Elder Scrolls Online 4th April 2014.

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  1. Sounds good :)

    I have thought about more of what I want to be in ESO, not 100% decided yet, but thinking something along the lines of an Inquisitor of types ... However ... Not an evil one this time.

    Everquest was all doom and gloom, so I think I will play someone who is more neutral ... well kind of ... more a shade of grey is how I will roleplay this avatar ;)

    I need to check in more detail the configuration options, though this is my preference for now:

    I will be most likely being a bow carrying, dual dps weapon wielding warrior wearing plate.
    So a dps tank style that can deal some good damage and take some punishment!
    Backed primarily by healing magic and a few arcane damage spells.

    So development in the magical schools of restoration and destruction for the most part.
    Maybe some development in alteration too, that school always comes in handy ;)

    Crafting undecided, probably will develop this in the areas of creating potions, armor and weapons.

    Naming wise, lol well ....
    Some attempts so far:

    Conquistador (Probably the most fitting)
    Valordator (Maybe too much on the side of light/good not neutral enough)
    Virtuoso (Again too much virtue attached)

    And I gave up after that on names lol ...
    So may wait and see until after I get into the right frame of mind ...
    Which ofc won't take long playing this loud on the Room Rumbler! :thumbsup:

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  2. Finally! The procrastination is over phew! lol

    Introducing -

    Conquistador Shatterbones
    Emperial Dragonknight

    Please, just call me Shatterbones :nunchucks:
    Explorer, adventurer, warrior and conqueror of darkness.

    Mug shots:



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  3. cf02933b9c4605d468ab6b0cd79a5cf1.jpg

    Jumping into ESO first thing today :)
    Looking forward to exploring some of the new features in the crafting system which is quite diverse.

    A good overview is listed on the ESO main site >

    Quick Facts:
    • Several crafting disciplines allow you to contract a hireling by spending points in a skill. That hireling will send you a steady supply of useful materials and updates on his or her adventures.
    • Anyone can harvest materials, but only those that invest points into crafting skills will learn how to get the most benefit from resource refinements and item deconstruction.
    • Crafters can learn how to spot resources in the world at great distances that would be overlooked by those with less training.
    • There are secret crafting stations hidden throughout the world. Rumor has it that powerful set bonuses can only be imparted to items when they are crafted in those locations.
    • There are 15 different racial styles for smiths to learn! Racial styles can be learned from special books found through exploring and adventuring.
    • With the right tempers, tannins, or resins, a smith can improve an item all the way to legendary quality. Smiths who spend points in their skills will have a better chance to improve gear with these boosters than those who don't.
    • Make sure to talk to NPCs. Some may have Provisioning recipes to share.
    • Alchemists can discover the first of four properties of an ingredient by sampling it. The others must be discovered through experimentation while creating potions.
    • Using the right ingredients, an alchemist can make extremely powerful potions with multiple beneficial effects. We think everyone who wants to do battle in Cyrodiil will want to know a good alchemist.
    • The language developed for Enchanting is based on syllables that have their own meanings. Each runestone has the symbol for its syllable etched on it, and each glyph (combination of three runestones) has its own pronunciation
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  4. Hi Softy,

    There is quite a range of character options + adornments + tattoos etc for creating a unique looking character.
    There are a variety of class options too, however these will not impact what weapons/armor you can use.

    I guess the best place to start having a look is here, more info is being added daily now that we can play live. Link > http://elderscrollsonline.info/

    About movement and the such ...

    The default is set as a combo of keyboard and mouse, but you can just leave it to keyboard if you wish ... Or program your mouse (If you have a gaming mouse) to do all.

    There are dual bind sets for controls, so you can bind both keyboard and mouse or two different keyboard layout settings if you wish. So there is a lot that can be configured if you wish to change things around to make it feel more natural for what you are used to.
  5. [​IMG]
    Cal Leigh my Redguard Nightblade if you wish to add me in game @Calli_Max for friends list!
  6. Stros M'Kai this is the starter island in Daggerfall Convenant Faction... where I am

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  7. Nom nom nom, dual wielding my sword and lunch at the moment, fresh prawn salad with fish extender ...
    Very nice looking avatar Calli :drool: I will add you soon :hug:

    Now to see if we can get the others onboard :grouphug: ...
    Although I think :umn: MS9 & Softy are fighting it out somewhere in the matrix atm :matrix:.
    Not to worry, i have my whip onhand if it gets out of hand lol :whip:.ViperWhip!
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  8. Quite enjoying ESO so far, but ... sadly can't post too many pics as they would be spoilers lol
    So here goes a couple, they don't show much but damn this game has awesome graphics when your running everything on Ultra High :P

    eso01.jpg eso02.jpg eso04.jpg
  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Just so I understand this correctly ... all you guys are playing the Beta version of ESO, and the launch is on April 4th when we'll be able to download it, but ... this is going to be a monthly subscription game like Anarchy Online, right?
  10. Its early release now.. so whomever pre purchased got into game early . Official launch date is the 4th. When you buy the game its got 30 days of game time with it. so you can play for 30 days without subscription.. Its pretty cool though and although I had doubts when i first did beta..it didn't WOW me I was giving 30 days for it to Wow me it has during prelaunch.. I can compare only to AO where I paid for 2 account for 2 yrs of sub. You have so much freedom in making your character up between skills and armor . Its well worth the sub I think...
  11. It is in Early Access soft launch mode, anyone can join and get one of the pre-order EA packs.
    It contains some items, feats and a race option (Imperials) that will not be available after the 4th, "initially".

    Calli manually added her copy to steam, hence why it says BETA when she plays *spanks Calli, grin* lol.

    And yes, monthly subscription, $ 15 ? per month I think :umn: so peanuts vs Entropia per day of play;
    30 days comes with the purchase as Calli said :wise:
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  12. yea I have tried to fix that and it doesn't say beta until it loads.. I prob have to delete from steam and re add but there was no option for game to add with beta being part of title maybe cause it pre launch..hmm Ill wait few days then try to fix lol
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  13. hehe just teasing ya! :hug:
  14. Thanks for the info but I have already been in and played the beta. I decided not to buy and pay the subscription because I felt it was too much to ask for both and the amount of time I play wasn't worth it to me.
  15. No worries :) Thanks for letting us know.
  16. Shatterbones will stick to (for the most part) the Draconic Power tree, for defense spells, feats and abilities and will develop a strong 1H weapon & Shield technique ... Dual wielding is very nice, but looking more at the end game content ...

    I would like ot be in the thick of it EPIC BATTLE ROAR!

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  17. Time to test the new ROAR! ...

    ** Searches jungle **
    Music please! Flick, flick, flick, ah here we go!

    Victim Sighted!!! (BOSS)
    Oh yea! Only in my jungle could I find such beautiful surprises!
    Now to test her mettle (Her spirit)

    EPIC ROAR! challenge ...

    A+ She passed! :bowdown:
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  18. Inspiring! Elder Scrolls compositions/vocals!

    Thanks ...Kalanen, knowing I am a violin fan!


    Touching! This will be Conquistador Shatterbones tavern song!
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  19. Some updated information on the alliance wars, 50+ veteran end game content in ESO here:

    Updated 26/3 > http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/news/post/2014/03/26/esos-veteran-content?em_cmp=launch2row

    And of the future direction of development of more end game content :)

    The Future
    Describing the veteran gameplay strategy in these terms also leaves out a very important, but necessary element in the strategy: new systems or growth in breadth as well as vertical growth of current systems. We will introduce new systems over time which will add to both the pre- and post-level 50 game. Adding fresh new systems helps broaden the experience for all players, giving you even more things to do on a given day. As an example, we might introduce horse racing. For those players who have fed their horses and think they are ready to test their riding skills…

    This is just a small example of how breadth of activity is all part of the goal and strategy for The Elder Scrolls Online veteran gameplay. You’re not just building your character for one or two things, but for a variety of activities. Different days of the week and even different hours of the day can change your motivations for what you want to do or experience. We don’t think of people as PvP players or PvE players—they are just gamers and we will support you playing the way you want to play.
  20. So, now that I have found one of my favourite shouts from Skyrim (Dragonborn), let me share it :)

    Cyclone ... @ 1:25

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