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    In the Fall of 2012 a Mothership was purchased under an assumed name by the well known Pirate EarnestJ.
    As a member of a well known society he started offering free flights until he and his crew shot down a friendly Mothership who was out hunting mobs at the time.

    This started a large multi-page outrage against (and some for) such behavior from a service ship with the assumed name egging on and trolling the discussion using it to promote his Ship.

    He then started trolling other Ships websites with pornographic spam while impersonating yet another Ships alliance name in an attempt to stir dissension amongst the owners.
    It wasn't until he did this that people started putting 2 and 2 together and tying IP addresses together to find out they were one and the same.

    It will be interesting to see how history looks back at this, a 10k+ usd investment used not for investment purposes, but for pvp and 'espionage' against his potentially high dollar passengers.

    How many people were really in on the secrets or were they were all being taken advantage of?
  2. Entropia still today, 11/28/2012 is using Massive Incorporated technology in game to potentially share information with some of their partners about you according to the privacy policy. However, Massive, which used to be owned by Microsoft went bankrupt in 2010!

    The 'follow this link' is not linked to anything in the the policy... but it's still listed in the policy anyways at this point in time.
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    ... before the VU on 6th November 2001 armor was only 1 piece covering the whole body?
  4. That
    Thats what the textfile says ^^
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    ..."joint ownership of some items" was on the roadmap in 2001?

    Original FAQ 2001:
    More: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/wiki/Original_project-entropia.com/faq
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    Well, at least we now know what MA means with soon, it's about 12 years :)
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  8. Says damage potential huge and stamina 854! But strength just 1.
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    well not sure how fast it is killed, but the speed of that thing is incredible couldn't even get my crosshatch to stay on it long enough to fire once, before it ate me.
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    I recall running into that thing, and it just looked at me and sent me to revival. If I remember correctly, it took a group of ubers in shadow and using mod faps and mod mercs a lot of effort to take it down.
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    ...there have been creatures in game that have only been seen once


  12. Looks a bit like a cross between an argo, a longu and something else... They might be in that underground world, if it exists ;)
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    yeah, seems MA has a habit of combining creatures ;)
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    ... there used to be a player created event called The Monomyth, which was much better then any planet ever came up with.

  15. No, I didn't know that. So what happened in this Monomyth event...
  16. RAZER

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  17. Sounds good to me. If these puzzle quests were regular I can see how you could accumulate items that way - shame it's stopped, would have liked to have tried a few...
  18. RAZER

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    It was one event done by Nirfu and a lot of people had a lot of fun
  19. Yea, I can see how doing it regularly could have been expensive unless the clues became so difficult that no one would find the locations.
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