Drivable Vehicles! :D

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by FendrelRowan, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. There should be drivable vehicles in Entropia Universe, that you can steer by yourself and everything! That would be fricken awesome! :D

    You could buy land vehicles and even space crafts!

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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    There are spaceship hangers owned by players, which so far have only allowed automated non-steering flights to Crystal Palace and to Club Neverdie.
    I certainly agree that EU would be more fun with real vehicles, or even ride-able pets which could be steered by the player.
    Personally, I think the Real Cash Economy which made EU look interesting to begin with, is now actually spoiling and holding back what could be a good game. Because items have potential real world value, it prevents MA from placing whimsical items ingame such as ride-able vehicles, broomsticks for Halloween, hang-gliders for when you jump off a high cliff, etc, etc.

    Oh, wait, those items COULD be whimsically placed ingame, as bind on pickup limited use items, which would add to the gameplay fun without disrupting the RCE. I guess it is MA that is holding back what could be a good game. :hehe:
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  3. Yeah, thats what I mean you know. Thanks Burgerman! :D
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  4. Certainly I reckon flying vehicles would probably be easier to implement, and as an alternative to TP'ing around would be a nice scenic addition to the game.
    Hang gliders and parachutes, together with all the big cliffs and towers around now wold just be a recipie for super-fun ;)
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  5. First post in ages here... Vehicles that you could drive and fly by yourself would be a really good idea, then you could really hit some of the mobs!:automatic: Knowing MA though, the the repair bills would be astronomical
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