Earn an honest PED - Sweating, Rigging and Entropia Partners

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    Earn an honest PED - Sweating, Rigging and Entropia Partners

    In Entropia Universe 'making money' is an important aspect of the gameplay. Over the years MindArk has presented us with a number of different solutions to the pesky problem of increasing our PED balance. Initially there was the humble deposit, later came the rig, then sweating, then fruit, then stones and then other rigs (for example the beer keg). Later, Sometrics was mixed in there somewhere and now, thanks to the initiatives of a few dedicated Entropians, the new wave sweeping the universe is the Entropia Partners site, a crowd sourcing website geared to give you, the Entropian, yet another alternative way of earning an honest PED.

    But does it work? Is it a Scam? Is it "Slave Labour" and how does it compare to, for example an afternoon's hard sweating under a harsh Calypso sun or even risking life and limb in the burning oil fields? I decided to find out..

    front screen.png

    To begin with, registration was quick and easy. I used Facebook which had the additional benefit of being able to later sign in with a single click. This is important as Entropia Partners is a site that you'll want to visit regularly as offers come and go at different times. The only information I needed to enter was my full avatar name (for payouts) so I was quickly away.

    First off, I tried "the game". "The game" (its anything but a game) is something where you sit and listen to a Youtube video while an animation runs of a man slowly digging a hole. At the end of 60 seconds "the game" announces what you have "won" which in theory could be a ticket (just a ticket mind you, not a prize) to a daily or weekly PED lottery. What, in fact, you actually win, and believe me I never want to see another man dig a hole now for the rest of my life, is an assortment of various crap including anything from "a used sweet wrapper" to "the secret plans for world war 6"... No ped and no raffle tickets so, in short, don't bother.

    the game.png

    Next up was the video options. Watching videos on Entropia Partners will earn you a fixed rate of 4 PEC per video and, best of all, you only have to watch each video for 30 seconds or so before the claim button turns green and you get your payout... only it doesn't.

    I have to say my first experience was not a good one, as I was forced to listen to 11 minutes of a guy hammering 2 notes on a piano... the button never changed... I watched it and watched it, at 5 minutes my ears began to bleed, at 7 minutes my brain was screaming at my finger to click the close button and make it all stop, at 10 minutes my 1st floor window became incredibly attractive. The eleventh minute rolled by, I hadn't jumped but I hadn't been paid either. I still had zero ped and this was not looking good...

    Thankfully for the other 3 videos that remained I was only required to tolerate them for a short time and each paid me a handsome 4 PEC so at 12 PEC in total, my fortune was growing fast!

    Next up was surveys. For me in the UK (worth noting since, like Sometrics, offers are regional) there were only a small number of surveys at time of writing. One paid a whopping zero PED so I decided to give that one a miss and headed straight to the 2.70 PED one. After being asked about 8 rather personal questions including my email address (mailinator is your friend) I then moved onto a survey however a few short questions in I was told that I didn't meet the required criteria. "Never fear" thought I,"you can keep your exclusive survey, I'll do another one!". A few more personal questions later it turned out however I didn't meet the criteria for that one either. I tried another and... well to cut a long story short I'll leave it a mystery as to what happened next, suffice to say I still had 12 PEC at the end of my short survey-filling-in career.

    So, moving on we have the micro tasks. A kind of crowd sourcing if you will. Here there were lots of options so I tried a Search term feedback task. This was actually very simple. Click a link to open google, type in a search term (for some reason they'd made copy paste impossible) then write in the position in the hit list, copy the search blurb text, comment on its relevance and then enter a date from the the site it referenced. All straight forward and hey guess what? I got 4 PEC! Having reached my mid-teens here there was no stopping me! I tried the same task again... strangely once again it was all about Jeremy and the world transformation centre... easily enough completed and again, another 4 PEC... So what would happen a third time? Well actually not a lot, despite the main page claiming initially there were 104 of these particular tasks available THEN claiming 385... I was then politely thanked for all my hard work and told there were no more of those tasks for me to complete! But was I to be deterred? No, I was making money here and there would be no stopping me! Having double checked there would me no more site checking, I moved on to video annotation - personality type for a whopping 60 PEC a pop. Lets see what happened.

    For this particular task I was presented with 4 youtube vlog style videos, a minute long each but with cunningly hidden controls so that I couldn't fast forward. After watching each video I had to rate the person's mood, state their sex and comment on how short sighted they were. Pretty simple but would I get the PED? Well I watched the first video and answered the questions (someone going on about shoes) but the others... well I had the depressed guy, the is it a guy or a girl? guy and the cheery chap going on about Movember but no more questions... I also had a timer telling me I had less than half an hour to complete the task! At the bottom of the screen there was a submit button so, having no other option I clicked it and, what the heck? the same 4 videos... and only 15 mins left on the clock!

    The situation was getting desperate so I tried again this time with Movember Guy... it didn't work... I tried refreshing the page and... it kicked me back to the task page with no payout! the BASTARDS! Not to be deterred I did it again."Arrgh" only 12 mins left on the clock and the same bunch of Wachos to look at.... I tried Depressed Guy and still no questions after the video... I gave up.


    At this point I discovered I could do some more googling and this made up for the overwhelming feeling of loss having failed at the last task and with 24 PEC on the cards this was sure to be a winner. Another google this time paying 12 PEC and I was doing well. At 36 PEC I would be at my target in no time!

    Next I tried something that asked me a question about how to apply for jobs at various education sites. I quickly decided with 80 of 30 (yes 80 of 30...) minutes left to complete the task and 5 questions to answer it really wasn't worth it for a few PEC and moved on to a mega 1 PED offer for use of a tablet. Knowing my task would be over if I could pull this one off I had to give it a try.

    The task was straight forward, basically do some googling on my tablet. Simple enough I thought, until I I got the message, "you must use a mobile device"."WHAT?!" I yelled at no one in particular, "this IS a mobile device". I tried Opera, same message. I tried the crappy built in browser same deal but then, oh wait... what's this browser mode switch? A short play with settings later and I was cooking with little yellow boxes which, with less than 18 minutes left on the clock, really was just as well. I put my code in and announced in a clear voice "mobile casinos" (gotta love twenty first century technology). This time I was tasked to check if the search result no data available could be found within the first 10 pages of my mobile casino search. It couldn't, so I reported this and ticked verify I searched on a tablet... and it wouldn't let me! With nothing else for it I clicked on submit... it wouldn't let me. I gave up. I tried again but despite the result phrase being a little less bugged than last time I still couldn't verify I had searched with a mobile. I gave up again.

    Luckily, by this time, another video had shown up for me to watch. 35 seconds later I had reached 40 PEC... almost half way there but it seemed like I was running out of tasks...

    For my next trick I tried reviewing peoples answers to questions. 7 items to read and tick boxes for. I got an 84% score but was told some of the questions I said had good answers were plagiarised.... they paid me though... 24 PED! I then did another google (this time for a whopping 60 PEC) I couldn't find the article but it didn't give me an option for that soooo.... I cheated, found the info manually and I'd done it! I'd made it over a PED! 1.24 to be precise! A bit more googling followed and with another 8 PEC this was going to be 2 PED in no time.


    So at this stage, I'd run out of videos, the treasure hunts were a con, answering questions took too long, I'd done all the google searches I could, the tablet was a scam, the personality testing was bugged, I didn't fit the bill for surveys and everything else, it turned out, was actually unavailable. Just 2 choices remained: either rate some more answers to questions or... look for porn. Yup porn. I was going to be a cop looking for shady material on the evil interwebs. This was going to require a Coffee and a Cheese Sandwich.

    Cheese Sandwich and liquered up coffee attained I went for it, I clicked the link and...no work available.... I tried the next link, no work available... I ate my cheese sandwich and cried... I then tried the remaining links, all of which said the same. The only ones that didn't were in German and these wanted me to pass a German test first. Considering I spent all my German lessons playing connect 4, sticks, lines and reading fiction books, I didn't think I was going to pass... I went to bed.

    The next morning I wanted to find our how many of these tasks were repeatable. While many I'd expired the night before were still unavailable there was a new video for 4 PEC and the my pretty blue button task (I swear I'd going to start seeing that phrase everywhere now).

    The my pretty blue button task was simple and very repeatable. Look at four sets of three buttons and say which is the best/worst in each. Each round came in at a mega 8 PEC a shot so I have to admit I got quite into it (if you ever need someone to assess your buttons, you know who to call). Additionally, by the following weekend many of the web search tasks were available again (and paid more now) so by the time Sunday rolled around, and I was ready to withdraw, I had amassed a sum total of over 5 PED, but could I withdraw it?

    Withdrawal as it turned out was an incredibly smooth professional and fast experience. Clicking the withdraw button informed me a 5 PEC fee would be charged and that there are 3 reps on Calypso and on 3 on Arkadia. Their online status is additionally indicated. Upon requesting withdrawal, a chat window opens and you are requested not to close it until the transaction has been completed. Within seconds a rep was on line and within a few minutes more I was standing at New Oxford with 5 shiny new PED in my wallet.

    Withdrawal dialogue on Entropia Partners...

    [12:43] Withdraw request for 5.40 PED sent..
    [12:43] Please note that a fee of 5 PEC will be levied. Waiting for EUP representative to join the chat. Please be patient.
    [12:43] EUP Representative has joined the chat.
    [12:43] Ello
    [12:44] hey
    [12:44] Heya where can I find you?
    [12:44] oh I see haha
    [12:44] caly r ark?
    [12:44] ok will be right there in a few
    [12:44] ONLINE: You can find me at New Oxford teleport. Look out for the winged lady.
    [12:44] haha missed that
    [12:45] Caly
    [12:45] well, i'm not only there...
    [12:46] meet at tp
    [12:46] 0_o
    [12:46] just loading now
    [12:49] ok at NO now
    [12:50] Your withdraw request has been committed. EUP Representative has closed this session. Please close this window.

    ...and in game.

    2013-04-28 11:50:01 [TO : Sofiya WhiteAngel Dangova] thank you very much :D
    2013-04-28 11:50:10 [TO : Sofiya WhiteAngel Dangova] One final thing
    2013-04-28 11:50:12 [FROM: WhiteAngel] yw, gl
    2013-04-28 11:50:23 [TO : Sofiya WhiteAngel Dangova] I am writing a review of this site of yours
    2013-04-28 11:50:42 [TO : Sofiya WhiteAngel Dangova] do you mind if I use a screenshot and that chat log in the review?
    2013-04-28 11:50:55 [FROM: WhiteAngel] sure, np
    2013-04-28 11:51:13 [TO : Sofiya WhiteAngel Dangova] thanks


    To conclude Entropia Partners, far from being the initial scam I assumed it to be, is actually a very good initiative. The website is functional rather than flashy however can be a little confusing as lots of "links" (i.e. underlined highlighted words) are not actually links, merely titles or decoration. The tasks, provided by an external crowd source site called Crowd Flower, for the most part work but could do with being a little better updated to reflect what you can and cannot do. Having to constantly click, to remember which work and which don't can get a little tiresome.

    Regarding other content, while the surveys seems a work in progress and the digging "game" is a total joke, the videos mostly work although occasionally will vanish before you get to click on them. One of the most impressive things about the site however is the speed of payout. You will see your PED balance increase usually within seconds of completing any given task. On the negative side I did find, certainly in the UK at least, the number and frequency of paying videos occurring was a little on the low side and also that this isn't a site you could play on to your heart's content. You will run out of things to do if you plan on using it a lot.

    As a final point, one of the more powerful features of Entropia Partners is that there is an additional way of bringing in the PED without actually lifting a finger. Because of course the owners want to spread the word about their site, they encourage existing users to do this for them by offering a single tier referral scheme. So for example, if you are wandering the wilderness of Calypso and happen to pass a crowd of new players and see someone shouting

    "EARN PEDS QUICK! Go to www.entropiapartners.com/?r=12345"

    (that's mine by the way, feel free to click it ^_^) you know that, if anyone signs up using that link, the advertising player will directly benefit from any PED you earn through the site. It's worth noting that using a referral link does not divide your earnings, its simply that for every 4 PEC you earn, the referring player will also get an additional PEC. Certainly worth knowing about and perhaps even worth investing a bit of time into advertising.

    To Sweat, Partner or Deposit?

    All in all Entropia Partners is a great way of earning a PED or two but the question remains, how does it compare to other methods and over all, given the time taken to complete tasks, is it worthwhile?

    To make a comparison, lets take the, my pretty blue button task for example (I soneed to use that as a code phrase one day) I'd guess maybe it took me around 1 minute to do each task. This comprised around 10 seconds to look and make each decision with 10 spare for pondering. I think anyone would struggle to do it faster and cheating will send your accuracy down, potentially barring you from the task. So, depending on availability and style of task, we are talking a potential typical income rate of 4.8 PED per hour. Lets compare this to rigging.

    standing in line2.png

    In Entropia there are now a number of "rigs" to choose from, the big rig on the eastern side of Eudoria, the oil fields near Camp Icarus, the keg near Lemmy's Castle and the oil drops in Hunt the Thing to name a few. For convenience I chose the oil field as this area is designed for new players and is normally protected by a number of "guardians" who declare their own rules and shoot anyone who doesn't comply. On my testing occasion I queued up with another 7 to 10 other players (I'm told by a regular this is typical) and over 1 hour (4 collections) I earned a total of 1.80 PED worth of oil which, with mark up, really won't be worth a lot more than that. So what about sweating?

    Sweating has an interesting history and its price has fluctuated massively in the last 9 years or so as well as popular extraction methods, restrictions, uses, demand and favoured sweating locations. For testing I initially went to Nea's but then discovered the Big Industries Land Areas make for a more organised and efficient group. Roughly speaking, sweating on this occasion worked out at around 200 bottles per hour (for a level 1 sweater like myself) and the best (limited availability newbie's only) price I could find was 2.5 PED per thousand. This means that a good hour's sweating will only earn you a meagre 50 PEC.


    The bottom line is that if you want to earn PED fast and "for free" your best bet is Entropia Partners as its returns are approximately 266% better than rigging and 960% better than sweating. Its worth noting however that, out of all of these income generators, sweating is the only one that will gain you skill and also the only one that you to can perform in a largely unattended fashion. This Sunday, for example, I spent most of the afternoon sweating while in actual fact, 95% of my time was spent cleaning my house. Due to the way people work in groups to sweat, this sort of afk sweating becomes possible. Additionally, even if you are not earning as much, there is something to be said for working in game as at least you are in game (which is kinda fun) whereas any other tasks really are just work. Speaking of work, given the minimum wage in the UK will soon be a little under 98 PED per hour, really the most efficient way to get PED is simply to "get a job". In actual fact though, it you take away the "game element", all of the options listed here merely amount to slave labour.

    Further information
    • PED - Project Entropia Dollar - the ingame currency of Entropia Universe
    • PEC - Project Entropia Cent - 1/100 of a PED
    • Rig - Oil rigs and similar facilities produce a small amount of resources that can be picked up from the ground by everyone every couple of minutes
    • Sweat - Vibrant Sweat can be extracted from animals in Entropia Universe
    • Fruit - Various kinds of fruit can be found and picked up from the ground occasionally
    • Stones - Various kinds of stones can be found and picked up from the ground occasionally
    • Sometrics - Service rewarding small amount of PED for performing little task, fx filling surveys
    • Scam - Fraudulent way of cheating fellow Entropians for personal benefit
    • Wiki: About Making Money in Entropia Universe
    • EntropiaPlanets' EntropiaPartners referral link: http://www.entropiapartners.com/?r=17460 (all PEDs potentially generated will be used to fund rewards for free events, so you can use this link with a clear conscience)

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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Nice article Wistrel, I had seen people advertizing it before but never took the time to research any of it.

    Thanks for the info :)

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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Thanks, that's actually more or less what I thought. ie I felt someone needed to give it a go so figured it might as well be me. :)
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  4. Great Article, Makes me feel like I have been overpaying big time at 10 Ped per Published article or review on Questbomb.com (although ofc not sure how long that offer would last if hundreds of people started doing it, but we will cross that bridge if we ever come to it) Maybe you could try writing an Article on Questbomb Wistrel and see how it compares?
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  5. Great review, entertaining read as well, thumbs up!
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  6. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    I've seen quite a few opinions and comments from both sides of the coin on this group/initiative. I have no opinion of my own either way at this point but one thing i can confirm (at the time of posting this) is that they are not endorsed by MA.

    From what I can see so far it seems like a good initiative, so I would wholly encourage the people running it to get MA's 100% approval and possibly some sort of active support or co-marketing.

    This would serve to shut up the nay sayers and possibly give you far more reaching influence and drive, which cannot be bad for the community or economy of the Universe....especially if it drives more people to join EU.

    Just my 2pec
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  7. Nice to see what's actually there...i tried going there once but my country has like 3 offers...
    Btw in sweating SG skill doesn't really matter...evade, a good circle and maybe having a healer is what counts...on a good day I get around 600 sweat/h :)
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I did hear one or two people say about sweating not being good for skill gain... have to say I have not been checking.... aside to note my SG skill went up 2 levels.

    It does seem to me that I am getting the steam animation a lot more than most of the people there though... I doubt I get much evade doing it. If the circle is good, which it generally is at the Big Industries land area, you don't get hit too often. Ideally I'd hope to get knock on MF skills from sweating... not sure if I do though... would need to check I guess....

    Neverdie, Thanks I looked at quest bomb when it launched. When I go back to RT I will probably have a look at writing something for it. I think about the 10 ped it really depends on how long the person spends writing.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Just a note I was chatting to Tia (co-owner of Entropia Partners) the other day and she nodded me at this post in a thread on PCF about how they are attempting to get approval from MA. I thought I'd share it here.

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  10. Really great article on all the options for earning PED - and I don't think planet partners is a scam. Only problem seems to be the length of time it takes to complete the tasks, but then it is clear profit without any losses...
  11. Being a friend of Wistrel's, she had asked for my feedback on this review which I then provided via e-mail. The above quote is a response to my e-mail by Wist, so here I am :P My feedback was as follows:


    I read your review, here's my thoughts of it.

    Going into your review you got me interested with "a new way to earn in EU." Had I seen this when I started out Entropia I would of been all over your referral link, now just interested is all. Reading a bit further, like cold water down my collar it hit me: I've seen all of this before years ago. It's the whole bux 'n offers scheme but with just a fraction of pay one usually gets off these due to pricing conveniently turned to PED instead of dollars.

    I must admit I like your semi-casual style of "hey well this is what I did", it reminds me of stuff TotalBiscuit does with his WTF... series. However I'm pretty sure I've talked about Neobux and the like with you so I'm little confused as to why in your review you do not explain how these things work in general. Is it possible you just now ran into the whole complete-offers-earn-cash stuff?

    I'm going to critique your conclusion, but it might be best I explain my take on this whole subject. I can't remember exactly when, but there was a time I explored the whole clicks2cash -scene in a pretty throughout manner. Bux-services of course are: "watch and advertisement of some description x seconds, then you get paid y.z $ for each". Then there's the whole complete offers to earn cash that most often have a vastly variable range of tasks for a vastly variable range of payments - which is what you ran into with the site.

    So what have I learned of complete offers sites then? Just some basic ideas of how they work, each site is an individual after all. First of all, the business is riddled with, I mean packed with, I mean totally filled with scams, 99% of the sites turn out scams sooner or later and for once I don't think I'm exaggerating. There used to be this site I used, bux-investigations or something that would label hundreds upon hundreds of sites as scams and only a handful legit and trustworthy - still: "until they turn into scams." Offer completion sites I think actually have a lot higher chance to be legit than bux-sites, but they on the other hand suffer having just a massive amount of non-working offers. I'm pretty surprised you met so few along the way.

    These sites are sort of marketing themed business in a sense that they do really well while they are new. Being new they're able to draw in people to put in their ads or in this case offers on the service for people to consume. As time goes by this starts seeing an inevitable and steady decline until the site has no choice but to close or go all out scam. No ads/offers means less stuff for people to consume and that then means less revenue which eventually kills these sites. Being new a site has to put front it's best stuff, so for a while these sites display misleading variety and quality of stuff for users to consume.

    There's also one major factor to consider with these sites. Every single one of them offers the advertisers who put in offers or ads to select their target demographic by being able to determine a list to which countries it'll be available to. What this basically means is that US residents get the best of the best, UK gets decent availability while countries like Finland get fuck all. Sometimes sites simply ban people outside US entirely, or there's 1% of US availability to a country like mine. Trust me, I've experienced this first hand.

    Now then. You conclude that one can earn 4.8ped in an hour using the site. My first question would be: did you? I congratulate you on your earnings of 5.35ped, so going by your conclusion it took a little over an hour. My next question is: if I use the site for ten hours straight every day, I will earn 48ped a day or so - correct? I know I can earn those 200 units of sweat every hour in EU, so I don't think it's an unfair question to ask. How about can you guarantee that if I as a Finnish person or someone from China logs on, will I or this Chinese person be able to see the exact same offers as you being from UK see? I'm going to bet that a person from US would see even better deals, but not all of us are from rich popular countries, the Chinese usually are banned from these sites altogether. Finally I would question the sustainability of the site simply due to personal experience. I actually found the site I was thinking of, it's http://www.ptc-investigation.com/pages/buxto.aspx

    Like many things in life I think the site you reviewed can be quite profitable for those putting in the effort required. For just a couple of ped I'm not even going to bother, it's the kind of amount I get credited every week simply logging on to EU due to my CLD's. I do think your review has a lot of merit to it, you go to lengths to explore the site but I do dislike how you compare ways to earn apples-to-apples. As one who has gotten burned by so many similar sites in the past by them going rogue on my hard earnings as well as many others', I do admit I have a personal beef with this whole business. Did you know Crunchyroll has or at least had the exact same system in place? One could earn these CR-points they were I believe to pay for one's subscription. Safe to say I sure as hell wasn't able to earn enough for even a month's subscription.

    So to sum up: interesting topic, good style, nice groundwork, oversimplified conclusion and lack of background explanation for similar sites. A good read I'd say.

    - Shini
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yes, as I noted in the article I gave up on one task cause I decided it wasn't worth the time. Sometime I forgot to mention however is that crowd flower always ask you (optional) at the end of each task just a few questions about how fair it was, value for money/time etc. So its good you can feed back to them and they are clearly interested in monitoring things. I noticed some tasks increase in payout ("now with greater pay" comments on them) over the time I was trialing things
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  13. SLD


    Shini, well I appreciate your honesty and experience with other (older) offers-for-money services, I have to point out a few things. I have also spent plenty of time with these types of services, Zehx/Sometrics/Stuffpoint. So I know exactly what you are talking about, and agree with what you said about those types of services. If you spend enough time on them, they rub you the wrong way, and end up feeling scammy. This is of course why MA changed/limited how Sometrics works, essentially making it worthless, offering only 3-4 offers.

    Entropia Partners is not like that... at least not at the moment. I don't think you actually tried it, or you would have had given much different 'feedback'.
    I signed up myself and spent several hours testing things out. Currently every offer or way to 'earn' ped was legit, did not require personal info, and the most important part... it paid out quickly. Pay-per-offer is better than stuffpoint, but less than Sometrics (used to pay) for doing the same type of CrowdFlower tasks. The true test of how scammy or legit a service like this really is, is to see if the offers work with AdBlock Plus enabled. None of the offers on Entropia Partners failed with ABP enabled. This tells me that they have chosen to only offer 'quality' ways to earn, versus the route where they offer 10 gazillion offers that will fail to pay (them and us) 99% of the time.

    The only thing I ran into that reminded me of the old services, was of course the survey offer. Just like most surveys you must "qualify" before actually doing the survey. 9/10 times this is a survey in itself, and at some point you will be disqualified, usually for entering a race or income bracket they don't need feedback from. Sooo.. can't really complain about that, it's just how those survey's work, don't like it you can avoid doing them.

    And no I am not affiliated in any way with the site, just thought I would throw my 2cents in, maybe it will help. Peace!

    Edit: Also.. as nutrageti pointed out, 200 sweat bottles/hour is a bit low. A non-afk avatar can get 500-600 bottles in an hour, with a good sweat group. Of course the problem with sweating isn't speed, it's that sweat is hard as **** to sell. lol
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hi Shini

    Thanks for humouring me on this one. So yeh to reply: I was aware of sites that allow you earn money from surveys etc. I saw a lot of this sort of thing in Second Life during my hyper brief stint in there. Its very common there but yes we have not had much of it before in Entropia. This may not make a lot of sense but I never really bothered with such things before. Even when I was a student a lot of people were on something that had an affiliate scheme where you were paid to have adverts on your computer screen. They just sat there, and ran auto mouse movers and raked in the cash. I wasn't really interested though. Maybe I should have been but I wasn't...

    I wanted to try Entropia Partners though cause it was Entropia Based. These sort of sites offer terrible rewards (as I commented, compared to minimum wage in UK its slave labour) but in an Entropia context it doesn't seem so bad if you really care about not depositing, or simply just want a few peds to play around with while you learn the game. Taking this sort of goal into account I feel the partners site is a good initiative and really not that bad a deal. Its good for MA too in that I feel there is a real "step" they need to climb over to convert a new account into a depositing account. While newbie individuals will not deposit directly and perhaps not quite as soon as they "might" otherwise, they do work that results in Tia and associates depoing cash into Entropia that they distribute. So the upshot is the same, money comes in and that is good for everyone. The only potential down side is that its small money rather than your typical 50,100,200 ped first time deposit that most do. However I think its likely that a lot of new players would simply walk away before taking this plunge. (something MA/PP's are trying hard to address by introducing more newbie content) I'd be willing to bet that once the partners site is prolific you are quite likely to get 40 newbies using it to say generate 5 ped at least once. I'd suspect that less than 1 in 40 new players deposit 200ped or even deposit at all.

    The other reason I wanted to review the site was I suspected it was a scam initially (actually I thought it might be another doomed SL <--> EU transfer service like Anshe's Dreamland stock exchange).

    Anyhow the other point I wanted to address was about the peds per hour. I'm not quite sure where the confusion is here but yes I did earn that money I talked about using the methods described. The picture is a genuine screen shot of my income logs on the site and also of me receiving the peds. The speed thing was a hack I admit. I didn't have time to do a really really comprehensive test of income speed. I didn't think anyone would really appreciate that though. The idea of the article was to give a first shot idea of what kind of income a newbie can expect from each method. It won't be accurate of course and will fluctuate wildly even in sweating and rigging. Yes you are correct that the offers dry up fast so even though I did well out of the "my pretty blue button task" good tasks like that will not always be available. I did make that point though by saying that you probably can't use the site "a lot" cause you would soon run out of offers.

    Anyhow hope that covers it all and welcome to Entropia Planets, I know you will love it here! Its like virtual mind hive used to be :D

    Thanks Shini, much appreciated

  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh the surveys as I found too (as I said) are a bit of a joke. But most of the tasks are ok. Its a good point that the qualifcation surveys are surveys in themselves. I can see why they have them in there since in theory they are high earners but I think with the time taken... it may be no good for a lot of people. There is no doubt the videos are popular but again, not too many of them depending on your country.

    So How do I get 600 bottles an hour?! Tell me :D

    I've been going to Big industries land area to sweat. Its pretty good there with 2 - 3 tight circles. I have also raised my sweating to level 3 from 1 over the course of recent hangouts there. Its not a bad thing to do if you are a little bored while doing other things.

  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Article Update #1:

    Just a quick note to say, incase anyone wondered, the referal system works too. Some kind person was nice enough to use my link to test out the site, as you can see this shows up as follows:

  17. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    Hey all, this is Up Downrange Killshot, and I wanted to make a quick point on this EntropiaPartners.com I signed up this morning and have been slaving awawy all day at it. Im up to 0.80 Ped and that's with about 6 hours of work... and I mean WORK. Well I havnt seen a dime, and it is Noon on the 11th of June, 2013. Not sure how they used to work or how they work now... maybe the PeD will be on my account soon, but if it isn't there by now.. Im getting skeptical. Will update when I find something out.
  18. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Well a dime is 10 cents, and 0.80 ped is 8 cents....

    Sorry couldn't resist :D

    Seriously though, I dont know much about their system, but believe that you are supposed to request a meeting to get the peds ingame, they are not directly connected to Mind Ark and cant just magicly put the peds on your ped card in the game, you need to meet and trade with them like wistrel did when she tested it.
  19. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    That is very true. And Im laughing with ya. =) The fact is I started playing the game yesterday, and I have no weapon, they are all broke, no mining tool, it broke, and my sweat grabber wont break but its hard to get away from em after I get the sweat when I cant kill em lol. That .80 will help me get a new weapon I hope... Im about to the point of quitting its been so rough, and with me losing my job 2 months ago... cant donate... Right... Im going on and on here... Anyways... Ya, Im laughin with ya because your right. Just wish they didn't make the game so hard on us newbies.

    BTW, anyone want to mentor me and teach me the ropes?? Im a grown man with a lot of time on my hands these days and I sure could use a friend in this new game. I do love it. I am an ex EQ2/DAoC/UO/GRO and many many other mmorpgs, so its frustrating when I usually know these games so well... but also challenging which I LOVE. My god I am writing an essay.

    Hit me up all you wonderful people. Looking forward to getting to know ya. ((yes I do voice chat))
  20. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Well depending on your play times I would be willing to mentor you.
    I have played for 5 years the first 6months of which i played non-depo in order to really learn the systems.

    It is a hard game, and that is exactly what I love about it.
    I play late evenings Alaska time (8-9pm till midnight, which is 12-4am eastern time, as well as an hour or so before work and on my lunch break.

    I am no where near uber yet, but I have studied the game a lot, and am willing to help you learn things to get started rather its chatting in game or if you started a thread here with your adventures and progressions asking for advice from people.
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