Cyclops Heads dissapeared ???

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Lucky_A, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Maybe I'm crazy, but since yesterday ~20:00 MA time did not get any cyclop head in loot. More than 500 kills and not even one cyclop head and only 3 cacoxenite :what: ... usual loot for that number of kills was between 20-40 heads and cacoxenite ...

    Any1 else experiencing the same ??
  2. After the patch today ... 300+ kills ... ONE cyclop head looted :cry:

    It seems they changed the drop rate to "very rare" ... good news : they still drop :) ... bad news : new UL swords and Hoplite Arms will become a very rare & expensive sight under these circumstances ... :sick:
  3. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    I just confirmed with my team, and we haven't made any changes to the frequency of Cyclops Heads in the week's patch.
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  4. Thanks Meg, is good to know that you guys had no intent to modify their drop rate.

    But something DID happen ... started yesterday arround 20:00 MA time, no heads were dropping anymore. After todays patch I got only one, so they're still in loot. Additionally, ppl were complaining in local chat that you removed heads from loot - so I was not the only one not getting them.

    As you might see there are no more cyclop heads in AH and no new batches are listed ... if this was not your intent then maybe is worth looking into, cause it affects deeply crafting :(

    Yet, waiting for others to come forward ... I know Kitty posted here and on PCF that "some ingredients are not dropping anymore" (guess she reffered to cyclop heads) but I'd like to see if others face the same situation.
  5. yupyup I went through 6 archon swords worth of hunt and got no cyclopes or Minotaur heads
  6. It cannot be a plan to have Cyclops Heads set to "very rare", simply because it cannot be a plan to make Hoplite Armbands very rare and expensive. I am therefore not surprised by Meg's post.
  7. Many other things stopped looting or huge slowed as well from my bp. Probably they all looted now and in peoples storage.

    On the plus side NI been so busy lately ( yay ) that mindark should be able to raise max lootable of many things soon.

  8. You're saying there's a limit of items in loot based on number of players on that planet ??? :confused:
  9. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    Something definitely changed. From 15-20 Cyclops heads per 100 peds hunting, to like 0-1 drop in 100 peds hunting. Also Caxocenite is very rare now.

    Maybe this wasn't intended, but something IS different and it WILL affect the crafting of the new swords and Hoplite Armbands massively. I for one wouldn't sell Armbands cheap now.

    To some of the other points above... WanXiang's comment that the Heads can't be set to Very Rare because it will affect armbands crafting... well, it may not be set to Very Rare, but it is set to Double Secret Rare or something like that. Just like Selenite. And the Selenite problem has never been fixed making the Greaves a very rare and expensive item!

    Kitten has an interesting theory about the Heads being hoarded (+1 for creative thinking!!!) but I can't see that. Lystonium, er I mean Praetonium, is still dropping in like 50% of loots and everyone I know has hundreds of Praet in their storage. Same with other Cyclops and Minotaur parts, yet for some mysterious reason heads on both all of a sudden got Extremely Rare.

    I guess the owners of already-crafted Philosopher and Archon Swords as well as Hoplite Armbands and Greaves are lucky since these items will be very rarely crafted under the current drop rates. On the flip side, the people that paid big peds for the sword BP's may be just a tad annoyed. If Mino heads disappear (coupled with Purpurite staying very rare) I would think the price on Helmets would rise pretty quickly too.

    Perhaps MA saw all the whining on PC Forum about how the new swords will make all other melee obsolete and they made a "little" tweak to the loots.

    For now, Cyclops Heads are the new Dunkel.
  10. Praetonium is obviously an UL amount lootable just like eye oil lyst and normal oil ^.^ only some item have max lootable set is what I think
  11. I have been on the line with Ma a few times over the last 2 days addressing this possible issue. According to them, they have not touched the loot pool or the frequency of drop rate. I understand the player frustration, but they have shown me that players are looting them and the qty is set to auto replenish when it reaches a specific number. As of 12 noon EST today, there has been over 100 Cyclops heads looted since yesterday. I received the information straight from a MA Manager. So I can only thing that players are getting them and not telling anyone and hording them, or bad luck. And I hate to say the luck, I think its the other. I will still look into this issue as much as possible, and Meg and I will keep you posted.
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  12. Thanks for the quick reply as always. But I still surprised that they don't have any concern about the unlimited blueprint for unlimited SIB swords with such high eco. I hope there will not be any more unlimited blueprints for other unlimited SIB guns, that would change the economy of the whole universe tremendously

  13. omg best infos answer ever thank you and giant huggles sent * HUGGLES MMMPPPHHH *
  14. Appreciate your reply and the willingness to look into it, really do ;)

    MA did not lie to you. THE ISSUE is right there : " As of 12 noon EST today, there has been over 100 Cyclops heads looted since yesterday" - that I can believe, but what you're not aware of is the ammount of hunting going on right now in Greece - the cyclop grounds always have 5-6 active hunters, thus that number is basically ZERO.

    Then think about it even further ... Philosopher Sword BP : 17 Cyclop Heads / click, Archon Sword BP : 10 cyclop heads per click :rolleyes: .... so the entire one day worth of loot goes into 6-10 clicks, @25-33% real Chance of Success means 1-2 new swords created per day in an ideal situation, when one crafter can get all the 100 lotted that day :D

    So, in a sense, looking at that 100 figure, this IS the Dunkel of NI :laugh:
  15. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    Thank you for looking into this and I appreciate the feedback!

    Maybe I'm being obtuse, but I just don't get MA's response. So 100 heads have been looted in the last 24 hours and yet nothing has changed?? If only 100 have dropped in the last 24 hours that is only 4 per hour for all Cyclops hunters combined. Though the evidence is anecdotal, that is WAY lower than people were reporting before Tuesday.

    Is the Cyclops head loot pool so small that one or two crafters can horde them up and affect the drops that severely and that quickly? And if the answer to that question is yes, doesn't that raise some issues as to the viability of crafting NI and AG items? Is that why Cyclops heads, Minotaur heads, Selenite, Purpurite, Moldavite, etc. have all seemed to have dried up lately? Personally I can't see how an economy built on extreme scarcity of key items will work out very well.
  16. There is a life beyond Cyclops Heads :)
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  17. A picture is worth one thousand words ;)


    NI AH, April 18th, 19:40 MA
  18. LOL where is the name of this seller? Inquiring minds want to know :)
  19. Not aiming to flame any1 ... ppl can ask whatever price they wish - is not about that, but about how scarce this particular resource is atm and how many have passed through Auction (237 pcs in total), showing the resource threshold as related to CGO's post is VERY low and cannot contribute to a healthy economy considering the BPs requiring this particular item :cool:
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  20. I recommend adding a 8 hour repeatable "kill 100 cyclopes" mission that has a reward of a cyclops head ^.^
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