MindArk: DIBS payment issues - Statement by MindArk CEO David Simmonds

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    During the last two weeks, several players reported issues with the DIBS payment system. Money was being deducted from their accounts, but they did not get any PEDs deposited into their accounts.

    Today, MindArk CEO David Simmonds decided to give an update on this exclusively on EntropiaForum and PlanetCalypsoForum, and not bother with any of the other planetpartner forums. After all, why would you address the Entropia Universe community as a whole by means of a client loader message, or an RSS feed, if you can just stick to the forums owned by regular MindArk-HQ visitor Jason Peterson, and at the same time clearly make a statement against your Planet Partners that the only planet really important to MindArk is its own subsidiary Calypso?

    Obviously MindArk after 10 years still has not figured out how to properly convey a message to the community. Helpful as we are, we figured we would help distribute the news.

    A positive note is of course that at least information nowadays is forthcoming. The bad news is that it seems MA CEO David Simmonds is rather busy apologizing to the community as of late.

    Picture of Mr Simmonds by Michael Chuphoto

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  2. I think he's trying to be honest about the situation but is a bit betwixt and between with what seems to be a DIBS Administration problem.
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    I agree with that, Nexus :) It just would have been nice if the info had been made available to everyone, rather than just released on the two forums it was released on.
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    ...and maybe a bit sooner. Why not tell people they have to do it all by hand the day the Dibs problem was over and that it will take a while for people to get their money back.
  5. It's bad timing I agree. The more I read through the endless scroll - erm, list, the more it reminded me of an old record that had a bad groove on it. The needle kept jumping back and then went forwards again, then jumped back again before going forwards yet again Ad infinitum driving me nuts.
    That was aimed at the statement, not EP admin for posting it up... ;)
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