost when I'd been in game for only a week that unlike other items the mark-up on a blueprint does not necessarily reflect its actual market value.

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  11. Bolded and thank you.
  12. Graphics Settings

    Lee, that same kind of thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I changed the graphics settings while some kind of animation was happening ( I don't have a vehicle) and CTD. For an hour or so I could not login without CTD.

    I tried multiple combinations of low graphics quality and then safe mode , full screen and windowed and running the repair function from Tools>options in the client loader, and clearing the shader cache and finally I could login again.

    Not a step by step or a guarantee but worth a shot.

    Let us know if you find the sequence that works so you can be more helpful than I ;)
  13. Seems Lee's problem was after all a bugged ice Dagger as we found out HERE

    And now, let's :ontopic: - and that includes me :D
  14. Very nice explanation Manny, thanks for the excellent work
  15. Blueprints

    I found out the hard way, being a complete noob to NI and all of Entropia for that matter - buying blueprints right after you start out is completely pointless - because you don't have any MATS (materials) to make anything... so why exactly are you guys telling people how to buy blueprints and blueprint books without even mentioning anything about materials? :palm:

    I've only been playing this for a few weeks and I've already been "scammed" several times by people saying they're helping me out. I'm now getting so frustrated with the game I might not even bother playing it anymore, because I'm now at the point where I cannot do anything other than chase monkeys and boars around sweating them, or walking around all over for hours and hours looking for dung (I've only seen 1 dung the entire time, have yet to see ANY fruit or rocks)

    Just my 2 cents.
  16. red


    I'm not sure who suggested buying blueprints. the usual advice for new people is to avoid crafting. mostly, because, although it looks simple, is is actually one of the more difficult game activities.

    I've usually found most people to be quite helpful, even if a few might be a little misguided or inaccurate.

    certainly, chasing animals to gather sweat can be pretty boring, although some seem to like it. however, you can do anything you like. for example, you could take up hunting or mining to find materials and resources. remember though, the game is very much economics based, it takes a plan to be successful.

    of course, you can always treat it like any other subscription based game and used what would have been your subscription fee as your operating budget.
  17. I bought the books and the prints from Crystal Center because I (a) had the PED, and (b) they won't spoil and I'll want them eventually, being a compulsive tradeskiller in all games I play, and (c) I had mats that I saw could make some of the things...though I had the opportunity to sell the mats in bulk for a profit to a trader and now I will just save them for later while I dig up more. I think it was 30 PED or something for every book and print in Crystal Center? (Most books being 1 PED, a couple 5, there are 19 books sold there and the prints were almost all 1 pec.)

    BP questions:

    If there is the given limited set of books and prints at Crystal Center on NI, are there going to be any other Technician bots on NI who sell a different selection? Or are all NI Technician bots on the planet the same?

    If I see a blueprint sold on the NI Auctioneer and it's listed as being sold on Calypso, if I buy it, does it appear for me or would I have to go to the other planet to get it? The pdf guide I have found says there would be a "transport fee" but in this case, all the blueprints I was looking at (simple I conductor BP) were being sold on Calypso listings and had no transport fee listed. I don't know if the info about the Auction in the pdf is current necessarily. I could test this by finding some random item with a 1 PED buyout and see, but I figured I could ask beforehand...more eco that way ;)

    Minor question I won't face for a while, if you are killed in space, can your blueprint books be looted?
  18. Can't give you definitive answers on all of these, given that I'm a relative newcomer myself.

    I believe all technicians on NI sell the same items.

    Transport for items on the auction was a function of the interplanetary TP, which ended when Space was brought back, so that PDF is out of date and if you won an item on a Calypso auction you would have to go to Calypso to retreive it. To be honest, I'm not even sure you can still bid on items placed in auction on other planets.

    From what I've read only certain stackable items can be looted. I don't believe that blueprint books can be looted.
  19. thanks for the info!
  20. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I know you are interested in crafting or buying simple I conductors from another post you made.
    That blueprint is a component blueprint.
    When crafting you will sometimes get new prints from the same category you are crafting.


    Depending on your budget and playing style and goals etc....
    You could take the component print you got from the technician and craft with it for a while and you will be able to start adding your own blueprints to your books that way untill you get the one you are looking for. (the one you are looking for is common so shouldn't be too difficult)

    likely cheaper to just buy, but more fun and challenging to do it this way :P

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