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Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Summer, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Summer

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    Buzz and me were on this mission for a few days now, going back and forth from cyclops to sharks, so we had enough ice daggers (took around 5k tt to kill 333 cyclops). So after many many hours we finished today and as it turned out you need to finish all 3 missions before you can claim the reward. :(

    I really love Greece and love the whole concept of it, but the mission is just to hard to do with the limited options. And without a fap it would be impossible for us to finish, would take us many many more hours. Not to mention we were killing the easiest of the 3 cyclops missions.

    Sure hope the reward is worth it and good luck to anyone who goes for it :)
  2. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    Saw you guys glowing and hoffing on the sharks. I bet you would have traded a hof for even a small fap in Greece.
  3. Damn, sucks to hear that there is no reward for 1 of the missions... I am also in AC now and planned to start killing the Cyclopses too, hoping for a nice reward (fap or armour would be nice :)).

    So far I have found the Brontes and Steropes cyclopses, but I havent seen any Arges Cyclops yet. Would you mind telling me where I can find those ?
  4. red


    I'm not having too much trouble wandering about, but if it takes 5K ped to kill 333 silly cyclopses I think I may pass.

    not to mention, I can't find any of the specified types.
  5. Summer

    Summer Colorer & Texturer

    We had the herb box borrowed from EMW, without it it would take twice as long or even more :S

    I think they are SE from the Brontes ones.
  6. Havent found any of the mission cyclops. Some coords maybe? Please :)

  7. red


    I know some of them like to hang around troy. the steropes type. (I keep wanting to say "stereo cyclops" hahaha).
  8. Thx Red. Will check it out once I get home.

  9. Summer

    Summer Colorer & Texturer

    Brontes are at Mt. Olympus Basecamp tp. Don't have cords for the other two since we only worked on the brontes ones.
  10. Herb Box is a TT item... is it a tiered Herb Box you borrowed?

    Do enhancers work in Ancient Greece?!? :confused:
  11. This was before they where in the TT. Not sure about the enhancers working, :)
  12. Ancient Greece: Enhancers definitely work with ice daggers. So they should work with herb boxes as well.
  13. red


    enhancers work? technology at it's best.
  14. Summer

    Summer Colorer & Texturer

    There was no Herb Box in the TT when we were doing the mission. Ya, it was tiered and enhancers do work.
  15. I tried the cyclops mission. I did 15 of them and only got loot from 7 of them. Cost me 14 ped in weapon and fap decay using tt weapons, and 13 ped when using the ice daggers. Average loot was 5.50 ped. I think I will wait for better weapons before trying them again.
  16. ok im in Greece my first time and i took on the Steropes Cycolps mission for 333 to kill but i cant find any.
    abesides with only the tt axe and teh falatca sword i have nothing else.. so where is the ones i can kill if there are any or should i abandin the mission
  17. You went for the Stereops one..? they are awfully tough and no where near a tp (unless your after Meat Eaters) good luck on those. Brontes are the easiest (Port Olympus Basecamp TP, Arges just East of the TP (a fair distance) and Stereops are the the harest ones (but they do global often) they are W quite a fair distance from Mount Olympus Basecamp, my advice start with brontes 333 to kill , then 333 Arges, then 333 Stereops then mission is complete (no one has completed yet) im on 150 Brontes (tt sword takes 12 mins to kill a mob - cost is 14ped) on 33 Arges (tt sword takes 15 mins to kill - cost on Slow and Defender is 18 ped) and on 2 Stereops (both globals - takes 25 mins (if you dont die) and cost is about 26 ped - 3 Herb Faps and 3 tt swords)

    good luck out there
  18. [
    I feared that we would have to kill 1000 to get the reward, same as papoo. Still have 80-90 Brontes to go, before finding that out for myself.

    Hope they change Fyodor's script. If I remember right, it implies that killing a 1000 beasts to get one measly attrubute point is a really good deal compared to other planets. No it isn't. It sucks. On the Caly missions , you get an attribute for the first 100 kills, and by the time you've done the whole cycle you 've got 5 attribute points (on most) plus a big skill bonus (like 30-100 PEd TT)

    jay :)
  19. I am actually supervised ppl are still trying to do this mission. I wont even attempt it with the way its set up. Much less go back and have to pay to put my implant and mask back on.
  20. if you go to Entropedia and search out the creatures for "next island - ancient greece" and pick the one you're after, I think most types have at least one map reference.
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