David Simmonds about Entropia (2015) - summary-

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 25, 2015.

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  2. If I hadn't stopped at 2:01 I would have fallen of my chair
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  3. David says, MindBank was "planned" since 2006. (Cashcard anyone ?)
    In the video he says that MA recieved the Banking License in 2007 already.
    Though, MindBank did not went live in 2009, because MA failed to secure the required fundings. (5 mio. EUR)
    But in the video he says "We decided and it would be prudent to postpone the banking license"

    and "Hopefully it (MindBank) wouldnt get too long to get it back up"
    (keeping in mind that nearly another 8 years have already passed since 2007. That can only be beaten by taming, which took em 10 years to reach "Stage 2", by even removing taming completely from the game for about 5 years)

    So did we get just another "its probably on its way, maybe soon" thing here ? You'll never know with MindArk, you'll never know.

    Im aware that the so called world crisis began around 2007, but "failing to secure funds & saying it would be prudent to postpone it" are 2 different things to me.

    Another quote from the video :
    "We are talking to different authorities around the world to actually bring our system to places for education and training and unemployment as well."

    At least "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" and "European Space Agency" did not happen in terms of "educational/training".
    NASA was a contest, which MindArk did not win. (2008)
    The ESA product never went live and only a test video about ESA got shown on youtube back then. (2009)

    Entropia as a platform about/for "Unemployment" ?
    Is he talking about the factories, where ubers can abuse noobs as virtual slaves ? Sweatshops ? One can only imagine into what direction we are heading...

    No other attempts of "education/training" ever hit the public again since 2009, but David says they are (still) talking to authorities around the world.

    Soon, I guess, soon...

    Im aware MA is a small company with investors presevering in the background,
    but they should finally focus on 1 instance 1st, make it become bugfree, maybe even complete something 1st, before heading out to new ventures that always end up half-ready or get canceled or even end up as an announcement of an announcement.

    Im just a small customer, who slowly got used to their "way of life", but that doesnt automatically mean I will stfu.
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  4. They probably are stuck between the need to constantly create new content and new features to give the players and the need to fix old problems. For the majority of players it's probably more important to have new exciting updates at regular intervals than fixing all minor bugs and issues. I also think they are a bit unsure of to make the best use of the EU system and what would create the most revenue for them. I would be interesting to see what MA could do if they double their player-base and revenue and used a big share of that increased revenue to increase their development team.
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  5. The goal of Mr. Moreau for 2013 was "to double the amount of participants". Just saying.

    Its really getting repetitive everytime the interviewers go like:
    "Oh, I never heard of Entropia, tell me about it" and the standard "RCE, CryEngine, MindBank, educational, training blahblah blah shows up.
    Since more then 5 years.

    MindArk does not want advertisements. They dont need it and they cant handle 1 mio concurrent users with their servers. Thats a fact.

    So why even start talking on a bitcoin conference, about MindBank, education and stuff ? Why go all big, when they arent ? When they dont even want to be big.
    Strange. Very strange.
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  6. Depends on what you consider to be minor bugs and issues. Also, sorry, but the evidence; at least going by people I've talked to in 4.5 months that I've played, is for the existing bugs to be fixed first and foremost. As it is there are too many double standards. In Mindark's ToU, it says we should report bugs and that our accounts risk being closed if we do not, especially if the bugs favour the player - yet there are many bugs that occur all the time that clearly benefit Mindark.
  7. If you ask people effected by many bugs I guess they want fixes, but in general I don't think that many players have a lot of problems with bugs. The only bugs I know about right now is graphic bugs, can't remember any others that at least effect me. So I don't know if we have that many bugs in the game? Not so many big bugs at leas.
  8. If you suddenly fly into 'an area that is unavailable' and the only way out of it is to use the T-key resulting in a damaged vehicle due to no fault of your own, this is a major bug that clearly benefits Mindark because you've wasted a lot of fuel plus the peds for repair costs.

    If your helping people in your soc to get their TPs by giving them a lift in your VTOL and you're suddenly logged out of the game only to find that both yourself and the passenger are back to where you started after reloging when you were just inches away from the TP, that is a major bug that again clearly benefits Mindark. Again you've wasted fuel that you've paid for, plus the added deficit of loosing soc members because they've understandably got pissed off at having wasted a lot of time. If it's a new player, they think it's something that you've done wrong, so your rep' goes out the window.

    There are many other similar bugs that also benefit Mindark. As far as I'm concerned their a bunch of frauds, and I welcome every video that McCormick puts up - pure genius ;)
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  9. Why to you people that hate MA so much even bother to stay? lol
  10. Dont you hate some things on planet earth as well ? Why do you even bother to stay on planet earth ? lol
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  11. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Who exactly hates MA here? Can you explain that, please? I read single posts of some folks during the last years with some bitterness in their heart. But most folks are here because they loved the game once or even still love it.

    Regarding bugs. Several bugs (like messed up clothes and armors, bugged apartments, bugged makeup, bugged auction, crafting and mining, disabled features etc.) were big enough for me to leave the game. If you didn't notice that there were really heavy bugs in the past - some for two years, some still in game - you must have been offline very often. It was nearly impossible to avoid major bugs during the last four or five years.
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  12. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Then there are us who haven't ran into any of these bugs..... Many times have I read about a
    I've been trying to leave earth since I got here..... I just haven't gotten all the BPs for the parts I need to fix my ship!! :tongue4:
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  13. Speaking for myself, because I see the potential in EU and realise that it could be the leading MMO/MMORPG if only MA would first fix the existing bugs and second stop the blatant double-standards tactics. When I joined back in Dec 14 I had almost a dream start having recruited ten soc members in the first three weeks even though I knew nobody in the game and I was also starting to network with other socs, well a bit anyway... But then things started going wrong - an almost constant string of RTD crashes when trying to get ppl their TPs; soc members that couldn't find me after returning from a nearby revive because either they couldn't see me or I couldn't see them even though we were right in front of each other and other annoying bugs that basically made them want to practically stop playing. If MA are trying to keep the existing player base, they're not going the right way about it.
  14. Because it hard to live in space, at least right now. :wink:

    It's just that each time I comes to this forum and read some post, it's like always a lot of MA bashing.... Things like accusing them for keeping bugs just because they earn money on the bugs.
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  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    MA bashing? Where? Who? When? Regarding to your knowledge of English language I am afraid you missunderstood a lot of what's posted here. Don't mislead me to call you a "stoopid noop"! That would end up as Airboy bashing ...
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  16. Yes, just because they earn money from the bugs, that's the whole point. At least you accept that particular fact.
  17. This thread is about a video that I cut together.

    Now lean back and think about this question for a while :
    Why do people use this forum to discuss bugs and blame MA on it ? Why ?

    MAybe because support cases are a joke ?
    MAybe because of the 250% inactivity of official MA accounts posting on forums ?
    MAybe because we have been very patient, waiting 5 years for Stage 2 of taming, still putting our trust and money into this game ?
    MAybe there is no other place to talk about your true feelings about MindArk and Entropia, because you would end up banned there ?

    Why always try to get rid of the people that also post negative things here ? Why even ask why they are still around ?
    Are we supposed to be all happy here ? Yes we are ! *lol*
    We do post positive things as well and it is not all our fault that we are beeing bitter about this game and the way MA was choosing.
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  18. Hate is such a strong word... but maybe it applies?...
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  19. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Hmmm let's see...... Nine letters for self inflicting.... Clues ..... "likes rough and hard anal", and "gargle it down bitch!" Ah yeah right. Masochist!! :coffee:
    Damn I like crosswords! :whistling: Just think.... You caught me on a good day! :sneaky:
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  20. small bugs is not really a problem, it s annoying , but today most people got good internet connection ... i played a bit last months, it's was not laggy , overall...lost my Heli only once in weeks, (before it was a few times each day).

    Now what i find dramatic is people that invest 5x (or more) the expected "jackpot" to get it, (and play like 18 hr/day+, everyday)
    other that craft "explosive projectiles" (they play with TT, basically, outside of economy).

    And tons of poors players on low level monsters...(that don't even loot big anymore... the big combibo/atrox/argo was motivating people, even if only 1 guy or team really enjoyed it).
    Now what? Kerberos ???!! (it's the most daily global, used to be Atrox!!) erm! erm! From 1k hp to 100 hp.

    the game has took a dramatic turn ... many items are not available on the market, prices are just incoherent...(140,150% for common (L) stuff, because everyone want to cover his bad returns)...small stack, even smaller stack on materials (to put artificial %, and screw the poors.)
    on the other hand, semi-rare stuff goes for tt+20 ... because anyway it s so rare someone buy something new ... eco is still ridiculously expensive.

    all cosmetic business looks pretty down...So where's the economy? where's the supply and demand ?
    From what i see some people loot/craft the daily demand alone .. (say some animal oil, or crafting, mining... some stuff sell ~5k ped per 24 hours, people extract/craft more than that on their own, for sure!)

    They keep advertising the game as a social platform, but anything is so expensive, opening a shop, or to put furniture in apartment ... need how much ?
    (owning a small shop, that may only cost the player, never profit...or owning a appart in desert building/city... it's hardly "investing" in the current state of the game)
    I see mostly (hardcore)gamers here, not people who want a virtual life, friends, for doing nothing and enjoying the view.

    I have no hate , but i follow the game for years, they made lot of effort to make it more friendly, more free skills, cheaper stuff, but globals have followed the same way ! cheaper and more cheap !!!
    First time this year i spend ~600$+ (since christmas) ... without any decent loot ! Peds are just disappearing,... didn't happened to me since ~2010 (when i started to play seriously, and with some cash)
    I play as i used to,for years, a few weeks each year,doing this and that, low-mid level... not a single Hof so far !! (i believe my best global was 160 PED, on 6500 PED+ deposited).

    I am scared to depo now,really, never happened before ! I don't know where the game is going, but that doesn't look good for casual player... between no-life, non-depositers, rich players and ubers.... wow! hard to find a place.
    And overall the game looks even more competitive, for even smaller reward (if you hit something, it s not even big anymore) .

    So a bank ? haha ! To me it s all gone the wrong way ! They try to keep top and base of pyramid, but what's in the middle ... erm ! for the first time i am thinking about quitting, selling my account on ebay, because ESI are overpriced (on purpose).
    Year is just starting, but it's a very sad year for me, worst since i joined, and what happen in game is sad..
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