Donate towards Spin Rep Pitt?s legal fees

Discussion in 'Entropia Legal' started by EP-Newsbot, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Mabe Spin and the rest might first register here on forum first before pullin the legal fees stunt card. i though CK soc have no lack of cash? Why dont all the CK members donate instead?
  2. But have 50k $ stuck in a game :dunno:
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I would also be concerned about donating anything to someone I do not even know who is. I would say this should come directly from the people involved too.

    It has been warned a million times never to trust your account to anyone. I am afraid because of this, the case is meant to fail...
  4. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    There is not 1 victim in this scam, its spread out over more then 1 person. Even then what people do with their money is personal some like nicer house. new kitchen or holidays. Others rather have it in a game...

    Personal call.

    Its not Reps initiative, or any other that was scammed.

    I bow to you for beeing able to look into cKers bank accounts!
  5. From what i gathered (on the EF thread), the donations go thru squalls shop (Buy overprices PECs) and he kinda vouches for the donations... but then again, he appears to hand them over to EntropiaLaw, who is unwilling to share his ingame identity.

    It might set a precedent, so it is not only a donation for Rep and the other victims, but seriously - US$ 800 divided by 3 (4?) victims... even MY skills are worth far more...

    Rilorts alter ego didn't scam the skills, too - did he?
  6. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    There are a few suspicious chips that where sold. Large ammounts of commando.. Alot of mystery has not been solved yet..

    But unlikely that all his skills are gone as it would take a while to sell of those ammountss.
  7. Its a legit thing...

    This has already been confirmed on another forum.

    I decided to contribute 160ped instead of loosing 160ped - so today I will take just one less run or something.. I do that out of total respect for Spin Rep Pitt and the other people that has been scammed / cheated or what U want to call it.

    I also do it out of another reason, because this incident might help the community as a whole, standing together and support the ones that are in bad situations seems the right thing for me... I pity as well uber losses as well as newbies that lose items in trust scams, but this is one that might make a difference, so hence I decided to help where I can.

    I have absolutely no respect for people that say that they wouldnt do this because its not their business... The monetary situation in EU is everyone playing's business and the efffect this might have on our in game valueables might have great consequences.

    I just think everyone with the power to donate 10, 50, 100 or 500 ped should do so, there are stacks that can be bought for this.. And if you do not want to support the cause of making a statement to everyone - that these kinds of actions needs to be prosecute and will be prosecuted - then its - in the end - your own great loss...
  8. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Who is Entropia Law?

    Is he a new player that popped up 2 months ago with this grand idea?

    Or an old player not wanting people to know his real identity?

    Does he have a gold card?
    Is he part of this theft, and eking out a bit more from it?
    Is he just a good person wanting to help?
    Is he Sumah?
    Is he John Bates?
    Is he Akoz?
    Is he Kimmi?

    Does anyone know?
  9. Is it Penry, the mild-mannered janitor?

  10. Could be...
  11. The shop owner will be giving all donated PED directly to Rep.

    A big thank you to everyone who has already donated, I will be updating the list of donators on the website every day around midnight CET.
  12. Mmmm....interesting link for front page, if it aint there already. Good read tho. Many friends mentioned. Pls. I implore you to ask Spin, Joe Jeff, and the rest to come register and chat. Some are oll palls and miss you all.
  13. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    my tu'pence on some points raised...

    it was stated on EF that Rilort didnt have a GC. (or rather, bizzarely he did but never activated it)

    Agree with the point that only Rilort can actully sue the theif, unless Spin et al sue Rilort. I dont think you can sue someone by proxy in any jurisdiction. Hope they get this right otherwise its a wast of their $800.

    its fair comment that those with long standing avatars might not actually have spare cash despite valuable items. however, joe jeff running the shop probably does and others involved talk of withdrawing profits regularly. they dont know a half dozen people who would wire/paypal them $100 each?
  14. Pffft, Rep should persue Rilort and/or Sacklitch.

    Months before this scam occured Rilort bought out Sumah's ava. I was under the impression (as were others), that rilort also operated Sumah.

    Not to mention sumah would always be fapping Rilort at Muluk-Hir (Auto-Fapping?)

    There is just too much circumstantial evidence to assume Rilort is innocent.. even tho i would like to belive he is.

    I lost all my chat-logs from pre vu-10.. But if i showed you PM chat from both Rilort and Sumah.. you would swear its the same person !

    Oh and, I know your guys in cK allready suspect this, Tom.. so why not just say so?
  15. Cyco, you say its not initiated by Rep..

    Its funny how EntropiaLaw came about not so long afer this 50k was scammed.. I'm sure its operated by someone in cK? And even if it is, there is no problem with that, imo.
  16. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Collateral Damage

    That's kinda the point I was trying to make. Generally an appeal for funding like this happens when all other avenues have been exhausted. We're talking about people who burn as much on ammo in a week, if not faster - how can they not have the funds for something this important?

    No mention has been made of how much has, or will be, contributed by those involved. It would be an entirely different matter if they said "Guys, we need Xped, we only have Y, can you help us make up the shortfall". As it stands, it appears as though the entire thing is to be funded from donations.
  17. I would like to donate, just out of good-will.. But i refuse to, untill i actully know who you are.

    Rep also could easily sell 8kped worth of skills.. and not even notice they're gone. So its a bit strange why he even botherd letting you create this "fund".

    And more to the point, how many members are there in cK ? 70? thats like 110ped Each.. I just think its all a bit odd/ott that your asking the community for 8kped.

    Alot of people who donate, just because they are good people, and its human nature to want to help, probably actully do need that ped themselves.. and certainly do not have an ava worth as much as Reps.

    It kinda feels like your taking advantage of peopls good-will :dunno:
  18. :openmouth: I don't really understand what U are suggesting here? :headscratch:
  19. I dont understand, what do you not understand ? lol

    I'm not suggesting you are involved.. just saying that i know that some people in cK think that Rilort is involved.. and i figured you would know this too.. (being in the same soc and all.....)

    Perhaps guys in cK dont communicate too much with cK S? I dunno..

  20. This is not just a cK problem, its an Community problem...

    Besides - Im in cK Shadows, not because I don't have skills for cK but because I decided to be in cK Shadows.

    I decided to donate - as to support at stronger community.. And again, this has nada to do with the fact I respect Rep, I hardly know him, but I respect him for who he is. Reason I support up under this, is to try to state an example for any scam crimes like this...

    I can't see how U calculate this "8k / 70 cK and cK Shadows members".
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