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  1. Here are some sizes of the different deposits, hmm Itto where is my cnd dome list?

    ( I )Minimal - 0.16-1.0
    ( II )Tiny - 0.6-1
    ( III )Very Poor - 1.0-2.0
    ( IV )Poor - 2.0-3.2
    ( V )Small - 2.0-4.5
    ( VI )Modest - 4.5-7.4
    ( VII )Average - 6.0-8.5
    ( VIII )Medium - 8.6-12
    ( IX )Ample - 12-24
    ( X )Considerable - 19.2-24
    ( XI )Sizable - 25-35
    ( XII )Large - 36-50
    ( XIII )Abundant - 50-74
    ( XIV )Great - 73-124
    ( XV )Substantial - 125-204
    ( XVI )Significant - 201-297
    ( XVII )Plentiful - 303-449
    ( XVIII )Huge - 455-608
    ( XIX )Extremely Large - 675-794
    ( XX )Massive - 814-1021
    ( XXI )Vast - 1320-2442
    ( XXII )Enormous - 2978-4862
    ( XXIII )Rich - 5797-16723
    ( XXIV )Gigantic - 32105-93072
    ( XXV )Mammoth -100k? - 152k?
    ( XXVI? )Immense -

    Copyed from Entropia pioneers (Sirius 2006) with some small adjustments
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  2. Burgerman

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  3. Ok problem is that i cant see it when accessing public and mining.
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  4. You have to set the message age to "beginning" to see the post .
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  5. Bunny

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    Taking Orders

    Are you taking orders Klod?? I will order one of those immense if you please. :hehe: hehehe
    Nice list. Thank you for posting it.
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  6. Burgerman

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    Hi Klod,
    Yes as Stratos says, if you go to Public, Mining, and at the bottom under Display Options you set it to display From The Beginning, then press Show Threads, it displays older posts there. I hope this helps, please let us know if it still won't display for you.
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  7. Ahh I found it, hmm guess I didnt notice that option:) Ty for help and hmm nope bunny cant help u with the immense, out looking for one of my own :) If I find out the secret on how to get one I will donate the location of a rich to u Bunny :)
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  8. Nice list, However i have never once got a Minimal... And since the Larges any1 can find is 100k peds and that every find is usualy 1/3rd bigger then the last its would end up being that the
    (XXV)From 45k Peds +
    (XXVI)From 60k Peds + And
    (XXVII)From 80k Peds +

    However this is going on what i have Learnt mining, And noticing that Each Level of find is usualy 1/3rd Bigger then the Previous one.
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  9. If you find a single Growth Molecule, the deposit size is !! (very Poor) and I think they have a value of 0.36 PED so Very Poor should at least be 0.36-0.99. Minimals have not been in game for a while. For a long time there also weren't any Very Poor finds for ore but with the introduction of amps I have been finding quite a few of them.
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  11. Can u sticky this One Admin? since I use it often and well its good for miners in general to have a look at. Bah Im triyng to learn the numbers lol
  12. When I hit my substantial mining global I didn't know if it was even a small global. So was asking my mates then they told me that I missed my name lol doh but it could have been way higher as it was low end of substantial but who cares I found it with tt tools lol even if it did take me 1.5 hours to get :)

    thanks for the table
  13. Wow I forgot all about this table, I'll make a new guide page for such lists :)
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