Elder Scrolls Online 4th April 2014.

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  1. Saving pics since I am so N00b ingame at this time lol
    However ....
    Ran into some crafting in ESO, hmm ... how do you say Fook Me in the ancient dov language ...
    Maybe I will just create a new shout, ROAR! :rofl:
    There are so many paths you can take and secret places to craft things, so exciting ...

    Opens Up Keen Eye!
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  2. Bump for statistics added @ Launch to OP.
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  3. LOL, well I think I know who I want to be for a while out of the 10,202 NPCs in ESO :biggrin1:

    This lazy bum! :laugh:

    Just chillin out .... It is strange to have every NPCs talk to you in an MMO!
    I am used to reading walls of text in Entropia, but have not needed to so far in ESO;
    Feels kind of creepy, yet so refreshing at the same time!
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  4. Just what I was waiting for :evil:
    The EPIC! under supply of sweet rolls! :laugh:
  5. HA! RL Elder Scrolls Sweet Rolls ... Too Funny! :rofl:

  6. Some really nice scenery and places to visit in ESO;
    So far I am quite impressed and not let down on the hype.

    I may end up disappearing for a week or two to explore and get into the lore of Nirn again.
    At the moment, I am focusing on crafts as much as possible along with exploration ofc :)

    Small pic, there is so much variety in eso and it has been very nicely put together.
  7. Heh finally finished my newbie lvl 6 armor set, imperial style :)
    Now to find some enchants for it and do the weapons.

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  8. Starting to unlock and level the keen eye abilities in crafting for spotting resources in the game world from great distances away is pretty neat :)

    The glowing effect above the resource is the keen eye aura.

  9. Found an enchanting table in one of the smaller townships I was exploring and decided to have a go ...
    This is unreal, and the voice for each rune sounds wicked!
    Just doing discoveries atm lol ... Awesome!
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  10. And so it begins, creating item enchantments is going to be a lot of fun /flex!
  11. Found another Skyshard in a dungeon quest; There is so much thought and attention to detail in this game.
    And the effects of getting these are just unreal especially with volume up loud :evil:
    Not the best shot as I hit the screenshot key a bit late lol
  12. Now for a bit of late evening FISHING! before heading back to town ... Crusing!

    I like the fact the game has 9 different types of fishing bait ..
    I am still not certain what effects each type has though ... Has anyone experiemented with this ?
    Razor maybe ?
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  13. LOL couldn't help myself, Draconic Armor now morphed to the first option (extra protection) in Tier 2.
    All mudcrabs must DIE! Muhahahhaha.
    Poor mudcrab, didn't stand a chance :rofl:
  14. Whee! Another skyshard found.

  15. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I have been fishing, and used different baits, but I have not done any research on what type of bait catches what fish. Good idea to try and figure that out.

    Do you have nay idea what to do with the fish you catch, other then selling them?

    (And you really need to start typing my name right, it razEr, with and E :biggrin:. In ESO I;'m called Raz'Er, a Kajit)
  16. haha cool, yea sorry, Razer :P
    Just woke up now from a nap and continuing the Dagger's group questline ...

    I just sell the catched loot at the moment, maybe Calli knows more ... She has been working on provisioning a lot today/yesterday US time, maybe it has uses in that ?

    One thing I do love in ESO is the weather systems I have encountered. The lightning is so realistic and the thunder comes shortly after the lightning just like in RL.

    Very hard to get a screenie of lightning, might get a snapshot from the video recorded gameplay later.

  17. LOL Sheogorath (The MAD god) stands up to his wicked sense of humor in ESO; I was really unprepared for this, so died a few times in one of the places in his realm, Cheesemonger Hallow lol
    My equipment took quite a beating, so I think I will stick to quests around my level for a while :P
    I did manage to get one of the lore books after killing his pet puppy lol :)

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  18. Not sure if you guys are aware of this, but it is a good idea once you get a couple of levels & skills/feats behind you to diversify your equipment and unlock at least 1 of each of the skill lines & weapon lines etc.

    This explains it better than what I can here >
    Tips and tricks - http://tamrieljournal.com/eso-tips-and-tricks/

    I changed around my armor, made my feet & pants medium (Leather) and sash and gloves light (cloth) to skill up those armor skill lines. There are several passive abilities which each line which is what I am after. :)

    Even though the armor rating decrease is not too bad, I use the draconic armor spell to boost it.
    Tier 2 Morphed, called Raz'Or armor :rofl: from Spiked armor for DK class base ...


    Slowly unlocking them, but gaining skill points is proving difficult (Not using the skyshard map) just through pure exploration which is a lot more fun ... I have no intention to PL this avatar, just cruise and have fun :)
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