Earn an honest PED - Sweating, Rigging and Entropia Partners

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by Wistrel, May 14, 2013.

  1. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    Ill be in Tonight. I play a lot. I am a very serious player. Just new. Send me a whisper when you get on... My name is Up Downrange Killshot. Dunno how to whisper or voice but you can teach me Im bettin
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I dont do voice, but PMs are easy.

    Right click on the screen -> System -> Player Registery -> search for my name ' Narfi Hungry Willem ' select my name, and then in the lower right click send friend request.

    When I log in, I will accept it, and then will always appear on your friendlist (hit J on your keyboard to open it up) and when I am online there will be a green icon next to my name and you can right click on it and send a private message.

    Sounds confusing, but is easy once you have done it a few hundred times :D
  3. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    I had to recreate one final time. My new name is Xx Downrange xX. This will be Mark IV and the final creation. I sent you a friend request @ 750 CST
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Just to confirm. I think in Second Life it is possible to "withdraw" and the money automatically shows up in your SL account. It may even be the money is paid in direct to the SL account as it is earned. Alas my SL account got locked a few months ago thanks to their terrible security system so I couldn't test that option out. I don't have a lot of interest in SL though I have to admit.

    Anyhow the point I am trying to make is that it might be a SL regular to the system might be forgiven for expecting peds to appear in game.

  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Downrange. Just a tip, I may not have understood what you meant by recreate but in case it was several attempts using recreated accounts just make sure you contact MA and ask them to remove the other accounts that you don't plan to use. Just as a courtesy tis all. In theory we are not meant to have more than one account.

    I'm sorry it too so long to earn 0.8ped. I think one of the major short falls of this article is that it is a "scientific" (haha) experiment with a data set of 1. ie not at ALL scientific.

    I think the problem is that is is really really dependant on where you are in the world, how many other active users there are around you, what the tasks are and so forth. For example I was chatting to some partners users at the weekend who were in america who said there were hundreds of videos if you are based in america... (hmmm I wonder if I'm allowed to use a proxy... can't really see why not - its all work after all).

    I think my favourite task when I did it was the "my pretty blue button" one but I have not seen anything that good since (although I admit I only check sporadically).

    So yeh I guess the reality is that it will work out differently for different people. I guess I was trying to put over that its worth everyone having an entropia partners account as "a few extra pecs" never hurt anyone. Its fine as long as you use it casually.

    I appreciate that can be trickier for new non-depo players as you are really searching for good ped producers. The fun of entropia for so many is the game of survival. Others don't care and just want to blast away haphazardly. Its the old story of time and no money or money and no time. Its good that EU caters for all though.

    That said, these days there are a LOT more benefits for new players than there used to be. In the old days we never got any free stuff. Today you have several planets with newbie experiences at the beginning that give out starter kits. It might even be possible to hitch a lift to each of the planets for free. A lot of people will fly there on their own and are happy to take a hitch hiker along for the ride. Especially if they are an enthusiastic new player keen to learn about the game. Gives something do do on the journey. Also space is cool! :D

    Going back to earning ped. Have a look at the bottom part of the article. I'd recommend heading to one of the rigs, probably the one in the burnt out oil field. You will get about 40 to 50 pecs every 20 mins or so.

    All the best and thanks for posting and welcome to the universe! :D
  6. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    It is so very kind of you to take the time to grant me this advice Wistrel. Im am going to take your advice on ALL counts. Ill make a SL account and try it out, and I will contact entpartners and let them know to delete all my old accounts. I had to keep recreating because I was making silly mistakes... The first mistake was leaving my only vehicle sit out while I slept POOF It was gone in the morning ((recreate)). The second mistake was letting ALL of my weapons deteriorate to the point of not being able to use them ((recreate)) The third mistake was nothing short of pure frustration at doing the exact same thing I did the second time and all my weapons and even my mining equipment deteriorated. ((FYI that (L) equipment is for the birds ;) ))

    I have to admit, I have no clue what rigs are but I am extrememley enthusiastic to learn. Currently I reside in Relentless Firebase Academy sweating it out. I havnt used a single weapon yet nor do I intend to til I get at least 1k sweat or more. Im gaining good defensive skills so its worth it. I would very much like to try the rigging thing, but I have no ped yet, so gonna be awhile before I can afford whatever tool it is I am sure to need.

    Many many thanks for your advice Wistrel and Narfi. You guys are the BEST!

    P.S. Id be delighted, dumbfounded and awed to go into space with either or both of yas.
  7. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Seems to me that the 3 'mistakes' you made are not mistakes at all.

    Vehicle should be at the Storage Terminal when it says POOF.
    Weapons and tool decay, part of the game, nothing you can do about that.

    The rig, the nice thing about that is that you don't need a tool, it is basically free money. Problem is that there are usually more people wanting that free money, so you could get killed while waiting for oil (that's what the rig does, it spits out oil once in a while) for everyone to pick up. The one Wistrel pointed out is one where people tend to wait in line to get oil, the other one is hard to get to and a bit less newbie friendly. One big thing though is that both are on Calypso and you are on Arkadia.
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It is so very kind of you to take the time to grant me this advice Wistrel. Im am going to take your advice on ALL counts. Ill make a SL account and try it out, and I will contact entpartners


    I mean if you are a SL player, there is a facility to withdraw to the SL account and it may even be automatic! It won't help you though. You should keep your entropia partners EU account but remember to use the withdraw button! Your ped balance will not be updated automatically. As you can see in my article there is even a detailed explanation of the withdraw process... (I'm actually somewhat confused as to how you could have missed that..)

    With regards deleting unused accounts I refer only to EU accounts you are not using.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    ahhh I haven't spent much time on Arkadia yet. I went there but had to go back to Caly for something... deeds iirc and then found caly had changed so much during my time in space (I was exploring other planets) I have yet to leave again. So I'm afraid I am on the wrong planet.

    There are certainly 2 rigs on Caly (the burning oil fields and the one to the east side of eudoria) and 2 on Rocktropia (the keg and the hunt the thing area). I don't know if cyrene or arcadia have them. Anyone?

  10. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    I suppose I missed it because I wasn't paying enough attention. Who know! Im compelteley oblivious sometimes. =) Ahh getting to Calypso without a spaceship would be a problem indeed. Im in Ark now still sweating awat, but my defensive skills are starting to get very good. If your ever in Arkadia, I would love a lift to Calypso as I play WAY TO MUCH and would be able to get the oil rather easily.

    I tried out SL this morning, it seemed like a fun game!! Im progressing through it rather slowly as most of my time is spent in Entropia:Arkadia for now.
  11. Up Downrange Killshot

    Up Downrange Killshot Xx Downrange xX

    Well if I hadn't already recreated a new account ((and Im sticking with this one if it kills me)) Id go check. But alas, I cant keep recreating and I realize that. So XxDownrangexX it is. Im progressing nicely tho, albeit a difficult challenge I am up for it. Keep me in mind if your in the market for sweat, Im over 400 now and growing by the minute.
  12. A very interesting article. There where one or two slight errors that havent been looked at as of yet.... With the play and earn "digging" game.... there are a range of prizes, the junk that you mentioned, Tho now this junk does have a use. EP have now put in a "buy back" scheme where roughly once a week they buy back these rubbish looted items ( a different item at a time, and it says what the next item will be, for example, right now they are buying back the secret evidence of roswell items at 1 pec each. The other items that you get are the daily and weekly raffle tickets... daily raffle for 1 ticket 5 ped winner and weekly for 3 winning tickets (20, 40 and 80 peds). Also the treasure could be peds themselves, every now and then it will pay out 0.25 to 2 peds, tho those are not that common.
    EP Are currently also having problems with Virool, the video supplier, hoping that will be fixed soon....

    Now onto Crowdflower. I agree with what has been said... There is on way that you could earn a steady stream of peds hour in and hour out all day long, they just do not have the tasks at the moment (tho this does fluctuate). Also all my observations are again from a UK bias, BUT!!! (and it is quite a big but) this can vary extremely dramatically depending on what time of day you do the tasks. Crowdflower release the local daily tasks (In the uk these are all about getting info for a string of related online casino's, and I believe the canadian ones are similar. In reality it seems more to be about this chain buying google hits to boost their presence.... But hey, they are the ones that are paying.... 8-)
    These are all released at midnight local time, in the uk that is something like 40 to 60 tasks and almost all of them have had the required number of hits completed within the hour.
    Doing these daily tasks (if i am still up and not totally knackered at this time) I can usually end up completing anywhere from 10 to 20 of these 0.40 ped tasks. I.E. Last night i completed 17 of these tasks in about 1hr and 15 mins. You will find that they are so similar you can just chug through them, also with some of them finding the link can be problematical as some of these tasks have not been properly entered and actually have slightly wrong search criteria. If you cannot enter any crowdflower task, use the reporting tool on the top right (BUT cut and paste the task and user id first, its also in these drop down boxes). Crowdflower do respond, albeit sometimes somewhat glacially and usually do credit you for not only the task but a few extra pec as a bit of a sorry and thanks for reporting it...

    I am planning on creating my own article at some point on how to use different credit streams together so that they compliment each other and you get a nice ped throughput.

    I only wish that they had this setup a few years ago when i kinda stopped playing EU for a while... I would have definitely kept playing then....
    And Killshot, if you need any help when i am online i have a few pretty good links for information resources that are not in the usual posted websites that I have stumbled upon.... Admittedly not totally up to date but have some essential info and some rather useful insights... And you are right... EU is out to get you... Or rather your peds... lol

    Well... this little epic while not threatening Tolstoy, is still longer than i planned to ramble on. Hope this is of some use.

    Klueless by name, not by nurture.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hi Robert great response and additional info there. As you know, I didn't spend too long on the treasure hunting but its interesting to know you can win ped and also that they do the "buy backs". I wonder what the criteria is for choosing the item... I'll have to ask them about it. I plan to do a follow up article soon on Ent Part and another on other sites.

    Its interesting to see that another UK person sees a lot of the click click to promote a casino link. I think I see a lot of these too but didn't know about the midnight thing. Yes they seem to be 40pec jobs. The Virool thing will be covered in my next article. Its quite interesting! ;)

    Cheers for the reply
  14. Those daily jobs are really lucrative.... for example, I have made over 22 ped this week doing those daily jobs and it would have been a good 10 to 20 peds more if i had been trying, only doing about 10 jobs most days, not logging in early enough to do more (A LOT of these jobs have a limited amount to do so need to get on almost as soon as they start to release them), as well as only doing 3 jobs one day didnt help the daily amount....

    There is another new promotion being done as well.... If you save up peds earned to at least 20 peds and take and post images (check the forum for full details) they will give you a bonus depending on how much you cash out.... (Last cash out i did was for 55.86peds and I got a 1.5 ped bonus.) Its all good...
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh I noticed they have a forum now and that was one of the topics. Essentially to build a wealth of evidence to help legitimise the site and earn trust. I'll be doing a follow up article in due course hopefully covering some of the new features
  16. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    But truth is these sites are business ventures asking people to work for them for hourly wages an unskilled worker in Ecuador would laugh about. Truth also is that there are similar sites not related to EU that have the same offers but pay more and partially directly into your paypal account.

    So why are people regular working for theses sites while at the same time they could earn 10 times more per hour with temporary jobs or activities like 'trading' on ebay? Blows my mind.
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  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well I did conclude that it was essentially "slave labour" ;) But yeh I think ultimately it comes down to that convenience factor. That said I would say that cause myself I've only used the site when the muse took me. i.e. aside from researching for the article its been sporadic, "I have 5 mins to kill" sorta thing. Occasionally I pop on and see a 5 ped'r ok. That is bugger all 25p if you like but some of those higher paid ones were sorta fun. Almost game ish cause they tended to be uni research projects or something.

    That said, I was tempted to write to one of those uni's and explain the discrepancy between the time taken to complete their work and the poultry amount that was being paid. I didn't get round to it though. Additionally I was comparing that analysis to the sort of cash they offer for "come in and do something" style projects. I understand it is important to offer people more for these than some mass participation online thing. If there wasn't any sort of reasonable comparable hourly rate no one would bother.

    I've heard some interesting stories from Tia though about the people who use EntPart. I really should do a follow up article some time... and finish the Ped2click one...
  18. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well today I made my 2nd withdrawal from Entropia Partners. Now a bad little haul. There were a lot of high paying tasks around christmas which was pretty useful. Plan is to speculate on AUD's ;)

    They now do a bonus for proof of withdraw pictures (pretty good initiative that) so here is mine. Thought it might make a nice round off to the story.

    ent part trade.jpg ent part trade2.jpg ent part trade3.jpg ent part tradeA.jpg
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  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I really should update this review one day.... the site changed a whole bunch in the intervening years.
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