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    ...there were at least 4 versions of the Gold Card:


    Not sure in what order they appeared and if there are more. So, if you know the order or have a different Gold Card let us know.

    I myself have the second one
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  2. Just discovered this old thread by chance after googling 'Entropia Universe 3d printed models', or something like that... I was just curious as to if this had been done at all and it seems it most certainly had been done going by a post by 'RAZER' further up this thread. Anyway, were these produced by MA or another player?
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    Best person to speak to about Entropia 3D printed Models is @Jamira Random aside. I have one my friend printed for me of the mysterious tower that used to be in game thanks to her historically finding a way of capturing the data.

    Re those gold cards @RAZER, the 1st and last are in the correct order, not sure about the middle 2 i.e. which came first. Suspect they need to be flipped... not sure
  4. Ok, thanks, might contact Jamira about that, but whoever 3d printed them must have found a way of taking screenshots of them without being attacked, unless they're based on original out-of-game CGI models.
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    I believe Jamira asked and was granted permission to use some ancient software that can grab everything from a scene, for the use of making 3D models for her own amusement.
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  6. Must have been some really advanced scene grabbing software if it could do that, with enhanced zoom and isolate options or something. Would love to know what it's called.
  7. Wistrel

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    No idea how it worked. I believe it needed an old XP machine and certain versions of direct X or something. So "advanced" might be a relative term. I don't know how much work the scene grab needed after either.

    Not re-read what is there but information possibly in this thread: Here's a picture of the 3D print I did of the tower http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/jamiras-archive-of-3d-grabs.21832/page-3#post-130730
  8. Like your 3d-print of the tower. Is that the one in that desert due north of Ashi? Looks similar. And thanks for the link info, which after reading some of it got me googling 'in-game stl extractors' and such. Seems there's quite a few in-game model extractors, never knew they even existed tbh.
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    If it is I have an expedition to do... but I doubt it. AFAIK the Pandora Tower (I remembered it was near Pandora) has been missing since CryTopia came out (vu10)

    better image http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/jamiras-archive-of-3d-grabs.21832/page-3#post-136575
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  11. Yeah it is a shame, if it was still there I'm sure I'd try to see if I could land on top of it. Also I got my TP areas mixed up by mistake; in one of the posts in that thread it mentions that it was north of Fort Pandora, not Ashi, so don't know why I said north of Ashi. I clicked on that link btw but seems it's broken or something...
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    Yup Pandora Tower, appropriate mystery name
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    I'm not often present here any longer. I am the one who grabbed and printed a lot of Entropia content during the past. I don't know others who did it in such an intensive way. I was a former player but cashed out in 2014. I kept my account for 3d grabbing and printing for a while. Once I asked MindArk officials for permission to grab ingame geometry for private purpose. I got it and printed a lot of 40 cm figures of other players during the next years. Parallel I printed some vehicles and made other experiments with such grabbed 3d-models (re-engineering in CAD or lately VR-shows).

    That was realised with a program called "3D Ripper DX". As Wistrel mentioned above, it dosn't work with modern systems.
    The last grabs were done years ago by a friend, who owned an old system. I doubt that it still works. But I can ask him if you are interested. Nowadays there is "NinjaRipper" wich is really lame compared to Ripper DX. And I have no experiance regarding Entropia with this software. My GoldCard gave up years ago and I've never logged in since than. I just tested NinjaRipper with TESO. But it is too bad and I stopped undertakings in this direction.

    The process for prepairing a grabbed model for a good 3d-print isn't that simple. You can download my description:


    Feel free to contact me via pm.
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  14. Thanks for the great info Jamira! Wish I'd known about 3DRipperDX years ago when I was playing SLife as it seems a very powerful bit of software. Shame it won't work on modern systems though, but what about say one's with Win 7 or even 8.1. I have two mini-tower pc's somewhere with those OS's on them. Thanks btw for showing your rendering of Narfi's AV, that's fairly amazing!
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    Pssst... @Jamira Fix a broken Gold Card Reader | EntropiaPlanets.com - Entropia Universe forum, news, wiki, media, tools

    Dead easy to fix, you just need the sort of little screwdrivers people use for glasses, sometimes you get them in crackers too.

    I probably need to do mine again... it's getting a little tempramental but not enough for me to be bothered to fix it yet.


    PS nice documentation! That was interesting to see
  16. Jamira

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    Well, all this is years ago. I can't remember when it became impossible to use it furthermore. But at one point I couldn't run it anymore. Try it with Win 7. Question is: will Entropia still run under Win 7? And there is a limitation in Ripper DX to DirectX 9.0. If I remember right this was the sentence of death. At the other hand you may try NinjaRipper (https://ninjaripper.com/). It is up to date. My experiance is, that it neither grabs poses nor ingame size of an avatar like Ripper DX did. Just the basic pose and the standard size of the model. And each part of the scene will be set to Zero in world coordinate system: all cars/horses, avatars, buildings, trees, landscape parts will end up at Zero. At least my experiance from grabs in TESO. It's probably different with other games like Entropia.
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    Hehe! Nice try. But it's not the reader but the card. We have two readers and both still work properly with sister Kristins Gold Card. It's mainly a mental problem of Jamira. She don't want to go back to this Universe. Everything is uninstalled since ages. No matter what happens to her GoldCard ;-)

    But thank you for the hint Wis.
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  19. I like the Pitbull capture and can appreciate the rendering and printing challenge it presented and that you certainly know what you're doing. Was the decision to individually print components to make it easier to paint them (if you wanted to paint them...), or is it because it's more difficult to print the whole model in one go?
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