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    I think IIRC all the individual parts around the wheels/suspension were actually designed by Jamira as the original in game model has no such complexity. In games you don't need to properly mount wheels unless they are excessively on display (like in the buggies/valks) so I think MA just glued them on with program code.

    I might one day pick up Jamira's work so far on it and try to turn it into a full RC vehicle but its wwaaaay waay down the priority list.
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  2. Would have thought that the wheels on the pitbull are just as visible as those on other wheeled vehs, and the 3d grab does include the wheels. My impression is that they're not added on, but I could be wrong.
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    look closer... "glued on with code" I tell you...


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    Hehe, that would be cool! Meanwhile I've learned a lot more about such undertakings. Most important part is: Don't print everything by yourself! Just the special parts you can't buy somewhere. To name one example: the power train. Lately my daughter made a wonderful present to me. A LEGO Caterpillar D11. This masterpiece includes several very small cardan joints:
    The diameter is less than 8 mm. Like a cigarette. You would need such elements for a RC-model of the Pitbull. And you would get in serious trouble to print them by yourself. But that was the moment when I remembered that old project and thought by myself: hey, with help from LEGO it could become a cool new project. Especially because of the LEGO steering via smartphone.
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  5. So wheels of the Pitbull are glued together with code, but Valkyrie wheels are not? All parts of vehs, blgs, etc in mmo's are 'glued together with code'. The 3d grab of the Pitbull still includes the wheels whether glued together or not.
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    The Valk... IIRC still wouldn't mechanically work if you printed it as is. Although I think it might be more subtle.

    Yes the 3D grab contained wheels but the manner in which they were attached was code only. You can clearly see in the picture that the axel is not centered. In addition there is nothing for the wheel to spin on and no suspension as Jamira has designed. Also Jamira split the wheel up into hub and tire so the wheel could be printed in a flexible material.

    @Jamira nice kit! I bet that took some time to build!! I hope lego do a better job at maintaining their app controlled stuff than some other toy companies have (e.g. Sphero and Hasbro with their starwars droids). Yes the universal joints in lego technic are probably easier to use than printing your own for sure. There's also knock off chinese lego which, while not as perfect as lego, is pretty reasonable for the reduced price. Bricklink might be helpful for finding specific parts too.
  7. Right, so if a 3D print was done from the 3D grab, then it wouldn't include the wheels as they physically don't exist as part of the .stl/obj, but only in code? I think I get it...
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    ...the 'richest' organisation to ever own something in Entropia Universe was the now bankrupt Wirecard?
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    I once grabbed most of the Entropia vehicles. http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/jamiras-archive-of-3d-grabs.21832/
    I reengineered the Imperium Spec Lancer from Cyrene and partly the Pitbull from Calypso: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/3d-print-at-low-costs-this-time-a-pitbull.21815/
    Additional I made some small models straight from the grabs: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/jamiras-eu-collectibles.21844/
    You may contact me for data if you are interested in.
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