Did you use Entropiaraider ? Then you are f*cked :)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Oh, I missed it. "Video has been removed in OP due to Youtube TOS. "
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    If anyone has a backup of the vid, we'd be happy to host it here.
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  4. don't have that particular video but the blog that is on the Big Picture has a few youtube links to other videos of botting evidence, etc.

    Only real question we have right now is when the whole Taco impersonation happened, why didn't Mindark shut the raider thing down at that time?!?


    I know for a fact that there's at least one other bot program out there that Meculus/Blastoise asked me to partake in several years back... I declined as fast as possible... that was a 'chat spam bot' he claimed, but I suspect it did more than that. It very well could be the same thing that was just redesigned or something?... I know I've seen at least one other bot program advertised on various search engine reqults, etc. over the years... It's kind of sad that Mindark doesn't do something to stop this shit from happening.
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  5. @mastermesh
    You mean "Shaun Klein" aka. "Meculus Blastoise Yarlboro" aka. "BIG Industries" aka. official "Mindark Deeptoken Advisor" asked you to test a bot ?! Wut ?! @_@
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    AKA new owner of Next Island/owner of EntropiaLife
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  7. The NI-facebook troll back then claimed "they" are employees on behalf of David Post.
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  8. Yes indeed, he did. This was fairly early in his life in Entropia... Back then in the early days we were sometimes trading buddies to an extent. I really hung out with some of the wrong people in those days sometimes, lol.

    I thought of him as a close friend in game until that time and then the entire BIG things got him moving in other directions where I didn't hear from him anymore, etc. Still a nice guy likely, but yes, bots aren't exactly a good thing, and I'm really surprised Mindark doesn't ban bot users more than they historically have... especially since so much proof is out there for everyone to see.
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  9. His fairly early days...?


    His avatar got created in in 8/2008.

    Big Industries raffles running since 6/2012.
    (hunt on our LAs in order to global and you recieve a point)

    He is officially involved into Next Island since 2016.
    (employees on behalf of David Post)

    He is officially involved into Mindark since 2017.
    (DeepToken Advisor)

    And now we hear he used bots, trying to convince "trade friends" to use bots as well. Nice.
    Everything makes much more sense now. x'D
    This universe never fails to dissapoint.
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  10. looks like http://entropiaraider.com/ is still an active website?... hmm...

    Who is info shows it's registrar is enom.com

    Sent an abuse ticket to enom.com just now. Doubt they do anything, but you never know...
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  11. LOL at Enom response...

    It appears that you may have a legal concern with the registrant of a domain name registered with Enom.

    Enom adds no value as an intermediary in such cases, neither are we typically in a position to adequately investigate such claims and pass judgment on the relative merits involved.

    In cases such as this, we would advise you to contact state or federal authorities applicable to you with regards to your specific issue for further investigation or resolution.

    Enom regularly cooperates with law enforcement and if further assistance is required by law enforcement please have them contact us directly at legal@enom.com.


    10400 NE 4th Street
    Floor 5, Suite 121
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    Just leaving this here if anyone wants to contact their law enforcement and give them enom's info for contact...
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  12. Call 911 ! x'D
  13. Lol mastermesh, botting is agaisnt tos not agaisnt the law.
  14. Botting has been judged at court already.
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  15. Screenshot_20220112_181016.png
  16. Wistrel

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    So that's where these bots were coming from...

    Entropia Raider - YouTube

  17. https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...-private-spawning-parties.285066/post-3792538
    The following is NOT MindArk official position, it is merely my interpretation of old rules, and some logic, in an attempt to help:


    MindArk Live Support

    "Botting" is a difficult concept to grasp here. There are so many forms of "auto play" that botting has become a generic term for. Understand a few things though...

    1. Third party software is NOT permitted, per the ToU.
    2. Driver software that comes with your computer's connected devices that one may use to create macros is not considered third party software. I suspect this is a majority of "botting" we see today, thus the lack of platform reaction to it.
    3. Any actual third party software that does some kind of autoplaying is VERY difficult to PROVE use of. Some players in the past have been banned, when this proof was obtained.
    4. Staying out of player's instances does not encourage botting. I can watch an avatar running around clearly F spam auto hunting. Is it a macro? Is it a third party software? Is it a person watching a movie and not looking at the screen? Do they have a complex series of pulleys tapping his keyboard? I do not know, and thus, will likely do nothing unless an official position by the platform is issued. This has not happened, and the new camera system was designed with targeting of creatures clearly in mind.
    5. An official can and will step in if any of the above kind of behaviors actively interferes with another player's gameplay.

    Thank you.

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  18. Wistrel

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    Hmm... I think a trade chat repeater is hardly a capital offense... I'm fairly certain most traders at Twin were probably using something like that, simply to save the repetitive re pasting their advert into the chat - didn't really do any harm so long as they didn't set it to fire off too often and get spammy.

    Appreciate, as you say, that it may have done other things too though. Without knowing for sure, I don't think it's fair to speculate.
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