Did you use Entropiaraider ? Then you are f*cked :)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Thanks to this guy (no, not the real taco) He collected all the data you are about to SEE ! NOT ME !

    MA got told about it in 2014. Even I was late reporting it. They claimed to be aware.

    More then 300 registered botters...well known names show up...
    300 botters.jpg

    Paul Phoenix is the creator of the Bot, which collected everything...from your forum login data to your ingame login data, email, mac adress, paypal etc.


    Also Involved are Josh and Pavel

    Again, the guy from the video made this possible, NOT ME !

    Now go and watch it. Worth the 50 minutes ! :D

    Go Banhammer xD
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  2. Guy already commented on the youtube video. And hes pissed. :)

    You dont have to be an asshole to 300+ users by leaking their...looOoooOoooool

    Only topped by :
    One cant even run a honest business here.

    raider pissed.jpg
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  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I ran into that Paul Phoenix guy on the web a while back, not sure what I was looking for.
  4. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Do a little search on Thunderbolt12@gmail.com (the email address used to register the site) gives you some interesting info.

    Brings up the name PAVEL HRBA which is of course a fake one, as it is a Czech football manager.
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  5. Always sad to see old timers like Rei and such using this..

    I remember the old.. CC? or RR? Like, a whole soc all using bots several years ago.

    Edit: I realize, seeing his nick in the list there doesn't necessarily mean he's a botter...
    But, yeah...
  6. Its in the video already :)
  7. raider old info.jpg
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  8. This guy is more hillarious then MindArk x'D

    paul x.jpg
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  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf





    That was some informative video you found there Mr McC! I learnt a lot from watching it. It is very good the way he only exposed enough information for MA to verify the users as they no doubt have mac address and such of users in their own records so they can use the information to take action against the appropriate accounts.

    Just to nit pick though, there are only 2 tables in the DB, the current software version and the one with user info, he opens all rows in the table and scrolls left to right fully (or so it appears - we can't actually see the edge of the screen because he is zoomed in) - Paul isn't logging usernames or passwords as the video maker claims or if he is, he isn't storing them in that DB.

    Additionally he makes it clear in his docs that the program contains a keyboard hook so encourages users to not run the program while entering sensitive info. From the screen shots and instructions in the docs it doesn't look like the program interacts with the inner workings of Entropia (just mouse and keyboard) so I doubt he'd be pulling this info from elsewhere.

    Yeh nitpicking I know. I admit it is possible the guy who made the video is holding back other info since he didn't actually show us 100% how he got the db password and ftp password.

    Anyhow all in all it makes no difference, bots are not allowed and this is clearly all rather underhand. People deserve to be caught.

    Finally, I was amused by the "MA try to work more" comment (yes please MA - that space delivery mission would be a good thing to work on... or space in general) although its a little unfair in this context since this was MLH and I don't think anyone could blame MA for not doing the same sort of analysis. They are developers not a security agency after all. Also in some countries it is illegal. For example I think in the UK we are only allowed to legally de-compile people's stuff if we wish to interface to it and there is no other way to achieve this.

    Thanks again for posting Mr McC - you are the best!

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  10. Well it was posted on PCF first and not sure of the full story but the video was made to burn Taco Tuesday. So not sure how much of it is real or not. And yes that was NOT Taco. Anyone who may not believe me can have the link to our TeamSpeak and ask Taco himself :)
  11. Of course it is not nice to burn a choosen player with such video.
    Knowing Taco can be a stupid a$$ ego as well, it is still not needed to do such actions. Agreed.

    Still, this video is not about Taco and people who care, already understood that. Case closed.

    The video is about 330+ cheaters and MA is already aware. Now lets wait and SEE...and wait even more...
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  12. I bet most of them got the standard "This is the 1st and last warning" message by MindArk.

    Case closed.
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  13. WTF did you say about me, you poor person? Wait...one sec, I have to fix my hair! God I look so hawt! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BRIE? Ok what were we doing?
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  14. So this is the thread I got the video from; sadly when I asked what was new; I forgot to ask what booby-traps would lay in my way. :S

    I'm known to stir the soup sometimes with posting stuff on PCF in the past that got deleted instantly (one time on MA request even).
    Ahh, I'm just a crazy old Bitch; never been good at politics.

    btw, you have to explain the brie one?

  15. If you would have made that video, you would have a place in my heart now. Now you dont.

  16. I just wanted to sound like an egocentric person yelling at a servant to bring me my fancy cheese :)
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  17. oops double post
  18. Grey Poop On Anyone?
  19. Real names and photos were already out there.

    If Mindark wanted to take legal actions, it would have already happend 5 years ago.
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