Entropia News: DeepToken-Website-Launched

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  1. DeepToken Website Launched

    The DeepToken website, www.DeepToken.io, is now online and will be announced to the general public on Thursday, March 15, 2018. In the meanwhile, finishing touches are being made to the website.

    The official DeepToken sale will begin on March 15, 2018, at 13:00 CET. Press releases and marketing efforts will commence several hours beforehand.

    MindArk is very excited about this new venture, and looks forward to the development possibilities for Entropia Universe and the IP Exchange (IPX) that will be facilitated by sales of DeepToken.

    For more information, please visit the DeepToken website.

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  2. aaaaand all sold, this can be closed now x'D
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well that was fast. How much money was made?
  4. He was kidding of course. (because those amateurs sent mails about sale being closed yesterday as a mistake xD)
  5. out of over 100 icos I participated in, this one would be at the bottom, obviously I will not support that given what I know about Mindark, what we all know generally (hint McCormick ;D) and what I actually see on their website itself / white paper / technicals.
    Can't look more scammy than that from an investor point of view (but said that a few times over pcf already)
    Gotta really be brave to support it, I'll focus on those projects that makes me feel comfortable and where green flags are there. (Right now in 3 ico this month)
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  6. i only participated in one single fuckedup ICO, and it was lesson enough until now, to not participate in any further ICOs, but the ones i could actually agree on. like hydrominer FROM AUSTRIA. :biggrin:

    fsck the rest...
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    And once again, MindArk is late to the roadshow:


    Considering that they consider Google Ads marketing (as that's pretty much all they did in the past, save a few yawn-inducing press releases), they either have to start marketing really fast, or hire someone whose perception of marketing reaches beyond just ads :p

    Also, this to me just indicates that the abundance of ICOs simply shows that everyone and their grandmother want in on the pie, and it's just another way to cheat people out of their hard-earned cash.
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I don't know much about marketing. I'm guessing when you say "ads" you literally mean just buying some google ad credit and supplying a bunch of banner ads?

    So I guess you mean anything that isn't that? So... posters? leaflets, flyers, promo videos, competitions?, interviews?, TV/cinema adverts?, clothing?, collectibles? Giveaways? I'm not really sure what would be effective at promoting Entropia.

  9. I got into PE through ‘word of mouth’ recommendation.

    Best way of marketing EU would be to
    make it a lot better and therefore ‘recommendable’.
  10. Well it keeps things interesting...that's all I can say...

    Isn't it a little crazy to try and raise 100million in 42days? Right now it's at 2300usd

    I skimmed the whitepaper....says they will use 10million USD to start a Mindark Bank

    I agree its bad timing with the recent news of google ads ban on ICO
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  11. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

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  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Yup. Buying google ads. I should have worded it a bit better, perhaps. It seems Google Alds is ALL MA does, marketing-wise.

    Things is, they do not seem very efficient with it. All of us saw the ads before, and all of us are already playing. In a previous job, some marketing person had a similar strategy, where thousands were poured into Google Ads every month, but there was actually very little to prove it was having an effect.

    Ads are meant to drive traffic to your page, where they enter the wide part of the funnel. The site then ought to be optimized to ensure drop-off between the different steps is as small as possible. on entropiauniverse.com, I'd consider the first step to get a visitor to identify themselves, by means of a very clear call-to-action. The "Join now" button seems to do that, but could be optimized (i.e. draw attention to it. Make it a green colour, for instance, or somehow animate it). Next step is probably getting them to download. Then to install. Then to create a character, follow a tutorial, and eventually hopefully make a deposit.

    I haven't bothered going through the whole process, but every step in the process adds an additional chance to drop off. I.e. I download, but never install. I install, but never go through character creation. I actually make it into the game, but log off within 10 minutes, never to return.

    Some of this drop-off can be reduced by setting up proper marketing campaigns to target anyone who started a step, but didn't make it to the next step. I.e. I sign up, but never download. 2 days later, I receive a mail reminding me that I signed up, and that the game is waiting for me, with a clear plan to get me to the next step. Same with downloading but not installing, etc.

    None of this is in place (to the best of my knowledge), and while the state of the union mentioned some success numbers, there's a lot of room to improve things. Simply throwing money at Google Ads and calling it marketing is just dumb.

    It should be a constant monitoring of the cycles mentioned above, and optimizing them, with A/B testing (80% of the visitors see a page presented one way, 20% see it a different way. You then compare which page version was more succesfull in achieving the goal you set out). It could be additional sales, non-gaming products (mugs, shirts, etc. like you mentioned), white papers, etc. etc.

    Them sponsoring or attending events is actually also what I'd call marketing, but somehow I have trouble figuring out what their goal for such events is.
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Some really good ideas there yes. Certainly setting up things that can try and encourage people to complete each of the stages. I have to admit, some consideration needs to be given to the best way to achieve. I think for an Entropia player who will stay, you are only ever going to get people with information, not flashing click here to install buttons. For me I read the Entire back catalog of the Gate before signing up.

    Linking people to the "Why every gamer needs an Entropia account" article was actually a good move in my view. Makes great "lunch time reading" then you go home and maybe install the game on friday night or something.

  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    So they've made about 2500 bucks on launch day. At this rate they would get ~100,000 with this campaign. Let's just hope most of the costs below are really completely relative, otherwise they might not get enough money to just pay their advisors which in the end would mean they have to be paid by EU player deposits... On the other hand, if advisors didn't advise that with 99% certainity this would fail they probably shouldn't be paid at all...

    • Marketing and PR - 25%
    • Business Development (B2B) - 5%
    • Legal and Regulatory - 5%
    • Token Offering Costs (Advisors and Enablers) - 10%
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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  15. well 100000 is alot more than they made with red quads, that were more expensive than privateers at that time, or statues that didn't deliver until now. maybe less than they made with stables, but hell of alot more than with compet. but ... who really cares? :biggrin:
  16. btw and the advisers would prolly love to advise, especially the arkadian ones because that's the elusive club i was voted in, but we were postponed for some time now and still are up to date ... know about things that are ready, but prolly never see them anyways. or not in my lifetime...oO(?)

    is my head stuck in that nasty oblivion forum or what the fuck is wrong with me?!? anyways, i got some good content for later, but ... i'm ... very patient ... veeeerry paaatieeeent ... only moving in mindarked timescale, over some decades and stuff... and giving a very tiny fuck until then.
    i depo and play a bit less tho, and i know EXACTLY who's fault this is. yes, FUCK YOU in case you read that. :puke:

  17. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Just in case, I was talking about these advisors mentioned on the deeptoken website:

    "Token Offering Costs (Advisors and Enablers) - 10%"

    In the 100 Million plan they'd get 10 Million if I understand correctly.

    However, dear MA, take my advise for free: it will fail, just drop it, the earlier the better, cut costs.
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  18. but mindark doesn't take any advice, especially not yours nor mine. and they couldn't care less, especially regarding costs, or our opinions...

  19. MindArk doesn’t care about its customers and their customers don’t care about MindArk.

    Perfect harmony.
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  20. Its almost "interesting" to read about this matter on the other forum right now. Believers and fanboys in tears. Angry.

    Epic Fail.

    Huge respect to MindArk, for having the guts, to initialize such a gigantic scam, after messing around for such a long time...brave company. ,-)
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
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