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Discussion in 'Items' started by nutrageti, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Nice thing but really needs a restock. Seems some reseller bought all the optimus prime helmets and put them on calypso auction...It's ironic that if I want a NI item I need to go to caly...maybe different system should be in order? Like put the thing in tt but make it cost 40 ped instead of 20...
  2. the whole thing is BS really.....

    it started out that those helmets would drop off of wild boars, at an acceptable rate, and that you were able to buy the helm form a npc merchant, and the BP also....

    but that was full of bugs, the npc never worked, most players laughed at the cost of the clothing. the BP never existed. the only resolution to a probable contract default, was to place them in the AU.... but its at an inflated rate <NI's trying to squeeze some peds to pay fom some more expensive out of house dev, or to keep the lights on>...

    If I was Hasbro, or whoever owns the transformers name.... I would be pissed. <failed promo>

    I just get tired of NI's ped grabs.... all of the bp's they release are jokes, any item is worth 1 USD, but NI would charge 20, and be soo screwed up in getting it done, that 2 months later, you would not mind the fact you got screwed, you were just happy to have something...

    its gotta change... i have seen this planet destroy too many good players... EU is not like this... all of the other planets are far better in service, content, appeal, and quality.

    If you are a new player don't let NI get you down... switch planets, the other planets show respect for the game and players by providing playable content, in a proper atmosphere. Arkadia for example will have the developers talking with the players, they are seen and heard. if there is a problem it gets addressed and resolved. Find a good spot for you. you dont have to suffer to try to survive.......

    so when it comes to NI, and its problems..... just walk away.... its not worth your trouble.... sooner or later, it will take care of its self... MA has stated that "THERE IS NO BAIL OUT FOR PLANETS" once they go they go..... and there is a code of conduct for planets and their partners to abide by. NI fails

    It used to show promise, and used to be paradise..... now most are hoping its where Cyrene, or Toulan will sit.
  3. Liu


    wow !

    no matter i do agree or not with your post, i could somehow feel power and sincerity in your words. Sorry pal, hope things will get better with this update next month. It has to.
  4. Yes, I heard those helmets used to be found on boars. Me and my friends have been hunting so many of them.. and no helmet. And I don't know about anyone that recently got one. So my point is: did they just remove the helmet from boar item drop list so they could make more money selling them in the shop? I am wondering.. not stating it. But if is so then.. congrats to NI developers.
  5. Meg said that a limited number of these helmets would drop from boars (it was on October 4, 2011). It is therefore very highly probable that they don't drop anymore.
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