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  1. how do i know how much a deed will give you? (because some don't say)
    and if i do get money on the end day or end of the week

    when i click on ped flow center it says

    "you do not have any additional ped accounts"

    does that mean i need another bank card or will it say that because i haven't made any ped from my deed
    also ,please note i have made a few Deposits in the past and i have ped in my inventory.(ped card)
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  2. Ark Deeds will give landarea income. If there is a payout they will payout daily. Ark moon deeds play the same way. But the moon hasnt been properly developed, so they are not worth your effort. Calypso land Deeds have their own tab. Cld payout weekly.
    Compet Deeds were an utter fail so those do not payout. ( I hope someone didn't scam you into buying those) compet Deeds have their own tab, but if you buy them now you won't get the tab.
    A landarea also pays out in the landarea tab. Then you can have a tab for ticket sales, if you ever organise an event with tickets.
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  3. two questions?

    How will i know the roughly the daily payout (like on calypso deed you get to know the weekly pay out) on Arkadia deed because it doesn't say much on the description.

    everytime i click on ped flow center it says "you do not have any additional ped accounts" is it because i have only compet deeds and no other deeds meaning compet doesn't make money. no ped, no ped flow center.
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    There's participants keeping track of the payout on the forums, or wikis.

    And yes, compet deeds are useless. The game was stillborn, and had 1 single payout that was so low, it wasn't worth it. You can convert Compet deeds into Arkadia Moon deeds, though the moon isn't active yet.
  5. i think you can't do that anymore, as the trader NPC was removed some months ago already
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    Oh? I was under the impression it was a permanent swap option.

    In that case, I stand corrected.
  7. The moon is online...but alas, it is just another standard FarCry Setting, with several Calypso 3D models attached to it...nothing else.

    Rumor has it, it took 1 guy 4 hours to create it.

    So, here you have it, the "new moon", you were all waiting for...and put money into... x'D

    Not that I expected anything different by team Arkadia, after getting raped for so long...
  8. i just bought an arkadia underground deed (well one) when i click on "ped flow center" and i still get the message

    "you do not have any additional ped accounts"

    must i wait for a day or what?

    and where are the forums and wikis which show the payout? (can't find it)
  9. Yes, tomorrow you will find the payout.
    Ark Underground pays daily, as mentioned.
    On a CLD you have to wait til monday for payment.
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  10. One Ark deed will pay 1 to upto 4 pecs a day. Recently the payouts are good , due to a lot of underground smuggler mech events. Price of Ark deeds are rising, possibly also due to old players taking a break because of dislike for the new camera system and buying up deeds to get some income while they are gone.
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  11. does cld payout go up and down? like ark underground deeds?
    what's it's lowest and what's higherst payout from cld?
  12. Payout fluctuate, as payout is generated due to activity ingame.
    Less activity, less payout.
    More activity more payout.

    And about lowest and highest.
    If i'm not mistaken, payout on CLD was when they came out, like 5PED+ sometimes a week.
    As it seems to be around 3PED nowadays.
    Not sure on the 3PED, as I just click to drop it on the PEDcard on mondays. (I don't keep track)

    Payout is based on revenue that MA or PlanetPartners makes, as deed holder you get a certain % on that.
  13. on cld what does "projected ROI" mean?

    also what's the difference between cld and cld (x)?
  14. cld(x) are clds which were turned in to get a landplot. You could bid on landplots via reversed auction. the plots went for 12-20 clds. as a consequence the clds got turned into cld(x), which could no longer be used to claim landplots. cld(x) still payout ped

    here's a CLD roi tracker google doc to see all the weekly payments
  15. projected = estimated/guessed
    ROI = return of investment, either in years total, or percent annually
  16. wait i am confused if there is 0% projected ROI does that mean no payout?

    and does cld (x) get payout (are cld (x) worth buying or worth anything?)

    also is now a good time to buy cld?
  17. No

    First part, Yes
    Second part, That's up to you if it's worth.

    Also up to you.
    Initial selling price back then.
    1kPed, Payout around 5Ped/week

    Now selling about,
    2kPed, Payout around 3Ped/week

    Do the math, and make your own decision if you think it's worth it.
    If someone else think it's worth, then it's worth it to that person.
    Other people might say nah, not worth it.

    And ofc there is MA, if they decide to make items worthless, they can do it overnight.
    They did it before, and will do it again, only question is, when will they do it.

    And you exceeded your 2 questions limit. :)
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    When I checked the other day, market value for 1 CLD was about 1900-2000 PED (if I recall correctly). Weekly payout is about 5 PED on average. This means that if you keep your CLD for approximately 380-400 weeks, you will have made your money back. Additionally, at that stage, you might be able to sell the CLD for the same 1900-2000 PED, or even more than you purchased it for.

    Or, if revenue starts lowering, the time to recoup will increase, while the market price for the CLD could decrease.
  19. when your calypso land deed says it's total yearly revenue is 10357172.03 ped.

    i wonder how the hell did they work out that amount?
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