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  1. It's good to hear something from NI again, I tried to ask if NI is still alive or just being abandoned once again on their FB fanpage. Surprisingly David post replied me, and the NI official website is back as well.
    未命名.png NI domain.jpg
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  2. RAZER

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    well, that's interesting for sure. Maybe we need to revive the forum too then :)

    The nextisland.com site still has EU stuff on it, so that's not David Post I guess

    And I must say David is getting old pretty fast.
  3. Wistrel

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    This smells awfully fishy somehow... don't get me wrong I'd love to see a NI comeback. That story and concept had some real original potential.

    But I feel that relationships maybe broke down between NI and MA and a stalemate ensued. Somehow I'm suspicious of that new website... didn't the domain dangle out of ownership? Has someone (BIG industries?) snapped up up?

    We need Detective McCormick on the case!!
  4. Wistrel

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    How did I miss this one? Reasonably nicely done

  5. San


  6. Hmmmm
  7. The official site is still the Entropia "Next Island" and has nothing to do with David Post.

    Who will sue whom now ? x'D Popcorn please !

    ni ownership.jpg


    This feels a bit like SEE and Planet Michael. "Yes, now that you ask, we are indeed working on it but it wont be in EU". Thats what SEEs manager of licensing (Mr. Eric J Leong) told me in late 2014. "Yes, now that you ask, Planet Michael is scheduled to be released in 2015."

    Anyway, the "original" David Post on Twitter stopped twittering in February 2014 :

    He started some crowdfunding company in 2012, that failed.
    He claims his twitter account got hacked in 2012 and 2013...its a mess and its all still there... jesus x'D....and then he left some...thing...in 2014...to never use that account again. Probably got hacked again. x'D

    That (the last garbage on twitter) was 1 month after NI turned into the Outpost of EU (Feb. 2014)

    ni post 2014 twitter.jpg

    Just saying... the photo from Yao-Te's post is indeed David Posts old FB photo (2014). David Post didnt post anything on FB since 2014 and is no longer working for "Nextpert News"...amazes me that he can still remember NI times and suddenly replies to some Entropian, claiming that it is gotta get revived...asap. x'D


    His EU avatar also has a FB site (last post 2011)

    Their fansite on FB with an user named "Next Island" claims it is "slowly reviving".
    Whatever that means...nothing, for now.

    ni revive.jpg

    next isalnd fb comment.jpg


    About nextisland.com :
    Except for the obvious stuff, there is nothing to SEE...

    Creation: 2007-12-09
    Updated: 2016-09-26
    Expiration: 2019-01-02

    Hoster : 1&1 SE (Montabaur) [Main part of United Internet]

    Registrant : Private via 1&1 USA


    Still owned by Peter & Co. ...probably having no idea about the plans of of "Mr. Post"...Peeeteerrrrrrrr ?! ;D

    NI without EU ? Will it be RCE ? Out of nowhere ? What about all the 3d models ? Will MA just rename their Outpost ? Or did David get hacked again ? xD Or is this just another troll attempt in the history of Entropia...by maybe David himself ? xD
    So many questions....

    I wont add this crap to my blog yet, as its just that. Crap.

    ni planet discovered 2010.jpg

    Smellls fishy ? David looking for quick dollaraeehhh investors soon ?

    I liked the time travel option of NI, but making a complete new MMO out of it with a mobile virtual world on top of it ? Good luck David, you will need it.
    Maybe you can get Neverdie on board again ? ;'D

    BIG Industries did sweating events (april 2016) and warp flights only afaik.
    No info about a purchase of the original nextisland.com.

    Anyway , thank god you are allowed to talk about other games here. ;D

    Want to know more ?
    David Post's latest (2015, 2016) photos and what and whom he visited can be found here :

    http://www.aftertimediaries.com/ anyone ?
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  8. RAZER

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    Let me reply on behalf of Peter & Co. (which is actually just Co. these days).

    "We have no clue" that's an official statement :)
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  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    That's really interesting. Because Mr Post did have a really awesome offer from some EU guys that happen to run NIs most important off-game resource (among other things) and some talks took place already but Mr Post obviously lost interest ;)

    The plan was to integrate it with EP. It's simply too expensive and too much work to run it separately. Maybe we can get it done soon :)

    Regarding NI, there are some specific issues that will make it hard for Mr Post to get out of it smoothly. But also a deadline is coming closer and closer. My guess is we'll see NI up for sale by MindArk at some point, not necessarily as NI though.
  10. dalewj

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  11. Eh, ahoy dalewj :)

    Link not working, any news about ATD, except for :
    -looking for investors
    -didnt find investors
    -looking for devs/designers for the world of ATD
    -dont just want to rush any kind of devs/designers into the world of ATD
  12. dalewj

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    ahoy captain

    videos from post Feb/Mar 2016

    so expecting a year between updates. maybe 4-6 months we will know more
  13. Wistrel

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    Thanks for all the info Mr McC top notch work as always. So all in all I smell an other enthusiastic rat. I spoke to Next Island too. They said something about some people being employed by NI but most are volunteers associated with BIG industries. So the way I see it BI just have their hearts set on running events and things on NI and there is little more or less to it than that.

    I don't think anyone has any official word from anyone else. It is all just players doing what players can do potentially with some misleading advice that it might go somewhere. Ultimately NI is still bankrupt and gone and there is no plans to change this.

    Players can organise events, run trips there, revive forums and post lists of working missions. They can't change or fix anything.

    Sad but I think this is the case. I'd love to be proved wrong but I don't think I will be... unless of course NI will be this Christmases big ticket sale
  14. Ya, without adding something, just auction off NI in its current state and promise the holy land.
    Then do nothing = epic win.

    Ofc some players will be angry but then MA will announce 2 more fruits for gardening and there goes your happy end. x'D
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  15. Oh yes, I have seen those video clips. One more EU/ION/AW clone slowly stepping forward.
    Devs probably witht he best intentions, as always...but in the end I dont see a reason anymore to try it out.
  16. Wistrel

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    Anyone spotted these in the client loader under credits... the interesting thing here is that they left out Cyrene but kept NI in...

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  17. Because of another forum user, who told me "Frank Campell" was with NI then...I was able to find an old company employee list, enjoy.

    ni empployees Frank Campbell.jpg

    Maybe any other familar names here ? :p
    Except for the obvious ones like Katlean, David, Mag, Nash.

    Viktor Antonov anyone "who art-directed and did concept design for the award-winning Half-Life 2, once CGO of NI.

    A lot of stuff got removed from google by now and even wayback machine got raped by the robots(.txt).
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  18. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    Oddly enough as NI relæaunches I have also returned to the game. Nice to see some of you here. :)
  19. Looking forward to seeing Planet Micheal integrated as a time era you tp to from Greece! :)
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