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    If you have been on EntropiaPlanets before, you might know Kris, who is responsible for most of the content being churned out on Planet Cyrene. In his infinite awesomeness, Kris once again volunteered to exclusively share some more information about the upcoming Cyrene Planet Partner update with everyone.

    Kris, take it away!

    Kris | Cyrene:

    Hey guys!

    Back again to talk about what's coming in the next Partner VU for Planet Cyrene. We'll jump right in with the newest Dynamic Upgrades. There has been some major movement by the Imperium, in a mad dash for resources they have employed a powerful space laser to destroy entire mountains and sent out robots to harvest what's left of them. This orbital strike had two unintended effects for the Imperium though; they have unleashed a new creature on Cyrene, and the residual effects from the orbital strike have made the mining robots go rogue!


    The new creatures that have been unlocked are the Vlanwing, a large, bat-like creature that once lived in the depths of Cyrene and are now terrorizing the craters that have disturbed their home. The other is the Protocore, these are the mining robots the Imperium sent out, they are equipped for more than just mining (rockets shoot out of their heads for example).



    The craters have some roughshod bases set up by the Turrelions, who have stepped in to solve the Imperiums problem (for a small fee of course). There are a couple new missions and new teleporters to discover. These craters are dense with Cyrene ores and enmatters and should make good mining spots, and with the new creatures should make good hunting spots as well.


    The 0x101 Supply Depot is also getting something special, statues. Since the time Cyrene has launched there have been some pretty outstanding players who have helped shape Cyrene into what it is today, and we'd like to show our appreciation. The players who have earned statues have done so with dedication to their type of play, or with information, or with being an all around great person to every player they meet. It looks like there could even be room for more statues there....


    There are some other Dynamic Upgrades, but we'll let those go for now and talk about two big upcoming changes; the Hub and Imperium Key Cubes.The Hub is undergoing several changes, all of the trade terminal weapons have been re-balanced. This was done to make them "feel" different from each other, which we had wanted originally, and the other was to keep them more in line with the token weapons available. The Trade Terminal F.A.P. has also been rebalanced to correct an unintended exploit. The overall speed buff in Arenas and the Proving Grounds has been reduced by 20% (from 55% to 35% run speed increase) this has been done to have smoother over all game play in the Hub areas. The Proving Grounds have been improved a bit as well, you will now get healed to full health when you enter the Proving Grounds, and there are also many more spawn points just to help alleviate any possible camping. The Proving Grounds also now has its own Reward Token (Lime Green) which is the new token that will spawn in the token spawners and be awarded from kills.

    The entry fee for the Proving Grounds has been cut in half (from 10 sweat to 5 sweat) and now you're awarded 4 Reward Token (Lime Green) per kill. On top of all this, there are many cosmetic rewards from Reward Tokens that can be used in the Hub, and some that can be used outside the Hub.

    PG Bot.jpg

    The last major thing we'll touch on for this VU Preview is the Imperium Key Cube. Overall we're very happy with it, using low level items that can be used by any player but wanted by many different level players. The biggest problem we had was that it just took SO MUCH materials per click, so we've changed it. The overall reduction is 90%, or 1/10th of everything, Here's a breakdown:

    • Imperium Cube Component 1 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
      • 150 Crude Oil -> 15 Crude Oil
      • 150 Lysterium Stone -> 15 Lysterium Stone
    • Imperium Cube Component 2 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
      • 150 Zorn Star Ore -> 15 Zorn Star Ore
      • 150 Yellow Crystal -> 15 Yellow Crystal
    • Imperium Cube Component 3 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
      • 150 Zorn Star Ore -> 15 Zorn Star Ore
      • 150 Lysterium Stone -> 15 Lysterium Stone
    • Imperium Cube Component 4 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
      • 150 Yellow Crystal -> 15 Yellow Crystal
      • 150 Crude Oil -> 15 Crude Oil
    • Imperium Cube Component 5 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
      • 75 Zorn Star Ore -> 7 Zorn Star Ore
      • 75 Yellow Crystal -> 7 Yellow Crystal
      • 75 Lysterium Stone -> 8 Lysterium Stone
      • 75 Crude Oil -> 8 Crude Oil
    • Imperium Cube (5 PED -> 50 PEC)
      • Imperium Key Cube (5.25 PED -> 52 PEC)
      • 150 Imperium Token -> 15 Imperium Token
    This should make crafting the Imperium Key Cube much more manageable and let more clicks happen more frequently. The usage for the Imperium Key Cubes will also expand a bit, not only will they be used in the Stage 1 Epic Quest and the Summoner's Gambit mission in the Janus Arena, but it will also be used in some new combines and crafting coming this VU.

    There are other things coming this VU as well, new missions, new items, new areas, bug fixes and more! I hope this provided an insight of what's coming this Planet Cyrene VU and shows that we here at Planet Cyrene are working hard to bring you guys a good spot to call home in the Entropia Universe.



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  2. Will cube components which players got in storage or inventory before VU multiplied by 10?
  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Does "dynamic updates" actually also mean that existing content is potentially vanishing?

    If yes, does this apply only to environments or even to content like missions?
    If no, would this be a good idea to some extent?
  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Cyrene has always told us that they would be developing the planet according to the way we play, so I think it could mean that missions could vanish as well, and I think that might indeed be a good idea, IF the story behind it is a good one.

    Like the need to kill 100.000 of one creature, split up like the iron missions on Caly. Everybody can do them, but after 100.000 creatures the mission become inactive. Yes it would suck if it was the 100.001th mob that was needed for you to finish that mission, but that's life I guess ;)

    Maybe we can even hunt creatures to extinction? Hunt them a lot and numbers and maturities go down, hunt them a little and those numbers go up. I could even see storylines where we need to gather a certain amount of some special loot needed to recreate an extinct creature and bring it back to life (Jurassic Park anyone?). Which would have the players some control over it, do we want the creature back?
    Yes, we hunt for that special loot and turn it over to some npc.
    No, we don't hunt for that special loot or if we do loot it we TT it.

    I see a lot of dynamics possible there, which are all very interesting :)
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  5. The secret of the cubes got lifted in july of 2012 already... o_O

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  6. Kris - Cyrene

    Kris - Cyrene El Gato Blanco

    That is the idea. PED Value will remain the same, but total Imperium Key Cubes should be multiplied by 10.
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  7. Kris - Cyrene

    Kris - Cyrene El Gato Blanco

    In the case of this VU, not so much, but yes it definitely can.

    It's not limited to anything really, it could be missions, areas, teleporters, creature spawns or maturities, NPCs.
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  8. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I'm definitely a fan of how Cyrene has thought out it's concept for the planet, and I'm also a fan of how they are taking their time to make sure that what's already in place works before making massive changes.

    Thanks for sharing Kris. :thumbsup:
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  9. Yes but i was asking not about Imperium Key Cubes what is for me clear that it will be multiplied. I was asking about components.
  10. Kris - Cyrene

    Kris - Cyrene El Gato Blanco

    Hey TasiorEk,

    I misread your post, the Imperium Key Cube and it's crafted components (Imperium Cube 1-5) should all be multiplied.

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  11. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    I was wondering about that too. But that way it means if people enjoy hunting argonauts for example -> remove argonauts. And put everywhere the mob they don't enjoy hunting.
  12. Yes, several players enjoyed hunting Old Jacks and they removed the Old Jack spawn :biggrin:
  13. Did the mob had good loot? Then maybe MA took actions! From what I saw MA started to control to much .....I like dynamic loot not controled one....They killed the fun of playing EU with that!!!
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