EIFund’s Third Anniversary: 1% Tax on OLA-24 and OLA-44

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  1. EIFund’s Third Anniversary
    1% Tax on OLA-24 and OLA-44

    This month the Entropia Investment Fund is three years old!

    To celebrate the anniversary, and to thank the hunters and miners who have given their support by visiting the fund-owned land areas in the past, taxes on both of the LAs, OLA-24 and OLA-44, have been reduced to just 1%.

    Taxes will remain at 1% until the end of February when they will be restored to the usual 4%*.

    OLA-24 is located northwest of Silver Ridge. The mobs here are large Ambulimax (Alpha to Stalker). Resources that may be found here include Niksarium, Cumbriz, Blausariam, Terrudite, Alicenies, Angelic Grit and Force Nexus. There is probably more than that, let us know if you find anything :)


    OLA-44 is located southwest of Oshiri Hearts. The mobs here are large Molisk (Scavenger to Leader). Resources that may be found here include Niksarium, Durulium, Megan, Azzurdite, Azur Pearls, Devil’s Tail, Lytairian Dust, Lumis Leach and Henren Stems.


    We hope you enjoy the land areas and find many HoFs :) Good luck!

    * We reserve the right to end the low tax rate a day or two early if Molisk or Ambulimax are included as mobs for the second round of WoF.
  2. Let's bump this for the weekend :)
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