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  1. Idea for a book that I’m not going to write and may already be written.

    In a dystopian future a nightmarish service offering deep within the Dark Web.

    You require someone to be terminated.

    At DroneDeath.com the procedure is as follows:

    1) anonymity guaranteed and you pay the contract fee by bitcoin via an untraceable gateway

    2) you are asked to upload recent photos of the target, personal details eg. height, weight, hair style & colour, distinguishing features or attire, gait video, their home and work addresses, itinerary and if possible raw dna data for difficult subjects.

    ‘Subject identified 97%’.

    ‘Are you sure that you fully understand the process?’

    ‘Once confirmed the process cannot be cancelled’.

    Press select ‘Confirm’ button otherwise ‘Cancel’.


    Then you wait. Usually 8 to 12 weeks but sometimes sooner.

    3) the drones used resemble flying insects and gently alight on an area of unprotected skin and quickly and quietly micro-inject a tiny quantity of Abrin.

    4) the coroner will typically attribute cause of death as heart failure or respiratory failure.

    Can’t wait to see the movie! :)
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  2. Hmm..I wasn’t going to add to this but this came to me whilst brushing my teeth. !?

    So book/movie would need a backstory.

    First idea, not very original...nerdy college student, let’s make it a female student brilliant at tech.

    She struggles with relationships due to lack of confidence and her peers make fun of her.

    But one day a good looking and popular guy asks her for a date.

    The date turned out to be a dare and the girl gets humiliated then secretly vowing vengeance on this boy.

    Hence first micro-drone created along with first target

    She feels a sense of power and fulfilment that she’d never felt before and fuelled by an increasing sense of social alienation channeled her resentments and dark fantasies into DroneDeath: the ultimate revenge.

    OK...a bit generic as storylines go; it’s all I got for Hollywood at least for the time being. :)
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