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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Dani, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. I would like to meet a rep also as I cant afford a scanner
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  2. Re: December 2007 Entrants

    Darn! Me too skilled? My ego is sky high now!!! Well, I guess we should aim for a day like Saturday or Sunday to do that. I love your sad puss face, it's so cute! :)
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  3. Re: December 2007 Entrants

    i'm noob but what i need to do in this event??? lol

    edit: oh i have already all thoes things lol :D i wont yoin this time :(
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  4. Godthatfailed

    Godthatfailed Organizer

  5. This thread is just to hold any posts that were put into the official entrants or results threads - by mistake of course - I wouldn't suggest for a moment that anyone ignored my instructions LOL

    :p :p
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  6. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I only posted in answer to Sylc. :(

    Will Sylc's scan pics still be counted, seeing as they now appear in this thread?
  7. Re: December 2007 Entrants

    Hmm.. how can you see that there is no skill over 1000 points only from looking at the profession levels?
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  8. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

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  9. Well I am quite sure I had over 1000 points in Rifle skill before I hit level 10 in any profession, not to talk about Laser Weaponry Technology. I don't think that the chart mean that 1000 skill points is the same as level 10 in a profession (which profession btw?), as a profession depends on different skills. My guess is that the chart suggests that you are "qualified" in a certain skill when you have 1000 points of it, and "qualified" in a profession when you reached level 10. And it doesn't mean that 1000 skill points is equal to 10 levels in a profession.

    Was this understandable? :) I could be wrong, but it feels right to me lol

    If this is correct, it's not a problem though. The rules for the competition could be changed to that level 10 (or a bit less) in any profession is max to be able to compete.
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  10. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I was just basing this upon the discussion with the contest creator, at
    where it was stated, "anybody not 'qualified' will be allowed to enter."

    I'm a little surprised that all these details were not worked out already, as I thought that was the purpose of the test run contest in October?
    Hopefully Cantbe or Phunksta can clarify this, as the profession ranks are the only things shown in a scan window.
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  11. Yeah okay, maybe I should've questioned it earlier. But I hadn't thought about the validity or meaning of that chart back then. Began to think about it when it struck my mind that I had over 1000 skill points in both Rifle and LWT, probably also Anatomy, before I was level 10 in any profession.
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  12. Re: December 2007 Entrants

    Thank you bunches Burger for posting my pics! Awesome mentor!!!:D
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  13. Oops - slightly over zealous post moving - moved it back :)
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  14. I understood it as you wrote it Burger - although our test run wasn't terribly thorough (mainly cos I disappeared most of the month) it seemed that was the way forward
  15. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    I think it is better to change the rules to either < 1000 points in any skill or less than "Qualified" in any skill. This will solve any problems ;)

    It seems as both cannot exist at the same time, so... :)
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  16. That'd be better written "< 1000 points in all skills"? Otherwise it's a bit ambiguous.

  17. I am still confused. What does this rules mean? "No more than 999 skill points in your highest skill" or "All skills combined must not exceed a total of 1000 skill points" or something else? :confused:

    From a newcomer's perspective, the whole skill system is a bit of a mystery; still, after three weeks on Calypso. I think this rule need to be very clear, because I don't think I am the only newbie who (1) don't quite understand all the skills, ranks, professions, etc, and (2) therefore don't quite understand the entry critera to the competition. (at least I hope I am not the only one, for my sake ;) ).
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  18. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    That's exactly what I meant. And that is what we all mean. Good point there Eud. Sorry if I confused anyone.

    So to clear things up:

    1) The entrant must have less than 1000 points in any skill. (Sorry Erach, this seems better than "all") What does that mean? It means that when you press "K" to view the Avatar Information Panel, you mustn't see more than 999 points in any skill at any category in order to enter the competition.

    2) The other rule is that he/she must not be Qualified in any skill. That means that in the Avatar Information Panel, you mustn't see any rank say "Qualified" or better.

    The problem is that one of those rules must apply because they seem to conflict with each other.

    I hope that I could be of assistance. I attach a pic of a skill showing the points and rank I was talking about. This participant can qualify because he has less than 1000 points in this skill (which is his highest) and the rank is not "Qualified" or more than that. Just an example to help you out.

    PS. About ranks, this can help. Mind though that the rank and skills comparison probably doesn't work. Credits to Burger and Una for this. :)

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  19. Brilliant Phoenix - I've put a link to your post from the competition rules to help explain.

    I will try to be online after 20:00 game time for a few scanning sessions, if you can be online at these times and you requested a scan above please PM me, or meet me in PA
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  20. These two rules have the same meaning. When you hit 1000 points in a skill, you will be "Qualified" in that skill. This I haven't questioned. What I have been trying to explain is that you can not link the rank of a profession to the rank of a skill in any way. This is because a profession is affected by several skills, example:

    The profession "Laser Sniper (Hit)" is affected by the following skills (skill effect in paranthesis):

    Agility (3%)
    Aim (4%)
    Combat Reflexes (3%)
    Combat Sense (5%)
    Commando (3%)
    Marksmanship (8%)
    Rifle (39%)
    Weapons Handling (8%)
    Laser Weaponry Technology (14%)
    Coolness (4%)
    Courage (3%)
    Dexterity (3%)
    Perception (2%)
    Serendipity (1%)

    Look at this page on to see all professions and what skills they are affected by.

    So, to get back to the problem. The table on this page has caused a lot of confusion, it's obviously easy to misunderstand and think that if you are below the rank "Qualified" in any profession, you wont't be "Qualified" in any skill. However, as I mentioned earlier, the profession ranks cannot be linked with the skill ranks, simply because a profession is affected by more than one skill. I believe it is the layout of the table and the fact that the same rank names are used for both professions and skills that have caused confusion.

    So, being under level 10 (= Profession rank: "Qualified") in any profession does not mean that you do not have 1000 points (= Skill rank: "Qualified") in any skill.

    As we do want to scan the participants instead of letting them take a screenshot of their skills (because of the risk of cheating), I suggest that the competition rule "You must not have more than 1000 skill points in any category" should be replaced by "You must not be above level 10 in any profession" (or a lower level, because 10 is quite high...). This because we can not see if they have more than 1000 skill points by scanning them.

    I hope I have explained it better this time.
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